Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 257 – Jiang Chen Returns

Chapter 257 – Jiang Chen Returns

Chapter 257 – Jiang Chen Returns


After Nanbei Chao had given out his order, the overall spirit of the Burning Sky Pavilion reached an extremely high level. All disciples and elders had perfectly unleashed their full energy, and each of them had incredible killing intent. Without hesitation, they began storming toward their enemies.

“Kill! All disciples and elders of the Black Sect, listen up! We will defend the Black Sect’s honor with our own blood!”

Daoist Black’s eyes turned red. Now, he had no emotions toward death, he only wanted to personally kill Fan Zhongtang. Before he died, killing Fan Zhongtang was his last wish.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Everyone were burning with rage. All the warriors from the Black Sect were wildly yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs as they attacked with the combat weapons in their hands. At this moment, their blood was boiling; they wanted to fight together with their Sect Chief; they wanted to fight till the end! Even till the last drop of their blood, the wanted to defend the honor of their sect.

Even though they knew this was a struggle from their deathbeds, they still had to fight. A cornered wild beast’s attack was deadly. It was absolutely impossible for the Burning Sky Pavilion to eliminate the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness without suffering any losses. Even if they had to smear the heavens with their blood; they wanted their enemy to pay a heavy price.

“Brothers! Kill one to break even, kill two to make a profit!”

The man shouting was w.a.n.g Yun. After he received guidance from Jiang Chen, his cultivation growth had improved a lot; he was now a great warriors at the peak Mid Heavenly Core realm. w.a.n.g Yun was a doughty man; he became the first man to ram into the enemies with longsword in hand.

Bang… bang… bang…

At this moment, fighting intent filled the entire scene. Both sides had immediately engaged in the war. The battlefield spread across a hundred miles, covering the entire sky above the Black Sect. The powerful and devastating energies kept sweeping across the places, shattering mountains after mountains. This was a war of life and death; the amount of people who died and were injured increased with every pa.s.sing second.

Divine Core warriors fought Divine Core warriors; Heavenly Core warriors fought Heavenly Core warriors… As for the Mortal Core and Qi Hai warriors, they could only hide in the Black Sect and pray. They couldn’t provide any help in a war like this; they could only serve as cannon fodder if they jumped into the battlefield. Therefore, praying to survive was the only thing they could do now. Also, they had to protect themselves from getting hurt by the energy ripples unleashed from the war. With their current cultivation bases, any energy ripples from the war could kill them in an instant.

Bai Huadie was wearing a white dress that fluttered in the wind. She carried a long whip, and she was tangled in a fight with an Early Divine Core Sect Elders. As one of the top four geniuses of the Qi Province, Bai Huadie was a girl with extraordinary talent. She had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and if it wasn’t for the fact that she had suffered from the backlash when the formation was broken, none of the Sect Elders who were the same level as her would be her match.

The top four geniuses of the Qi Province; Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect was killed by Jiang Chen, Guan Yiyun from the Black Sect had gone to Inferno h.e.l.l, Bai Huadie from the Valley of Happiness had broken through to the Divine Core realm. Nanbei Chao was the one with the most amazing progress. With only a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base, he already had the ability to change the entire structure of the Qi Province. Only Nanbei Chao could achieve such mighty progress.

“Fan Zhongtang, get your a.s.s out here and fight with me!”

A Mid Divine Core Sect Elder shouted at Fan Zhongtang. He just wished to eat Fan Zhongtang alive.

“Hmph! Yuan Lei, since you so stupidly insist on fighting me, I’ll send you to h.e.l.l today!”

Fan Zhongtang had become completely hostile towards his once fellow sect members. With a loud shouter, he forcefully punched toward Yuan Lei. A scene like this was no doubt incredibly ironic for the Black Sect. At this crucial moment for the Black Sect, two men who were once from the same sect were fighting each other. No one would ever have thought that this would happen.


Both men were instantly engaged in a fierce fight. With their cultivation levels, it should supposedly be an equal fight, but since Yuan Lei was injured by the formation’s backlash, he couldn’t fight with his full combat strength. Therefore, he was on the receiving side moments after the fight had begun. He was no match for Fan Zhongtang.


Blood-curdling screeches repeatedly sounded out throughout the scene. The entire sky above the Black Sect was filled with the pungent smell of blood. The fierce fights caused the death toll to repeatedly rise. For the fights between Heavenly Core disciples, the Burning Sky Pavilion did not have the upper hand. After all, the disciples of the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness together vastly outnumbered the Burning Sky Pavilion.

However, for this war, it was the fight between the Divine Core warriors that mattered. With the combined forces of the Divine Core warriors from the Heavenly Core Sect, both sides had a pretty equal amount of Divine Core warriors. But, since all Divine Core warriors from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness were wounded by the backlash, everyone’s combat strengths had been greatly reduced. Therefore, when the war began, their warriors were injured even more, or even killed.

“Nanbei, I was thing thinking, why don’t we just attack and kill Daoist Black and Granny Feng straight away? This would end everything instantly.”

Zhao Chongyang looked at Nanbei Chao who had an indifferent expression.

“No, this is the change of the structure, the turning point in history. A major change must be a.s.sociated with an intense war, and all the disciples of the Burning Sky Pavilion have to go through this major change; only then can the grow up. Today will be a b.l.o.o.d.y page in history, rivers of blood are destined to flow.”

Nanbei Chao stood in the air with both hands behind his back. He was enjoying the battlefield’s atmosphere. As for the increasing amount of dead and wounded men, it didn’t matter if they were his own allies of enemies, he had no feelings toward them.

Duan Jianhong who stood not far away gasped at Nanbei Chao’s cruelty. He was far more wicked than Duan Jianhong had expected. Becoming this man’s enemy would definitely make things difficult.

“Everyone listen, reserve some of your strength when you fight, just pretend you’re fighting with full force. Don’t forget our original intentions.”

Duan Jianhong sent out his message through his Divine Sense, informing all the Divine Core Sect Elders of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

“Fan Zhongtang, come face your death!”

Daoist Black shouted out loudly as he leapt toward Fan Zhongtang who was in an intense fight with Yuan Lei.

“Haha, Daoist Black, your opponent is me!”

Zhao Chongyang let out a hearty laugh. With incredible speed, he dashed forward and got in Daoist Black’s way. Then, he instantly struck out with his palm. On the other side, Duan Jianhong had attacked as well. He was blocking Granny Feng’s path.


Granny Feng didn’t hide the despise she felt toward Duan Jianhong.

“Haha, Granny Feng, looks like you did a good job taking care of your health! Why don’t you just follow me? As long as you can please me, I can guarantee your survival.”

Duan Jianhong let out a hearty laugh.


Granny Feng waved her hand and unleashed a furious wind which swept toward Duan Jianhong. But, Granny Feng was like the others, she too had suffered a ma.s.sive backlash because of the formation. As the core of the formation, she and Daoist Black had suffered the strongest backlashes. The strength between the four most powerful people in the Qi Province was pretty much equal, but because of the backlash, Granny Feng was currently no match for Duan Jiang.

Bang… bang… bang…

Violent killing intents could be sensed everywhere. The place had become a horrifying battlefield. The once green scenery with blue rivers had become a land of h.e.l.l. Endless slaughtering was carried out, and the death toll kept increasing.

Nanbei Chao was the only man who had nothing to do in the entire battlefield. He was watching everything happening in front of him, he stood high above everyone else with an indifferent, yet n.o.ble expression. To him, this war was just a game for him. Those men who were fighting with their lives were just chess pieces that pleasured his monarch mind. He really enjoyed this feeling.

Somewhere else. Within the tunnel that connected Inferno h.e.l.l and the Qi Province, Jiang Chen and the few men were talking and joking around. None of them knew that the Black Sect was in a grave crisis right now.

Suddenly, bits of bright lights appeared in front of them. All those who had gone to Inferno h.e.l.l had experienced this before, and knew that these lights signaled that the end of the tunnel was ahead.

“The end of the tunnel is ring in front of us. I wonder where in the Qi Province we will land.”

Tian Yishan said. He hadn’t been in the Qi Province for two years.

“The Qi Province isn’t big. With our current speed, even if we landed in the most remote area, we’ll be able to return to the Black Sect in just a short amount of time.”

Guan Yiyun said.

A force pulled the group. They immediately held their breaths, and didn’t dare resists the force.

In the next moment, a crack exploded forth in the air. Figures of men fell out from the crack. Luckily, these men were prepared, and they immediately stabilized their bodies as they fell out from the tunnel.

“Who are you?!”

A loud shout sounded out from behind them. Jiang Chen and his group turned around and saw a few young men looking in their direction. When these young men saw Jiang Chen’s face, they were startled for a moment, then extremely happy expression emerged on their faces.

“Young master Jiang! He’s young master Jiang!”

The leading young man was surprised. When these four young men saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they looked like they had seen their biggest idol. Without hesitation, they walked forward and bowed toward them.

“So it’s you guys.”

Jiang Chen smiled. These young men were no strangers to Jiang Chen, they were from Redsun Town. The place they landed was a familiar place; they were at the entrance of Redsun Town. He didn’t expect that they would land in Redsun Town. Jiang Chen looked up, and he could still see a huge statue standing firmly in the center of Redsun Town. The statue was of none other than himself.

“Wow, Chief Jiang is so amazing! There is a statue of Chief Jiang here!”

w.a.n.g Heng said, filled with excitement.

“Kaka! I’m sure you guys don’t know about this; Little Chen and I came to Yellowstone to kill the Blood Devils, and we also killed Lord Bloodmoon, saving the entire Redsun Town in the process. The townspeople were grateful for what Little Chen had done, that’s why they built a statue of him, and wors.h.i.+p it every day.”

Thinking back to the scene that time, Big Yellow had a prideful expression on his face.

“Young master Jiang, you’re finally back! The Black Sect is in a huge life and death crisis right now!”

The leading young man hastily said.


Both Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun’s expressions changed.

“What is happening?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

“That Nanbei Chao has broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, and right now, he has brought the men from the Burning Sky Pavilion to attack the Black Sect. The Valley of Happiness have joined forces with the Black Sect, but the Heavenly Sword Sect has surrendered to Nanbei Chao. I’m afraid they’re fighting a violent war as we speak. I heard that Nanbei Chao is extremely powerful, so perhaps even with the combined force of two sects, they might not be able to withstand his attack.”

The young man explained. Everyone in the Qi Province knew what had recently happened.

“What?! I didn’t expect such big news! The Qi Province’s structure is going to see a big change… let’s go, we need to immediately return to the Black Sect!”

Jiang Chen dared not delay any longer, he immediately flew towards the Black Sect with extreme speed. Aside from Big Yellow, none of the others could keep up with him.

When Jiang Chen and his group left the place, Huo Yuner emerged from the tunnel as well. After he learned about what was happening from the young man in Redsun Town, he hesitated a little bit, but then he too flew towards the Black Sect.