Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 203 – Guan Yiyun’s Whereabouts

Chapter 203 – Guan Yiyun’s Whereabouts

Chapter 203 – Guan Yiyun’s Whereabouts

“d.a.m.ned dog, I’m going to eat you!”

The last stone lion had become enraged. However, its energy was obviously weaker than it was before. Although being part of a twin demon beast specie brought lots of benefits, there were also a lot of disadvantages as well. Because their minds were linked, their combat strength could be combined during a battle. Similarly, if one of them died, the other one would be greatly affect, and would only be able to unleash half of its combat.

Besides this, once a stone lion died, the other stone lion would start aging extremely quickly, and die shortly afterwards. This was the meaning of living and dying together.


Big Yellow let out a hearty laughter. Once again, he turned into a beam of light and started sprinting towards the stone lion. If the stone lion was still in top shape, Big Yellow would never sprint toward it like this, because he didn’t have the confidence to kill it, so he would just stay in front of Jiang Chen, and never let it pa.s.s.

But now, the energy of the stone lion had been reduced by half, and its combat strength had also halved. The high spirited Big Yellow had absolute confidence in being able to kill it.

The stone lion roared out in anger, and engaged in an intense fight with Big Yellow. One of them was extremely fast, and had an incredibly defensive body, and the other one was trying to avenge its brother.


Jiang Chen sighed and opened his eyes. He looked at the two animals in front of him who were fighting endlessly and shook his head, feeling speechless. d.a.m.n it, he was in the middle of his cultivation, couldn’t this d.a.m.n dog be more reliable? How was he going to cultivate when both of them were right in front of him?

Luckily, Jiang Chen was only forming new Dragon Marks, and wasn’t trying to break through. If not, even if he had the Great Soul Derivation skill, he wouldn’t be able to stand a disturbance like this.

But forming new Dragon Marks by using demon souls was different than breaking through to a new stage or realm. Jiang Chen wasn’t scared of the disturbance, because even with the disturbance, he could still continue absorbing the demon souls. Therefore, Jiang Chen just continued absorbing while watching the fight between Big Yellow and the stone lion.

“Big Yellow, can you finish this fight faster? That guy only has half his normal combat strength right now. Wasting so much time fighting him, isn’t this an insult to your mighty reputation?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t bear it any longer.

“d.a.m.n it buddy, you can still talk while absorbing the demon souls? But, what you said is right, it will really affect master dog’s reputation if I still can’t kill it.”

Big Yellow nodded his head seriously. Soon, he went into a frenzied mode, mystical symbols begun appeared between his eyes, and wings of light appeared on his back. At this point of time, Big Yellow’s figure could be seen everywhere at the scene.

Bang bang bang…


Followed by a few banging sounds and the miserable screams of the stone lion, in just a few breaths time, holes and wounds could be seen everywhere on the stone lion’s gigantic body, and blood splash all over the place.

“Last strike!”

Big Yellow’s arrogance and courage rose as the battle progressed. A trail of light collided with the stone lion’s head in an instant. The weakened stone lion couldn’t withstand Big Yellow’s brutal attacks any longer, and it shattered into pieces because of Big Yellow’s head, repeating the footsteps of its own brother.

After kill the Twin Stonerock Lions, Big Yellow’s narcissistic att.i.tude had reached a whole new level.

“This is the true combat strength of the master dog! During this fight, the master dog showed both beauty and intelligence! No matter how strong the enemy is, it will be killed in front of this master dog!”

Big Yellow stood up on both back legs like a human, and placed both front legs behind his back and wiggled his head. Jiang Chen couldn’t watch it any more, so he covered his eyes with his hand.

Big Yellow spent more than half an hour showing his narcissistic side, and when Jiang Chen had finally absorbed the demon souls, Big Yellow still hadn’t finished.


Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow’s head and said, “That’s enough!”

“Buddy, do you really not know what grat.i.tude is? If not for daddy guarding you during your cultivation and killing the Twin Stonerock Lions, do you think you could cultivate in peace?”

Big Yellow said with a slightly depressed tone.

“Fine, I’ll remember your great effort this time.”

Jiang Chen extended his hand and retrieved the two demon souls from the dead stone lions, and stored them in his storage ring.

“Why don’t you just absorb them straight away? These two Divine Core demon souls, I’m sure they will provide you great benefits.”

Big Yellow felt puzzled. Usually, Jiang Chen would absorb the demon souls he got directly to increase his strength. But to his surprise, this time, he didn’t do it, he just stored it away.

“I have successfully formed a total of 600 Dragon Marks in my body, so if I continue using the same method to cultivate, it will actually affect my foundation. The effects of the Five Elemental Pill could only last until now. Therefore, in order to continue absorbing demon souls, or even breaking through to the Divine Core realm, I’ll need to strengthen my foundation. That’s the reason why I need the Nine Life Crystal Beast’s crystal core when I absorb demon souls in the future.”

Jiang Chen explained. He couldn’t afford any carelessness when cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. The most important aspect for a cultivator was actually his foundation. If the foundation became loose, future cultivation would become devastatingly harder.

Jiang Chen, as the once greatest Saint in the world, his experience with cultivation was simply magnificent. He understood better than anyone else the important of a foundation. Therefore, he wouldn’t allow himself to make such a mistake.

In order to break through to the Divine Core realm, Jiang Chen would need a total of 800 Dragon Marks, and he was 200 behind his goal. It was no easy task for him to break through.

However, six hundred Dragon Marks had given Jiang Chen enough combat strength to walk around in Inferno h.e.l.l with more safety. Soon after, he and Big Yellow left the valley and continued flying towards the inner parts of Inferno h.e.l.l.

After flying for nearly a hundred miles, both of them could hear some fighting coming from upfront.

“There is someone fighting ahead of us.”

Big Yellow said.

“It’s the energy of a human, not a demon beast.”

Jiang Chen said, “Hide your energy, let’s go check it out.”

The duo hid their energies and flew towards the battle with great speed. Shortly afterwards, the saw a cliffy mountain range in front of them. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow landed on one of the cliffs and looked down into the valley, where they saw four men.

Three of them seemed to be in their late thirties. Two were Early Divine Core warriors, and the other one was a Mid Divine Core warrior. The three portrayed images of hostility, they were obviously exiled warriors, and they were vicious and merciless.

Of course, living in the environment of Inferno h.e.l.l, anybody could become like them sooner or later.

Right now, three of them surrounded a young man who was bleeding from all over his body. The young man seemed to be in his late twenties, and he was wearing white clothes which could hardly be seen, due to all the blood. His cultivation base was at the peak Early Divine Core realm, just one step away from breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm.

With Jiang Chen’s experience, he could easily tell that this young man was a rare genius. Although he was only at the peak Early Divine Core realm, if he engaged in a fight, the Mid Divine Core warrior standing opposite of him would be no match for him at all.

But too bad, the young man was seriously wounded, and some of his wounds didn’t look new, which made his combat strength weaken a lot. Facing three ferocious Divine Core warriors, he had nearly come to the end of his life.

“Young man, just keep running, you have offended young master Yang Shuo, you’ll die even if you run to the end of the world!”

The man said.

“Hmph! What did you to do Guan Yiyun and the other men?”

The young man let out a cold snort. There was no fear to be seen on his face, a fury could be seen burning in his eyes. After a restless escape, in the end, he still couldn’t run away from them.

“Haha, Tian Yishan, you are soon going to die, but you still ask about your friends? Let me tell you this, Guan Yiyun and the others are still alive, but that’s only because young master Yang Shuo won’t let them die so easily!”

Another man said with a scornful tone.

“Indeed, Guan Yiyun and the rest of them men are still alive, but it’s hard to tell how well they’re living right now. Tian Yishan, hand over all of your wealth, especially those crystal cores. We’ll consider only bringing your head back to young master Yang Shuo, that way you won’t have to suffer his torture. You should know very well how cruel our yang master is, he would rather see you alive in agony than dead.”

The leading adult man said with a smile on his face. The three of them totally considered Tian Yishan as a turtle in a jar. In fact, Tian Yishan’s current situation was really like being a turtle in a jar. If there were no miracles, he would surely die this day.

“Guan Yiyun.”

At the cliffs, Jiang Chen who had just been casually watching the show had a change in expression once he heard the name Guan Yiyun.

“I think this Tian Yishan is a friend of Guan Yiyun, it looks like he has been caught by that young master Yang Shuo. Judging from their words, I think Guan Yiyun is in a bad situation right now.”

Big Yellow said.

“No s.h.i.+t! I heard it too.”

Jiang Chen’s face darkened. Guan Yiyun had treated him pretty nicely, he had risked his life to help Jiang Chen back in Whirling Sun City. Jiang Chen was not a person without grat.i.tude, he would never forget those who had helped him.

Since Guan Yiyun was now in trouble, there was no way he could pretend nothing had happened.

A look of misery appeared on Tian Yishan’s face, together with a slight hint of hopelessness. He gazed at the three men surrounding him. If he was in his best shape, these three men would never be his match, even if they attacked at the same time. But too bad, he was too weak right now. Even the weakest man amongst them would be able to easily kill him.

“In Inferno h.e.l.l, it goes without saying that the weak are prey to the strong. Slaughtering and robbing; today, I, Tian Yishan have been defeated by you. I have nothing much else to say, just kill me now.”

Tian Yishan thought he was going to die no matter what, therefore he maintained his pride, which made Jiang Chen nod his head in approval. Few people could face death with calmness. Perhaps it was the environment here that cause it, but no matter what, it was something that deserved respect.

“Fine. Tian Yishan, since you can still maintain your pride, I’ll let you have a quick death today.”

One of the Early Divine Core warriors said. In an instant, he unleashed a gigantic palm and slapped towards Tian Yishan.


A loud bang sounded out above Tian Yishan’s head. It wasn’t his head that had shattered, it was the gigantic palm unleashed by that man.

A bright light beam was shot from the cliff and collided with the palm, causing it to shatter into pieces.

“Who’s there?”

The leader was shocked as he shouted towards the cliffs.

“Three Divine Core warriors bullying a serious injured man, shame, shame!”

A voice sounded out from the cliffs. After that, a man and a dog descended from the skies above.

Translated by XianXiaWorld