Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 284 – Master Blissful

Chapter 284 – Master Blissful

Chapter 284 – Master Blissful


The air surrounding them was thoroughly shaking. A glorious Combat Soul warrior was going to kill a young man using all his power. Although this wasn’t something glorious, and it could even be considered shameful, but since the Qingyi Sect had suffered such heavy losses today, combined with the death of his grandson, how could Mao Sheng cared about his personal reputation?

“This Mao Sheng has flown into rage out of humiliation, he just wants to kill that young man and ignore the rules of the Blissful Island; can he really do that?”

“Don’t worry, no one is allowed to break the Blissful Island’s rules. This is related to the Blissful Manor’s dignity, the Master Blissful will definitely not allow something like this to happen.”

“What an amazing young man, he can actually fight a Combat Soul warrior! I wonder where he came from. I wouldn’t believe this if I wasn’t seeing it myself!”

“Not only is he an overbearing and decisive young man, he also has a daring att.i.tude and a careful mind. Since he has now stepped onto the Blissful Island, he now has all the protection he needs.”


No bystanders wanted the event to end so quickly. Being able to witness something so explosive before the trade fair began, they felt like the entrance fee of an Earth Restoration Pills had paid off. None of them felt that coming all the way to the Blissful Island was a waste now.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, come here!”

Mao Sheng unleashed a huge golden hand toward Jiang Chen and tried to grab him.


Right at this moment, another huge hand approached from Jiang Chen’s back. With a mighty force, it collided with Mao Sheng’s huge hand. Following a loud explosive sound, both hands were destroyed at the same time. It was a skinny old man who unleashed the attack just now.

The old man wore a loose grey robe which fluttered in the wind. He had a goatee, and he wore a bright smile on his face. A pair of bright eyes caused this old man to look energetic. Now, he stood in front of Jiang Chen. He was the one who countered Mao Sheng’s attack just now.

“Old Man Ling Shan, how dare you get in my way?! This matter concerns the Qingyi Sect, you better step away from this!”

Mao Sheng was really furious.

“Hehe, I, Old Man Ling Shan don’t like seeing seniors bullying juniors! Mao Sheng, you’re a Combat Soul warrior, why are you bullying a Divine Core junior? I really feel shame for you.”

Old Man Ling Shan laughed. He always behaved without any restraint, and his actions all depended on his mood. He never cared about what kind of sect or super power his opponent was.

“Old Man Ling Shan, this brat killed my grandson! He also killed a lot of disciples from the Qingyi Sect! If you protect him, you will become the Qingyi Sect’s enemy!”

Mao Shen was exasperated. He knew much about this Old Man Ling Shan, and if he really wanted to stop him from killing Jiang Chen, the chance of him killing Jiang Chen would be very slim.

“Daddy didn’t grow this old because of your threats, and what’s the big deal with becoming the Qingyi Sect’s enemy? The reason your grandson got killed is because he was weak! As for the disciples who just died? They were too weak as well! I kind of like this young man, that’s why I can’t let you kill him today. Furthermore, this place is the Blissful Island, and you just tried to kill someone on the island. Clearly, you just ignored the rules set by the Master Blissful, you’re looking down on the Master Blissful.”

Old Man Ling Shan still wore the same smile on his face. Some people just couldn’t stand looking at his face, because they would just have this impulse to leave a foot mark on his face. However, Jiang Chen found this old man to be quite pleasing to his eyes.

“Old Man Ling Shan, don’t try to sow discord here! I just want to kill this brat, and I believe the Master Blissful will understand this. If you still get in my way, I’ll kill you as well!”

It looked like Mao Sheng was going to kill Jiang Chen no matter what happened. It was understandable, though. He had been looking for the person who murdered his grandson, and now, the murderer stood right in front of him. Furthermore, this murderer had once again killed a lot of people from the Qingyi Sect, he had dealt the Qingyi Sect’s face a huge blow. If he didn’t kill this guy right here, would he have any face left?


Mao Sheng was furious. A blade suddenly appeared in his hand. Formidable energy was constantly leaking from the blade, and it was producing a constant buzzing sound. Without any hesitation, he raised the blade high up into the air, and slashed toward Old Man Ling Shan.

“Stay your hand!”

At this critical moment, a loud shout echoed out from the inner area of the Blissful Island. The shout was so loud that it sounded like a thundering roar. It swept across the Blissful Island and stirred the ocean waves. After that, everyone saw a man with a body full of power and grandeur rus.h.i.+ng over with great speed. In just the blink of an eye, he had landed between Mao Sheng and Old Man Ling Shan.

This adult man was in his forties. Like the warriors behind the girl, he wore a golden armor. However, his armor was much s.h.i.+nier and mightier than that of those Golden Warriors. The entire armor was covered with countless symbols, giving it a touch of mysteriousness. A sharp horn could be found on each shoulder. The man’s body was similar to the Golden Lion’s body. His angular face carried a domineering expression, causing him to look mighty and vigorous. His aura was actually surpa.s.sing Mao Sheng and Old Man Ling Shan’s aura.

“That’s the Master Blissful! Never thought he would come here.”

“So he is the Master Blissful, what an incredible cultivation! I think he has reached the Mid Combat Soul realm, Mao Sheng just can’t compare with him at all.”

“Since the Master Blissful is here, that young man is now safe. The Master Blissful will never allow anyone to violate the rules set down by him.”


The Master Blissful’s arrival had attracted many eyes. He was one of the most influential men in the ocean, and the greatest man of this trade fair. No one dared disrespect him even a bit. For those who had come here from afar, they felt their effort had just paid for itself just by getting to someone great with their own eyes.

Jiang Chen also threw his glance at the Master Blissful. With his experience, he could instantly tell what this man’s original form was, “Golden Glory Fish, never though this master would actually be such a powerful and rare demon.”

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. The Golden Glory Fish was one of the ocean’s overlords. They possessed a bloodline from the ancient era, making that an incredibly rare species amongst all other demon beasts. They had a pair of wings, and were extremely terrifying.

“Brother Mao, why did you break the rules of my island and attack someone here?”

The Master Blissful stared at Mao Sheng with an unfriendly expression. He had held the trade fair once every year for a long time, and the rules set by him was final; no one ever dared break them. Breaking the rules set by him was equal to disturbing the peaceful order of the trade fair, and it also meant that the person didn’t take his words seriously. The Master Blissful would never allow that to happen.

“Master Blissful, it was this brat who killed the disciples of my Qingyi Sect first! Not only that, he also killed my grandson! If I don’t kill him now, will my Qingyi Sect still have any face left? I hope Master Blissful can chase this guy off the Blissful Island so I can kill him there. I don’t think that violates your island rules.”

Mao Sheng said.

The Master Blissful didn’t reply to Mao Sheng, he instead turned around to Jiang Chen and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Chen Jiang.”

Jiang Chen replied, but he purposely reversed his name.

“Where did you kill those Qingyi Sect disciples?”

Master Blissful asked.

“Outside the island.”

Jiang Chen honestly replied. He knew that Master Blissful was just going through formalities, and the purpose for doing so was to defend the rules set down by himself. As for Mao Sheng’s request to chase Jiang Chen out from the island, Jiang Chen believed that Master Blissful was no idiot; he would never do something that would bring disgrace to his reputation. Furthermore, the Qingyi Sect wasn’t worth as much as they thought in Master Blissful’s mind.

The Golden Glory Fish was a ruthless demon beast species, and they wouldn’t just stick to one style when dealing with people. For instance, it all depended on their mood. If someone tried to threaten a man like this, the result would be just the opposite of what that man wished for. At some point, Jiang Chen was also a man like this.

“Brother Mao, Chen Jiang killed your disciples outside the island, he didn’t violate the island’s rules. The trade fair has begun, and those who came here are all my friend, so I can’t just chase them away. As for the grudge between you, the Qingyi Sect and Chen Jiang, you can handle that however you wish after the trade fair ends. I do not want to see any more fighting on my Blissful Island.”

Master Blissful expressed his stand.

“Master Blissful, can’t you just give a little face to the Qingyi Sect? I have to kill this brat!”

Mao Sheng still didn’t want to give up.

“Hmph! Mao Sheng, I’ve already given you face by forgiving you for attacking just now. If you don’t to stay here, then get the f.u.c.k out of here! If you want to stay, you have to obey the rules set by me. If you dare strike again; don’t blame me for being cruel!”

Master Blissful coldly harrumphed and became hostile. Then, he waved his sleeve and flew back into the Blissful Manor, leaving behind Mao Sheng who now had a really dark face.

“Haha, Mao Sheng, did you hear that? If you don’t want to stay, just get the f.u.c.k out of here! Looks like the Qingyi Sect doesn’t deserve too much face out here.”

Old Man Ling Shan burst into laughter. He did not want to let go of this opportunity to mock Mao Sheng.

The color on Mao Sheng’s face kept changing between black and red. At the same time, his heart was pounding extremely fast. It wasn’t difficult to imagine how angry he was right now, his trip to the Blissful Island had caused him to lose a lot of face. Not only had he lost a lot of disciples, he even received a huge blow to his face; he had now become the laughing stock for all the bystanders.

Mao Sheng’s eyes were glowing red. He stared at Jiang Chen who stood next to Old Man Ling Shan. I he could kill someone with his gaze, Jiang Chen would have been ripped into a thousand pieces by now. Mao Sheng hated Jiang Chen to the core, he really desired to devour Jiang Chen alive. It was all because of this young man that he had lost so much face.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just you wait, I’ll definitely tear you into thousand pieces!”

Mao Sheng gnashed his teeth in anger as he spoke.

“s.h.a.ggy old fool, hurry up and get the f.u.c.k out of here, stop being a disgrace.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand at Mao Sheng.

“Kaka, old dog, pooh! You’re an insult to all dogs! Old fool, why are you still standing here? Do you want to discuss your life with this master dog?”

Big Yellow was happily bouncing around in front of Jiang Chen.

“d.a.m.n it, that dog again!”

“That dog really has a filthy mouth, even I can’t help but desire to rip his skin off.”

“Even a puppy is daring enough to show off in front of Mao Sheng. I guess his lungs will explode because of his fury.”


Many people became speechless. This dog was just an amazing creature. His ability to draw out hatred was superb! Just a sentence from him could p.i.s.s someone off.


Mao Shen coldly harrumphed. Then, he turned around and flew toward the Blissful Manor. Since he couldn’t fight on the island, staying here would just make him become a bigger laughing stock.

“Haha, s.h.a.ggy old fool, return home to your mother and ask her for some milk!”

Big Yellow’s words caused the flying Mao Sheng to stagger, but he just continued flying without turning back.

Finally, it all came to an end. An infamous young man had killed all the disciples from the Qingyi Sect with a ruthless approach, and nearly made a Combat Soul warrior puke blood from anger. The name Chen Jiang had become pretty famous now.

“Little brother, you’re an extremely daring man.”

Old Man Ling Shan turned to Jiang Chen with a smile on his face.

“Thank you for helping us.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Old Man Ling Shan.