Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 201 – A Perfect Fight

Chapter 201 – A Perfect Fight

Chapter 201 – A Perfect Fight

The True Dragon Flame was simply too formidable. Of course, it was also scaled with Jiang Chen’s base strength. The Early Divine Core black crows was not Jiang Chen’s match at all. Under the combined attack of the True Dragon Flames and the True Dragon Palm, it was instantly killed by the intense flames.

The Double Header Black Crow was a rare specie of the dark element, their had very powerful combat strength, and abilities that few people could guard against. An Early Divine Core Double Headed Black Crow was more than enough to fight an ordinary Mid Divine Core human warrior. However, since its opponent was Jiang Chen, it couldn’t exercise all the advantages it had as a Double Headed Black Crow. Usually, they weren’t afraid of any ordinary flames, but the mighty True Dragon Flame had proven to be their natural enemy.

Jiang Chen retracted the True Dragon Palm, then he retrieved the two demon souls. Ordinary Heavenly Core demon souls couldn’t provide much help with forming new Dragon Marks, only Divine Core demon souls were sufficient.

These two Early Divine Core demon souls could help Jiang Chen form at least another 40 Dragon Marks, increasing his overall combat strength.

“A Double Headed Black Crow can give me two demon souls. Looks like I need to put more time into looking for these kinds of monsters in the future.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Obtained two demon soul from killing only one demon beast, this was something really promising for Jiang Chen.

The True Dragon Flames flew towards the Black Crows once again, and it kept burning and killing them. Endless demon souls rolled out like steel b.a.l.l.s into Jiang Chen’s hand, and was immediately stored into his storage ring.


Witnessing their leader being killed, the remaining Black Crows let out loud cries and burst into pa.s.sionate weeping.

“Big Yellow, hurry up and run!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. Using the True Dragon Flames, he tore open a path right in the middle of the Black Crows. With a flap of his blood wings, he turned into a trail of light and disappeared from the scene. Big Yellow dared not hesitate, and he quickly followed behind.

This flock of Black Crows was really frightening. They were incredibly fast, and they were extremely difficult to kill. If not for the True Dragon Flames, it would be at least ten times more difficult for them to escape from the trap.

Of course, the remaining Black Crow couldn’t pose any threat to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow anymore, but they had no idea how many Double Headed Black Crows lived in this area. The entire woods was probably their territory. Also, these Black Crows were actually calling for their mates. If all of a sudden more than a hundred, or even a thousand Black Crows stormed in, the two of them would have a hard time dealing with the situation.

Besides, they still had no clue about how dangerous Inferno h.e.l.l truly was. If there was even Mid Divine Core Black Crow, or even a Late Divine Core Black Crow, with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s current combat strength, they would have a hard time defending themselves.

Therefore, the best strategy right now was to run away from here.

After Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had fled a small distance from the scene, they easy some noisy sounds coming out from the sudden. All of a sudden, the skies above were filled with Black Crows. All of them flapped their wings and started crazily chasing Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. The leading Black Crow had a gigantic body, and was at least 15 meters tall, and it’s cultivation base was at the Mid Divine Core realm.

“Oh my G.o.d!”

Big Yellow exclaimed, “So many Black Crows, I think there are at least a few hundred of them! d.a.m.n it! Buddy, luckily you were smart enough to ask me to run, if not, we would be trapped in an endless fight right now.”

“Save your breath and increase your speed! These Black Crows really live in a group, I think there are more of them.”

Jiang Chen violently flapped his blood wings and flew forwards with full force. Big Yellow dared not hesitate either; his wings of light glowed brightly in a golden light. The duo had increased their speed to its maximum.

Jiang Chen even used the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill to a.s.sist his speed. However, the Mid Divine Core Black Crow wasn’t falling behind, it was actually catching up from behind.

“Buddy, that big guy is catching up.”

Big Yellow said.

“Don’t worry, only that big guy is that fast, just let it chase. As long as the huge group behind it can’t catch up, it’ll be fine.”

Jiang Chen looked calm. His mind had no comparison, he could take any tense situation calmly without over reacting.

Big Yellow kept cursing as he escaped. It was really shameful for him to have to run away from the energy after having just arrived in Inferno h.e.l.l.

The Mid Divine Core Black Crow was incredibly fast, and it was only because both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were abnormal monsters that they were able to flee. If it was some other ordinary man being chase, he would have already been killed by its sharp beak.

The Black Crow kept chasing while letting out furious roars. Its eyes were fierce, and it kept spitting black poisonous mist from its mouth which took the shape of a sword and pierced towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. However, all the attacks were easily blocked by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Hmph! Just keep flying, once we are far away from the huge group of Black Crows, this Mid Divine Core Black Crow will die! Mid Divine Core demon beast’s demon soul, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!”

Jiang Chen said as he licked his lips.

“Buddy, you want to kill it?”

Big Yellow was surprised. It was a Mid Divine Core Black Crow, which possessed combat strength almost equal to an ordinary Late Divine Core warrior. Jiang Chen’s courage was huge.

“Yes, a Mid Divine Core Black Crow is really powerful, ordinary Late Divine Core warriors would be unable to fight it at all. But, that’s only because of its special abilities. The Black Crow is incredibly fast, it possess powerful poison, and its sharp beak is its most powerful weapon. However, when its opponent is me, all these advantages become useless. I don’t fear its poison, the True Dragon Flame is its natural enemy, and I have 410 Dragon Marks. I can easily kill an Early Divine Core warrior with my bare hands, and I’m able to have a fair with a Mid Divine Core warrior. This Black Crow is restrained by my abilities, so I’m sure I can kill it.”

Jiang Chen had a meticulous mind and a vast fighting experience. Even when he is in the middle of a fight, he can easily get hold of his and his enemy’s advantages and disadvantages, and come out with a plan to win the fight. He never fought a battle where he is uncertain.

At the same time, Jiang Chen flipped his hand and retrieved two Early Divine Core demon souls and absorbed then immediately. With the help from the Dragon Transformation skill, they helped him form another 40 Dragon Marks, giving him a total of 450 Dragon Marks, as well as more confidence in dealing with the Black Crow chasing behind him.


The Black Crow kept letting out furious roars. It was furious as it kept attacking from behind. The powerful energy coming from his body had scared off a lot of nearby demons and devils.

As for the huge group of Black Crows, they were ditched far behind, and couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Looking at how the big guy is behaving, I think it’ll only return after killing us.”

Big Yellow said.

“Just let it come, I’ll let it taste something good later.”

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen’s face.

Inferno h.e.l.l was a really huge place. They flown another 300 miles, but they were still in the same desolated area.

Jiang Chen estimated that the huge group of Black Crows couldn’t catch up anytime soon, or they might even stop pursuing. So, he stopped and stood firmly. As long as he was far away from the Black Crows’ territory, he felt safe. In his mind, these Black Crows were just a great resource for him.

The Black Crow became startled upon seeing that the human and dog had stopped fleeing. In its mind, the duo should have kept running for their lives, it was really abnormal for them to suddenly stop, as it meant death.


The Black Crow didn’t care so much. It dashed towards both of them immediately upon seeing them stop fleeing.

“Big Yellow, stay aside, let me handle it.”

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy and shout countless golden lights from his body, causing the air to tremble and ripples to spread across the scene. There was even illusory dragons shaped from qi and blood hovering above his head, it seemed so powerful that few would dare face him.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly as he unleashed the True Dragon Palm and threw it towards the Black Crow.


A black colored barrier appeared outside of the Black Crow’s body. It tried using its sharp beak to smash the dragon claw unleashed by Jiang Chen. But, the True Dragon Palm was a combat skill that could only be used by real dragons. It was extremely powerful, and although a gigantic hole was made by the beak, the ma.s.sive force carried by the dragon claw still pushed the Black Crow back.

“What incredible combat strength! I think this attack carries at least a few million jins of force! Buddy is just an abnormal monster!”

Big Yellow who was standing aside had a face filled with astonishment.


Jiang Chen continued attacking, as he had won the first exchange. With a sway of his body, he unleashed the Nine Phantom Wolves, and in an instant, nine identical Jiang Chens surrounded the Black Crow, confusing it.


The Black Crow let out another loud cry as it shot out countless poisonous energies from its body, each piercing towards Jiang Chen. An attack like this would kill any ordinary man. But, Jiang Chen had no need to fear any deadly poison, or any dark energies.


Suddenly, a sea of flames appeared in the skies. The golden colored flames danced around violently, and it seemed capable of burning the entire skies to a crisp. Nine Jiang Chens, no one could really see which one had started the fire, but when the poisonous gas met the flames, it was all burnt away without even a chance off harming Jiang Chen at all.


Jiang Chen cried out. A battle axe emerged in his hand, then he forcefully slashed towards the Black Crow with a thunderous light and a scorching flame. The flame made the Black Crow’s soul tremble.

Jiang Chen was simply too fast. Before the Black Crow had the time to respond, it had been into half by Jiang Chen’s attack, and died on the spot.

Big Yellow was bouncing up and down next to Jiang Chen. He was thrown underneath Jiang Chen’s feet because of admiration. He had just witnessed a true battle! Jiang Chen’s way of killing the Black Crow was so smooth. Firstly, he had used the True Dragon Palm to force it back, and while it was immersed in shock, Jiang Chen distracted its focus with Nine Phantom Wolves. Then he unleashed the True Dragon Flames, which was the Black Crow’s natural enemy, causing it to sink into a panicked state. And at last, he killed it with his battle axe. The entire battle could be considered a perfect fight.

Bang bang!

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy and shattered the Black Crow’s body into tiny pieces. Then he grabbed the two demon souls.

“Buddy, you are d.a.m.n awesome!”

Big Yellow said in an excited manner.

“Let’s go, we need to leave this place and find a place for me to absorb these demon souls and increase my strength. In this place, only strength can guarantee survival.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up as he started flying once again.

“d.a.m.n it! Daddy also wants to level up! Daddy wants to break through to the Divine Core realm!”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse. Inferno h.e.l.l was a really dangerous place. They were only at the border of Inferno h.e.l.l, and they had already b.u.mped into such powerful demon beasts. This really told them how dangerous this place actually was.

Translated by XianXiaWorld