Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 214 – Establishing Power

Chapter 214 – Establishing Power

Chapter 214 – Establis.h.i.+ng Power

Above the Saint Cliff, Jiang Chen looked like an unrivaled king of all who gazed down upon the entire world. The Heavenly Saint Sword kept buzzing, as if it was alive.

Jiang Chen had eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, and a pair of solemn eyes that could stare into any illusion. He raised his head towards the thunder and lightning filled skies, a furious energy began flowing out from his body, like a tsunami.

The cold winds soughed, and the mighty will of the heavens swept down from the skies, covering the entire Saint Cliff. Finally, it locked down on Jiang Chen who was standing on the cliff.

“Not even the heavens can get in my way! If no path exists in front of me, then I, the greatest Saint will break open a new path!”

With a majestic aura that soared the heavens, Jiang Chen portrayed an unrestrained domineering image of one who ruled everything underneath the heavens. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he suddenly leapt forward, piercing himself into the heavens above.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced a world-shaking hissing sound; the sword’s energy covered the heavens. A lightning bolt resembling a dragon descended from the intense dark clouds, and fell right onto the Heavenly Saint Sword.

The Heavenly Saint Sword started trembling even more rapidly, and the sword’s energy became more and more violent. Its momentum however, was still seemingly unstoppable.

“Break open for me!”

Jiang Chen let out an explosive roar. The roar was like a thunder strike that could shake the entire world, it sounded out across half the Divine Continent. The Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand was pointed at the heavens above.

Jiang Chen who was watching all of this in the Great Illusion Realm held his breath, and both his eyes had become red. He could still remember; at this moment, the entire Divine Continent had been shaken, countless Saints had their eyes fixed upon this scene, the greatest Saint underneath the heavens had become the center of all attention at this moment.

The Heavenly Saint Sword transformed into a ma.s.sive dragon and flew up into the skies. Its body stretched as far as the eye could see, and at the same time, Jiang Chen’s body had become extremely tall as well.

This was a sword strike so powerful that all of heavens and earth shook. A sword strike that caused the heavens and earth to tremble, a sword strike that even the lightning and will of the heavens couldn’t stop. It had broken through countless layers of dark clouds, and reached the end of the heavens.


Cracking sounds could be heard from the end of the heavens, vast rainbow colored lights fell down from the end of the heavens, it covered the skies above, and at the same time, it covered Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Vast rainbow colored lights fell down and covered Jiang Chen from head to toe. Then, a huge amount of blood dripped down from the rainbow colored lights; it was a Saint’s blood; it was Jiang Chen’s blood.

When the rainbow colored lights disappeared, Jiang Chen had too disappeared. It was as if he had vanished from the mortal realm. His Heavenly Saint Sword was gone as well. However, light from the Realm of Immortals was falling down from the heavens.


Within the Great Illusion Realm, Jiang Chen let out a furious roar towards the heavens. In an instant, he threw up a mouthful of blood. Fury and unreconciled feelings filled his heart; what happened on the Saint Cliff seemed just like it had happened yesterday, causing Jiang Chen to sink into a train of thoughts, unable to free himself.

I split open the path leading to the Realm of Immortals, but I died on the Saint Cliff.

I created a new path for all the Saints in the Saint Origin realm, but I myself had no luck with entering the Realm of Immortals.

I was the first one to see the lights coming from the Realm of Immortals, but that was all I could see.


Jiang Chen’s emotions were deeply troubled by what happened in his previous life, and he couldn’t escape from this train of thoughts. He had had supported the future of the entire Saint Origin realm with his Saint body, but he was unreconciled with the ending. Why did he have to be the one to sacrifice himself?

Luckily, another door had opened up for him. In his current life, he would definitely enter the Realm of Immortals, fulfilling his hundred year old dream.

“Look, Jiang Chen is throwing up blood! His body is swaying back and forth, and it looks like he’s in pain!”

“Yang Shuo’s illusionary realm is simply too frightening, it even caused brother Jiang to be engulfed in his own painful memories. With this, even if Yang Shuo doesn’t attack him, Jiang Chen will still be killed.”

“This is horrifying, if Yang Shuo strikes now, Jiang Chen will surely be killed!”


Everyone were shocked. No one had any idea what Jiang Chen was seeing, and no one knew what was going on within the illusion realm. Jiang Chen was stuck in his own fantasy.

The Illusion Heart Sutra, Great Illusion Realm, anyone who had a dream in their heart would be seriously affected by it. This includes Jiang Chen.

“Doesn’t look like brother Jiang’s condition is good.”

The exalted expression on Tian Yishan’s face turned into one of worry at once. Yang Shuo’s Great Illusion Realm was simply too terrifying. Jiang Chen was engulfed in his own painful memory, and is unable to pull himself out.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’re finished!”

Yang Shuo burst into laughter. He too had no idea what was going on inside Jiang Chen’s mind, but he had accomplished his goal. The Bloodthirsty Sword once again appeared in his hand, then he started sprinting towards the Great Illusion Realm while piercing his sword with an intense killing intent towards Jiang Chen.

A hideous joyful expression emerged on Yang Shuo’s face, as if he had seen an image of himself killing Jiang Chen.

“Die, this is the consequences of offending me! Being able to die under my Illusion Heart Sutra, you should feel proud!”

Yang Shuo was very happy. The Bloodthirsty Sword approached Jiang Chen from behind, like a poisonous snake.

Seeing this, everybody cried out in alarm. They could see that Jiang Chen was still immersed in an illusion, and had no way to escape from it. Under such conditions, Yang Shuo could easily kill him with his sword.

Jiang Chen was indeed immersed in the scene of what happened 100 years ago, and couldn’t escape. His entire heart was filled with unreconciled emotions, and fury.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the state those outsiders thought he was; he wasn’t completely trapped in his own fantasy with no way off escaping. He was in a strange condition right now, as if he was merging together with the version of him from one hundred years ago.

Just as the Bloodthirsty Sword was about to hit Jiang Chen, his body moved nearly 30 meters backwards, dodging the attack.

“Impossible, how could he avoid my attack when he was trapped in his own fantasy?”

Yang Shuo’s expression changed dramatically.


At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly turned around and stared at Yang Shuo with his red eyes. With just a single gaze from him, Yang Shuo couldn’t help but take a few steps back. His face instantly became pale.

What kind of gaze was that? Yang Shuo felt as if his heart had been emptied by it. It was like a gaze of judgment, a gaze that could sentence him with just one look.

He felt a ma.s.sive amount of pressure coming from Jiang Chen. At this moment, he had a feeling that he was facing a giant, not a young man in his mid-teens.

When Jiang Chen was trapped in his own fantasy, he had somewhat merged with his previous life. Although he was still just a Late Heavenly Core warrior, the aura that was emitting from his body was coming from the greatest Saint. His gaze could see through any illusions.

Under such mighty pressure, Yang Shuo had temporarily lost his mind, and fear had filled his mind, causing him to lose control. The Great Illusion Realm shattered in an instant.

Right as the Great Illusion Realm shattered, both Jiang Chen and Yang Shuo had finally awakened from their previous states.

Jiang Chen’s red eyes returned to normal, and he had regained consciousness. He felt lucky in his mind, as he had almost been trapped by Yang Shuo. If not for him entering that strange state of mind in that critical moment, perhaps he would have been killed by Yang Shuo by now.

However, Yang Shuo was even more shocked than anybody.

“What happened just now? Why did I suddenly stop attacking? Why did I retracted the Great Illusion Realm? That gaze just now, it was really frightening!”

Yang Shuo was extremely shocked. Even if he had awakened and returned to his normal state of mind, he still couldn’t forget the eyes he saw just now.


In the next moment, Yang Shuo threw up a mouthful of blood. In fact, it wasn’t Yang Shuo who had retracted the Great Illusion Realm, it had been broken by Jiang Chen’s gaze.

The Great Illusion Realm had been broken by Jiang Chen, and Yang Shuo received an even greater backlash than when Jiang Chen had broken the Myriad Returning Sword. It had caused him serious injury.

“Yang Shuo, although your illusion realm is really powerful, it still couldn’t affect me. Now, its’ my turn to attack. True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen still carried an unparalleled momentum. His combat strength was still at peak, and in an instant, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. The gigantic blood red dragon claw descended from the skies and covered Yang Shuo like a gigantic blood red hill.

“Break away for me!”

In consternation, Yang Shuo counter-attacked with all his strength. However, with his current condition, he couldn’t even unleash half of his combat strength. There was no way he could destroy the mighty dragon claw. Therefore, he was directly grabbed by the True Dragon Palm.

Crack crack…


Under the ma.s.sive pressure of the True Dragon Palm, cracking seemed to sound out endlessly from Yang Shuo’s bones. The intense pain made him scream out so loudly that his screams could be heard from afar.

“Yang Shuo, I told you that I would kill you today no matter what. Also, I won’t let you die easily. I’ll burn you slowly with my True Dragon Flames.”

Jiang Chen let out a loud shout, then the True Dragon Flames began shooting out from within the dragon claw. In an instant, Yang Shuo was covered by a sea of flames.

“Ahh!! Jiang Chen… if you dare kill me… the Myriad Sword Sect won’t let you go!”

Yang Shuo was screaming out in terrible pain, but at the same time, he didn’t forget to give a warning.

“Hmph! This is Inferno h.e.l.l, and you’re threatening me with the Myriad Sword Sect… What an idiot.”

Jiang Chen cared nothing about the warning. He controlled the temperature of the flames and kept burning Yang Shuo. Jiang Chen wanted Yang Shuo to experience the pain and torture that Guan Yiyun suffered, he didn’t want to let Yang Shuo die so easily.

“Heavens, how did this happen?”

“Jiang Chen was almost killed by Yang Shuo, but the illusion realm suddenly disappeared… how did Jiang Chen break it?”

“Jiang Chen is simply too frightening! He actually turned the tables at the last moment. Looks like Yang Shuo is going to be killed by Jiang Chen today.”

“This young man is a fierce and ferocious man with a brutal approach. But, the strong prey on the weak in Inferno h.e.l.l, there are no other rules or orders to talk about here.”


Everyone were stunned by how things hard turned out. All of them had seen how Yang Shuo had almost killed Jiang Chen with his Bloodthirsty Sword, and no one had expected such a huge turnaround to happen.

“Awesome, brother Jiang really can kill that Yang Shuo! He has my complete admiration! From now on, in Inferno h.e.l.l, I, Tian Yishan will followed brother Jiang and obey all his orders!”

Tian Yishan was super excited. Watching Yang Shuo being destroyed by Jiang Chen had helped him rid the sulky feelings in his mind. He was oppressed by the cruel Yang Shuo, and not only had he almost been killed, all his brothers had suffered miserably as well. Now, revenge had been carried out, and of course he felt great satisfaction.

“How did this happen? How did young master Yang Shuo get defeated? This is impossible!”

Liu Kui was about to go nuts. The last hope in his mind was completely gone, and he knew very clearly, once Yang Shuo was dead, Jiang Chen would definitely not let him go.

“Old man, let this master dog point you towards a path of survival. What do you think?”

Big Yellow said while wagging his head.

“Path towards survival?”

Liu Kui’s eyes lit up. This dog had come together with Jiang Chen. He looked at all the dead bodies scattered around the stronghold, and since Yang Shuo was soon going to die, he would be the last one alive in the stronghold, and he would surely be killed by Jiang Chen.

No one wanted to die, and that applied to Liu Kui as well. He knew how hard it was to survive in Inferno h.e.l.l. In order to survive, many people had to bow their heads, and that was the reason why he had pledged loyalty to Yang Shuo before this.

“Simple, as long as you agree to become this master dog’s human pet, and obey all of master dog’s orders, this master dog will ensure your survival.”

Big Yellow said with a huge smile on his face.