Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 171 – Blocked Path

Chapter 171 – Blocked Path

Chapter 171 – Blocked Path

There were so many questions in Jiang Chen’s mind. According to what he had in mind, with a powerful demon like the Firethorn Savage residing in Misty Mountain, the place should have been a forbidden place, and everyone should be avoiding it without getting close to it all.

But what he saw right now was completely different from what he had imagined. Not only was there huge crowds standing outside Misty Mountain, he had also heard news about the Green Sanctuary Sect preventing the public from accessing.

If there was a Firethorn Savage demon lord residing in Misty Mountain, why did the disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect have the courage to train in the mountain? Wasn’t that a foolish action equal to seeking death? Jiang Chen was really puzzled.

Besides, the Qian Province was almost identical to the Qi Province. Even if the Green Sanctuary Sect was the biggest sect in the Qian Province, its strength resembled the Black Sect at most. A Firethorn Savage at the peak of the Mid Divine Core realm, even the Black Sect wouldn’t dare challenge it, as the consequences would be really devastating.

“Brother, I want to know, is there a powerful Firethorn Savage residing within Misty Mountain?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Looks like this really is your first time coming here. There is a powerful Firethorn Savage residing in the Misty Mountain, and its cultivation level has reached the peak Mid Divine Core realm. Everyone knows about it, do you really have to ask?”

The man said.

“If that is the case, all these people should be avoiding this mountain at all costs, so why can I still see so many people here? What’s your purpose for coming here?”

Jiang Chen asked again.

“There are rich resources in Misty Mountain, we came here to hunt for demon beasts and search for natural treasures. However, the Green Sanctuary Sect has sealed the mountain once again, d.a.m.n it! They rely on their powerful strength to make Misty Mountain their backyard; they’re sending their disciples here to train every month, and when they do, the prohibit the public from accessing it every single time, just like today! I’ve wasted my time here, this is ridiculous!”

The man looked angry, and Jiang Chen was even more confused now.

“Brother, is this Green Sanctuary Sect really so strong?”

Jiang Chen asked again.

“Of course! The Green Sanctuary Sect is one of the biggest sects in the Qian Province, and they have a Late Divine Core warrior backing them. If it wasn’t for that, how could the act so ruthlessly in the Qian Province?”

When mentioning the strength of the Green Sanctuary Sect, a scared expression emerged on the man’s face.

“The Firethorn Savage is a super-strong beast, even if the Sect Chief of the Green Sanctuary Sect is here to fight it himself, I don’t think he would be able to defeat it. This Firethorn Savage has conquered this mountain and made it its territory, how could it allow other people to trespa.s.s here? Don’t tell me this Firethorn Savage has a gentle character and is very friendly with humans?”

Jiang Chen was still puzzled.

“A beast with a gentle character? Little brother, looks like you really are too young. There are no gentle demon beasts in this world! Let alone a super powerful beast like the Firethorn Savage, not only is it not gentle at all, it also has an extremely ferocious temper. The Green Sanctuary Sect was fighting it nonstop a few years ago, they couldn’t bear to let go of such a good place. The Firethorn Savage had brutally wounded many of the disciples and Sect Elders of the Green Sanctuary Sect.”

The man seemed to know a lot. Since he had already been given 20 Mortal Restoration Pills by Jiang Chen, he was obliged to answer all of Jiang Chen’s questions. Besides, none of these things were secret, anyone here would be able to answer these questions.

“Three years ago, the Sect Chief and Sect Elders of the Green Sanctuary Sect attacked together and had a fierce battle with this Red Solar Sect. In the end, both side came to a common understanding, and they divided Misty Mountain into three sectors. The first two sectors, and disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect, or even us, could enter and train. The Firethorn Savage is forbidden from attacking us in the first two sectors. As for the third sector, if anyone ever dares step into sector three, they would risk being killed by the Firethorn Savage. Therefore, no matter if it’s the Green Sanctuary Sect entering or the others entering, we will carry out our business in sector one and two. No one has the courage to enter sector three and risk their lives.”

The man explained the reasoning behind it. Finally, Jiang Chen understood what was happening.

“I see. It looks like the relations.h.i.+p between the Green Sanctuary Sect and the Firethorn Savage isn’t really that good.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head silently. He already knew, there was no way for humans and demon beast to coexist in peace. Especially a super powerful beast like the Firethorn Savage. It was born with pride, so there was no way it would be peaceful towards humans.

“Little brother, don’t tell me you are entering the Misty Mountain in order to train? You can’t go in now, the Green Sanctuary Sect has blocked all access for seven days. You have to wait until their disciples finish their training. The Green Sanctuary Sect is not something you can afford to offend.”

The man reminded Jiang Chen for good before he turned around and left.

“Green Sanctuary Sect.”

Jiang Chen murmured. He looked at Big Yellow and saw a big smile on his face.

“Buddy, looks like we’ve b.u.mped into some roadblock, what are you going to do?”

Big Yellow asked with baring his teeth.

“I don’t have the time or patience to wait for seven days, we have to enter Misty Mountain immediately. That Green Sanctuary Sect better not provoke me. If they do, even if they are a big sect in the Qian Province, I will turn them upside down.”

Jiang Chen sneered. Only he knew how determined he was to enter Misty Mountain. Those who got in his way would be his enemy.

“Kaka, I like your impulsive temper, let’s go!”

Big Yellow laughed out happily. He was a being that never settled for calm, and was never afraid of something big. Looking at his face, it seemed like he was happy for being able to offend a big sect momentarily after arriving at the Qian Province.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow continued journeying towards the Misty Mountain. Their behavior was welcomed by countless flabbergasted gazes.

“Hey, little brother, the Green Sanctuary Sect prevents us from entering Misty Mountain, you can’t go in there… hey… d.a.m.n it, is this guy deaf?”

“This guy must be an idiot. The Green Sanctuary Sect prevents all outsiders from entering Misty Mountain, and they also just chased away all the people who were inside, and yet, he is still entering… Is he actually seeking death?”

“Idiot, if he offends some disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect and gets himself killed, he won’t even have a place to complain.”


Many people stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were running towards the Misty Mountain as if they were looking at idiots. Although the Green Sanctuary Sect was domineering, they really had the strength and the abilities to do so. A tiger’s b.u.t.t was not something anyone could touch.

“Looks like this guy is going to enter the mountain straightaway. Let’s follow them and see how he gets himself killed!”

There were always curios people no matter where one went. Soon, a few men followed closely behind Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. All of them wanted to see how these two who appeared out of nowhere could get themselves killed.

Outside the Misty Mountain, there were six men wearing green robes. All of them were Heavenly Core warriors. Two of them were old outer circle Sect Elders, while the other four young men were inner circle disciples.

Few men were standing there with their hands behind their back. All of them wore the same prideful expressions. Today was the day for the outer circle disciples’ training. The Green Sanctuary Sect’s training was divided into two categories, one was for the Mortal Core outer circle disciples, and the other one was for the Heavenly Core inner circle disciples.

The outer circle disciples would train in the first sector, and the inner circle disciples would train in the second sector. Now, the Green Sanctuary Sect had blocked off access to the Misty Mountain, and those outer circle disciples who were supposed to be training had all entered the mountain. Soon, it would be the inner circle disciples’ turn.

“How dare those people question our decision, they really deserve no attention.”

A young man whose face was filled with arrogance said.

“In my opinion, we don’t need to let those people enter the Misty Mountain in the future, let’s just declare the mountain our own territory, then only disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect will be allowed to enter the mountain. Letting those of the public enter the mountain is just a waste of resources.”

“That’s right, that’s how it really should be! It’s we who made the agreement with the Firethorn Savage, so of course we should be the only ones who can use this place!”

“Preventing the public from accessing is not a good idea, it would cause a bad name for the Green Sanctuary Sect. Besides, we can just prevent the public from accessing whenever we want. Once we’ve done so, the people would need to get out of here.”

The few men were discussing. Their words proved that they looked down on everyone else.

Right at this moment, a young man in white clothes who looked to be in his late teens, followed by a big yellow dog were comings towards them.

“Stop right there!”

One of the inner circle disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect shouted towards Jiang Chen. However, when they saw that the man and dog didn’t bother with them and kept walking, angry expressions emerged on their faces.

“Brat, I asked you to stop right there, are you deaf?!”

The disciple shouted with a voice even louder than his previous shout. The rest of them all carried angry expressions. In their opinion, this guy who appeared out of nowhere was simple seeking death. The Green Sanctuary Sect had blocked off all access to the Misty Mountain, and all other people had left the place. But this guy, he didn’t obey their orders, and he kept walking towards the Misty Mountain. He really came here to seek his death.

Many people were watching from behind. When they saw that the young man in white didn’t stop, but instead kept walking, all of them were shocked.

“d.a.m.n it, is there something wrong with this guy’s mind? He was ordered to stop, but he still kept waling… is he really here to seek death?”

“This really is an action that that will give him a quick death. Now even an immortal will be unable to save him, as he has challenged the dignity of the Green Sanctuary Sect.”

People were sighing in their minds. All of them were looking at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at an idiot. They had seen many brave men, but they had never seen someone who insisted on getting himself killed.

“You’re courting death!”

The Green Sanctuary Sect disciple unleashed his Early Heavenly Core energy and sent pressure towards Jiang Chen. But, this pressure had no effect on Jiang Chen at all. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived in front of all these people.

“Are you courting death? Did you not hear I told you to stop walking?”

The disciple’s gaze was fierce.

“I need to enter the Misty Mountain for some important business. I hope the Green Sanctuary Sect can let me enter. I did not come to fight.”

Jiang Chen tried his best to talk with a polite tone. His target this time was the Firethorn Savage. If it wasn’t necessary, he would rather not get into a fight with the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Translated by XianXiaWorld