Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 236 – Final Juncture

Chapter 236 – Final Juncture

Chapter 236 – Final Juncture

The chaotic situation in Inferno h.e.l.l had gone on for two months, and it showed no signs of stopping. Jiang Chen, who was the most important person had disappeared, it was as if he had vanished in the mortal realm. Even with all the Late Divine Core warriors, none could find the slightest trace of Jiang Chen.

There was 25 days until the doorway to the outside world opened up, this period of time was the most chaotic during each year. But this year was the most chaotic year in history. Many warriors had left Inferno City, hoping to find the last pot of gold before they left Inferno h.e.l.l.

The furious roars of demons and devils sounded out throughout the entire Inferno h.e.l.l, and every single place within Inferno h.e.l.l resembled real burning h.e.l.l. Battles broke out everywhere, and the entire sky above Inferno h.e.l.l was filled with the pungent smell of blood.

The more chaotic the situation in Inferno h.e.l.l became, the more dangerous it was. Therefore, many people just stayed within Inferno City, waiting for the opening of the doorway. As for those Late Divine Core warriors who were searching for Jiang Chen, some of them had actually stopped searching. They had come to the conclusion that if Jiang Chen was still alive, he would definitely appear before the doorway’s opening. At that point of time, he would have to face death.

Of course, many of them still didn’t want to give up, and they kept searching everywhere for a trace of Jiang Chen. They were worried that someone else might have found Jiang Chen before them. Everyone knew that Jiang Chen was basically a moving treasure chest right now, and the first one to find Jiang Chen would be the same as the first one to find a ma.s.sive treasures and obtain an enormous amount of wealth.

Within a deeper area of a desolated mountain, a few men were standing together. They all looked to be in bad shapes, and each of them were severely injured. Two months of chaos and slaughter had made Guan Yiyun and the rest of the men feel extreme tired in both body and soul.

Right now, Guan Yiyun and a few other men all had expressions mixed with grief and anger. On the ground in front of them, two men were lying with blood all over their bodies. Obviously, both these men had died.

“Ahh! I can’t stand it anymore!”

w.a.n.g Heng let out a loud shot. One of his arms was bleeding nonstop, and it was a pretty bad injury. The men lying on the ground were their brothers who had gone through life and death together with them, and for the last two months, they had been running for their lives together and fought countless battles. Those warriors who had all their belongings robbed by Jiang Chen had become like mad dogs, and they had extreme hatred toward this group of men. Since they knew that many Late Divine Core warriors from the middle area of Inferno City were going to attack Jiang Chen, they came to the conclusion that Jiang Chen was doomed. Therefore, they had no more fear towards Guan Yiyun and the rest.

During the last two months, Guan Yiyun and the other men had constantly been tense. Although they kept hiding in different places, fights were still unavoidable. Demons, devils, crystal beasts, all sorts of intense battles. Also, when they b.u.mped into those warriors from the outer perimeter, they would have to fight them with their lives on the line.

In the end, they had come to this quiet desolate mountain, but two of their men were dead due to severe injuries.

“In Inferno h.e.l.l, our lives don’t belong to us anymore. Both of them has gone ahead of us, I have no idea how long we can last.”

Tian Yishan said with an indifferent tone. Their current situation was really bad, enemies were everywhere, human warriors were trying to kill them, demons and devils were trying to eat them, and it was actually a miracle that they had been able to survive until now. But, none of them had any idea what they should do next.

“This d.a.m.n Inferno h.e.l.l, if I am able to leave this place alive, I will never come to this s.h.i.+thole again!”

Yang Meng said in anger, his face covered with blood.

“Senior disciple Tian, let’s burn their bodies.”

Guan Yiyun said. When someone died in Inferno h.e.l.l, the most proper way of handling their bodies was to have someone burn it to ashes. If not, they might end up becoming food for demons and devils.

All these men had solemn expressions as they bowed toward the two dead bodies. Although they didn’t know each other before they came to Inferno h.e.l.l, after having spent such a long period of time and encountering many life and death situations together, they had actually developed strong bonds.

Guan Yiyun set the bodies on fire. All of them stood solemnly until both bodies were burned into ashes.

“Chief Tian, what should we do next?”

w.a.n.g Heng asked.

“All of us have suffered pretty bad injuries, and this location we’ve found is very desolate and remote. Also, there aren’t many monsters here either. For the time being, we’ll hide at this place and heal ourselves. After that, we’ll start paying attention to what’s happening outside. The doorway to the outside world will soon open, and I believe brother Jiang is going to appear.”

Tian Yishan said.

“What senior disciple Tian said is correct. With our current situation, hiding in this secret place is the best option. All of us are wounded, and we need to heal ourselves back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Guan Yiyun said.

“f.u.c.k, this is so suffocating!”

Yang Meng felt really angry. All this time, they had been facing enemies no matter where they went.


Within the Poisonous Miasma s.p.a.ce!

The trio were all busy with their own matters, and none of them had any idea about what was going on outside. They didn’t know anything about the chaotic situation that was playing out right now. Time pa.s.sed, day by day, both men and the dog had experienced huge transformations.

In the blink of an eye, two weeks had pa.s.sed.


All of a sudden, a loud shout could be heard from Wu Jiu. At the same time, a ma.s.sive force was unleashed from his body, blasting all air aside. After two and a half months of restoration, Wu Jiu’s cultivation had finally returned to Early Divine Core realm. Compared to his previous dispirited state, he had transformed tremendously.

Wu Jiu stood up from where he said. His rugged body was full of pure yang energy, a pair of s.h.i.+ning eyes made his rough face look extremely lively, and he was portraying a vigorous look and the aura of a supreme being. No one could relate the current him to the old man who looked to be way past his prime, he just looked extraordinary now.

“Although I’ve only restored my cultivation to the Divine Core realm, my vitality has been fully restored. I just need to leave this place, then it won’t take me long to fully restore my cultivation! Thank you heavens for sparing my, Lord Jiu’s life!”

Wu Jiu was laughing out heartily. He had the reason to be so happy, a man who had prepared to face death, but was then suddenly led out from despair and welcomed into a new life, he just couldn’t help but be excited.


Right at this moment, an ear-splitting buzzing sound could be heard. Wu Jiu turned around and looked at Big Yellow, and to his surprise, the disc shaped defense mechanism had been completely formed. It was spinning at high speed as well. After working relentlessly for two and a half months, Big Yellow had finally created the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. The buzzing sound was coming at the Spiraling Defense Mechanism that was spinning at high speed.


Right after the Spiraling Defense Mechanism was completed, Big Yellow couldn’t endure any longer and fell onto the ground. Sweat could be seen all over his face, and his dog tongue rolled out of his mouth as he rapidly panted. Both his eyes looked really tired.

“d.a.m.n it, with this master dog’s current strength, creating this Spiraling Defense Mechanism by force is just the same as seeking death… this master dog is d.a.m.n tired…”

Big Yellow murmured.

“Such an advanced and complicated defense mechanism! Big Yellow, you’re truly amazing, you have my respect!”

Wu Jiu cupped his fist toward Big Yellow. He was amazed and filled with admiration. It was rare for Wu Jiu to admire someone, let alone a dog.

“Old man, your speed of recovery is pretty fast. With your current Early Divine Core strength, you can now contribute some help in breaking this natural defense mechanism. I just wonder if this guy can break through to the Divine Core realm in time.”

Big Yellow gazed at Jiang Chen who was still in secluded cultivation, then he said, “The Spiraling Defense Mechanism can only last for three hours. If this guy doesn’t break through to the Divine Core realm in three hours, it will disappear by itself, and all our hard effort will go to waste.”

“Three hours, I hope brother Jiang can break through soon.”

Wu Jiu turned around and looked at the natural defense mechanism, then he said, “Big Yellow, with the help of the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, can we break the natural defense mechanism with my current strength?”

“No way. Although you are a Combat Soul warrior, you only have the strength of an Early Divine Core warrior right now. Besides, your foundation hasn’t been completely restored, and that limits the maximum amount of force you can unleash. In order the break this natural defense mechanism, we need at least the strength of a Late Divine Core warrior.”

Big Yellow shook his head.

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows. With his current condition, it was true that he couldn’t unleash the energy of a Late Divine Core warrior.

“But, even if brother Jiang breaks through to the Divine Core realm, he’ll only be at the early stage. I don’t think he will be able to unleash the energy of a Late Divine Core warrior.”

Wu Jiu looked at Jiang Chen who was sitting on the ground.

“Don’t underestimate this guy, once he breaks through to the Early Divine Core realm, perhaps even without your help, he alone will be able to break this natural defense mechanism.”

Big Yellow said. Wu Jiu didn’t know Jiang Chen well, but Big Yellow knew that Jiang Chen was an abnormal monster.

Wu Jiu took a deep breath, he was skeptical about Big Yellow’s words. No doubt, Jiang Chen was a genius, but without witnessing it himself, he still wouldn’t believe it.

Click click…

Clicking sounds kept sounding out from Jiang Chen’s bone and flesh, and the aura of the blood qi dragon above his head became stronger and stronger. At the same time, his energy became stronger and stronger with each pa.s.sing second.

One hour, one and a half hours, two hours, two and a half hours.

Time just slipped away, but Jiang Chen still hadn’t opened his eyes. However, the crystal clear clicking sound coming from his body was sounding out more rapidly.

“d.a.m.n it, we only have half an hour left, if this guy doesn’t break through soon, all our efforts will have gone to waste.”

Big Yellow became worried. The Spiraling Defense Mechanism could only last for three hours, and now, there was only half an hour left. If Jiang Chen still couldn’t break through in this half hour, they would lose the chance to get out from this place, and all their hard efforts would go to waste. Once they missed this opportunity, they would have to wait another year before they had the chance to leave this place.

“We only have half an hour left, I don’t think he can make it, we have to try ourselves. Big Yellow, activate the Spiraling Defense Mechanism now; let me try to break the natural defense mechanism.”

Wu Jiu said.


Big Yellow immediately rejected, “You can’t break the natural defense mechanism. I believe in Little Chen, he will definitely have a breakthrough in time.”

Big Yellow knew more about the natural defense mechanism and the Spiraling Defense Mechanism than Wu Jiu did. With Wu Jiu’s current strength, he wouldn’t be able to break the natural defense mechanism, even with the help of the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. Big Yellow had used up all his yuan energy and strength, so he couldn’t provide any help in break the natural defense mechanism.

Big Yellow knew that Jiang Chen would definitely break through to the Divine Core realm within this last half hour, because Jiang Chen wanted to leave this place more than anyone else. There were only ten days before the opening of the doorway, and they still had no news about the Earth Devil. Jiang Chen still had many things to do, and although it looked like he was in secluded cultivation, he knew everything better than anyone else.


Right as Big Yellow’s words left his mouth, an enormous aura was unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body like a raging tsunami.