Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 243 – Supreme Killing Realm

Chapter 243 – Supreme Killing Realm

Chapter 243 – Supreme Killing Realm


The violent collision had shaken the air and raised the temperature. The Shangguan family’s Earth Shattering Palm was indeed terrifying, especially when it was unleashed by a strong warrior like Shangguan Wei. It was simply devastating.

But too bad, Shangguan Wei’s opponent was Jiang Chen, an abnormal monster. No matter how powerful the Earth Shattering Palm was, it just couldn’t compare with the inherited True Dragon Palm. With the combat strength brought from 1,000 Dragon Marks, it was very difficult for Jiang Chen to find a match in the Divine Core realm.

Tap tap tap!

The Earth Shattering Palm was destroyed by the True Dragon Palm, and Shangguan Wei was forced back a couple of steps before he could regain control of his body. While it didn’t seem so serious, the exchange just now had caused his qi and blood to become a complete mess, giving him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Absolute shock filled his mind, he was actually a peak Divine Core warrior, and even in the Shangguan family, he was an existence who was almost guaranteed to break through to the Combat Soul realm. It was really unbelievable that his Earth Shattering Palm was destroyed by a young man, and he was even pushed back by the force. But, what was even more frightening was that this young man was only an Early Divine Core warrior.

Forcing Shangguan Wei back with just a single strike, Jiang Chen’s momentum was getting even stronger. He moved in a ghostly manner and kept striking the sword in his hand. Each time he swung his sword, blood would be shed, and blood-curdling screeches would be heard.

“f.u.c.k! What kind of monster is this young man? Why is he so strong?!”

Finally, someone couldn’t restrain their fear any longer. The battle had begun not long ago, and with combined attack from so many of them, not only could they not hurt Jiang Chen, they had lost nearly 20 men, including 3 Late Divine Core warriors. Jiang Chen was like a ferocious tiger, and in front of Jiang Chen, these men could only be considered some stronger sheep. There was no way they could defeat him.

Big Yellow kept jumping up and down, running back and forth. Whenever he saw a body fall down from the sky, he would dash forward and take all the wealth it possessed. If the man wasn’t dead yet, he would bite him and kill the man.

“All Mid Divine Core warriors, fall back! All Late Divine Core warriors, let’s attack at the same time, we’ll combine all our strength! I don’t believe we can’t kill this Jiang Chen!”

Shangguan Wei strengthened his spirit and shouted out loudly.

Hearing this, all Mid Divine Core warriors who had been frightened by Jiang Chen’s slaughter immediately fell back. All of them were extremely terrified, and they all lost their previous imposing manners. Jiang Chen’s strength had made them understand one thing; with their cultivation, attacking him was the same as seeking death.


Under Shangguan Wei’s lead, tens of Late Divine Core warriors unleashed all their energies. All of them carried intense killing intents, and they were getting ready to unleash deadly blow towards Jiang Chen.

“Hmph! I’ll let you taste the power of the Great Illusion Realm.”

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He moved quickly and swiftly, and escaped from the surrounding warriors in an instant, then he flew high up into the sky.

“Illusion Heart Sutra, Great Illusion Realm!”

Jiang Chen shout out with a great voice. Immediately, an energy wave carrying dreamy colors burst out from his body like a tsunami, covering towards the warriors who were das.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen, and trapping them in the Great Illusion Realm.

Jiang Chen had cultivated and mastered the Illusion Heart Sutra. An illusion skill like this was useless against warriors who had a much greater cultivation than him, as it was tough to affect their minds. But against these men in front of him, the skill was really effective.

This was the first time Jiang Chen had used the Great Illusion Realm; these men had become his experiment.

“What an amazing skill!”

Wu Jiu’s eyes lit up once again, Jiang Chen had just given him another big surprise. With his experience, he could of course tell how extraordinary this illusion realm was.

“Isn’t this the illusion skill that Yang Shuo used? Chief Jiang actually learned how to use it!”

“Junior disciple Jiang killed Yang Shuo and obtained all his belongings. Surely, this illusion skill is one of the treasures he possess. With junior disciple Jiang’s talent, learning a new combat skill is just a piece of cake.”

Guan Yiyun said.

Under the shocked gazes of many people, after all those violent Late Divine Core warriors were trapped in the Great Illusion Realm, their movements came to a complete stop, and they kept looking around with confused expressions on their faces.


Jiang Chen extended his hand and unleashed beams of light into the Great Illusion Realm. Looking at it from the outside, the energy waves within the illusion realm began wiggling, and all the men who were trapped inside, their bodies followed the wiggling. Jiang Chen had divided the Great Illusion Realm into a few areas, and only two men were contained within the same area.

At this moment, all the Late Divine Core warriors who were trapped let out loud shouts. The men who were trapped in the same area began fighting each other, they all engaged in violent battles.


Powerful energy ripples came emerged from the Great Illusion Realm, and everyone outside could clearly see what was happening inside. What they saw was all the men who had attacked Jiang Chen had engaged in intense fights with each other. All of them were gritting their teeth, and their eyes had turned red. They were behaving like they were fighting their biggest enemy.

“What’s happening? What kind of skill is this? It’s actually making them fight each other, this is frightening!”

“Oh heavens, what’s actually happening in that real? Why are those people fighting each other?”

“This skill is incredible! If this carries on, Jiang Chen will be able to kill them all without even personally striking!”

Everyone were absolutely shocked. The men from the same groups were fighting each other as if they were life or death enemies. What was actually happening in that illusion realm?

n.o.body could understand why this was happening. Those Mid Divine Core warriors who had followed the Late Divine Core warriors to attack Jiang Chen now stood there with eyes wide open. They stared at what was happening within the illusion realm with looks of disbelief. What they could see was the malicious look on the faces of the Late Divine Core warriors as they tried their best to kill each other. Many of them seemed like they were talking to each other, but no one could hear what they were saying.

“d.a.m.n, this method is amazing!”

Big Yellow was incredibly excited.

“Those men has been trapped by chief Jiang’s illusion realm, but why are they killing each other?”

The puzzled w.a.n.g Heng asked. Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun were confused as well.

“What a terrifying illusion realm! This illusion realm can dig out the most hidden secrets in one’s heart, and once a person is trapped, that scene will appear in the minds. Let me tell you why they are killing each other; it’s because they want to kill their opponent and rob all their belongings!”

Wu Jiu said as he squinted his eyes, “In Inferno h.e.l.l, there are few people who are true friends. Most people here are vicious and wicked, and this group of men aren’t friends with each other, their alliances was just a temporary measure. They all gathered together because of Jiang Chen. Now, Jiang Chen has put two men into the same illusion realm, and what they had in their minds has been dug out. In the deepest area of their minds, the others in the temporary alliance are also their prey, and they will attack each other if there is an opportunity. If my guess is correct, brother Jiang made them see an opportunity to kill their opponent, causing them to feel that this is the best time to get rid of their opponent and take all their belongings. That’s the reason why they’re fighting each other right now.”

Wu Jiu had vast experience and knowledge, he had discovered the true spirit of this Great Illusion Realm. Also, because of this, he felt even more surprised by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s method was simply terrifying! If this continue, Jiang Chen would be able to kill all his enemies without doing anything himself.

“This is incredible!”

Guan Yiyun and the other men opened up their mouths widely in shock. They now understood that this illusion realm could stimulate the biggest fantasies in one’s heart. If a person didn’t know anything about this illusion realm, and didn’t possess a strong mind; he would immediately be affected by it once trapped.

Jiang Chen stood in the air and kept unleas.h.i.+ng beams of light. Having such precise control over the Great Illusion Realm, he could only do so because of the Great Soul Derivation skill. If it was Yang Shuo, there would be no way for him to trap so many strong warriors at the same time, as this was something that would consume a lot of energy.


Within the Great Illusion Realm, Shangguan Wei was the strongest warrior. He had killed his opponent with his bared hands and taken over his storage ring and combat weapon. The dead body fell out from the Great Illusion Realm while Shangguan Wei laughed out loudly.

In the other areas, the fights had come to their wildest levels. All these men kept attacking with their respective combat skills, trying to kill their opponent with their deadliest attacks. Soon after, it had become a fight where both men were attacking without defending themselves, causing each of them to suffer severe injuries.

Bang, bang!

Two men in the same area killed each other at the same time and fell out from the Great Illusion Realm. Both died miserable deaths.

“Heavens! I don’t think terrifying is enough to describe this illusion realm!”

“Fierce! Jiang’s method is incredibly fierce! Without having to personally attack, all these men will eventually die from fighting themselves, and Jiang Chen will be able to benefit from this without doing much!”

“Look, someone else died!”


All the spectators were shocked. None of them had seen this kind of method used to kill before, even Wu Jiu was stunned. He kept praising Jiang Chen inwardly; this was a peerless genius who would definitely surpa.s.s the ancestors and dazzle the contemporaries! Not only did he have strong skills, he had a brilliant mind as well! The Great Illusion Realm could only trap the enemy, but Jiang Chen was using it to make his enemies kill each other, yielding the maximum result.

Jiang Chen unleashed yet another bright beam, then the scene within the Great Illusion Realm changed. A man who had paid a heavy price to kill his opponent and take his belongings had now been moved into the same area as Shangguan Wei.

Both men exchanged a glance, then a fight instantly erupted. It was just like what Wu Jiu had said, not only did their opponent in the illusion realm, they had also found themselves in a most favorable situation, and that’s why they were attacking without hesitation.

For example, the seriously wounded man and Shangguan Wei found themselves in a desolate mountain range, and there were no one else there except the two of them. Shangguan Wei saw that his opponent was severely wounded, close to death, and it would only take him a single strike to kill this man. At the same time, the seriously injured man saw the same situation as he looked at Shangguan Wei.

Ten minutes later, more than half of the men had died in the Great Illusion Realm, and there were only eight men left. Aside from Shangguan Wei who was still in a good condition, all the other men were seriously injured and on the brink of death. As Shangguan Wei was the strongest man amongst them, he had already killed three men.

“Kaka, brilliant, perfect! Little Chen, let them keep fighting! This method of killing enemies is really exciting, it’s the first time this master dog has seen anything like it!”

Big Yellow kept shouting, he couldn’t wait to see all these men dead.


Jiang Chen drew his hand, and the scene within the Great Illusion Realm changed once again.