Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1683 – The Great Chaos under the Heavens

Chapter 1683 – The Great Chaos under the Heavens

The Great Chaos under the Heavens

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“What? Dead?”

Yang Zanqing’s expression changed dramatically. Both the Crown Prince and King Ping were unparalleled geniuses of Great Qian Empire, and with high status. Their death was an incredible loss to the empire. Yang Zanqing naturally would find it unacceptable at first.

“What about Jiang Chen?” Dongfang Yu asked hastily.

As the Master of Dan Prefecture, the death of the Crown Prince and King Ping didn’t concern him that much. What he only cared about right now was Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was the most heaven-defying genius he had ever seen who had safeguarded the dignity of Dan Prefecture and helped him advance to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Dongfang Yu would never believe that Jiang Chen was dead.

“Jiang Chen isn’t dead. Allow me tell you what happened in the Golden Horizon,” said Yang Bufan.

“Please do so.”

Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu spoke simultaneously. Although they felt slightly relieved after knowing that Jiang Chen wasn’t dead, they were extremely confused why the young man didn’t return with the others if he was still alive?

“The Prefecture Masters must be mentally prepared for this information.”

Yang Bufan warned them in advance so that they wouldn’t faint after hearing the news.

Subsequently, Yang Bufan, Yang Lang and Shan Chong took turns to speak, telling the two Prefecture Masters everything that had taken place in Golden Horizon as fast as they possibly could. Naturally, the important incidents were the emergence of the Golden Clan, Great Thousand Mirror and Sun Divine Feather.


Despite being mentally prepared, they still felt as though their heads were going to burst. Many of the higher-ups felt light-headed.

Killing thousands of people…they couldn’t imagine what it was like.

“Quickly inform the Emperor, and Genius Prefecture must be on red alert.”

Yang Zanqing immediately gave the order. He was no longer in the mood to be astonished by the emergence of the Golden Clan or the appearance of the Great Thousand Mirror. What he needed to do now was to inform the Emperor and summon all the experts in Great Qian Empire because something big was certainly going to happen. He was almost sure that it would take less than an hour for those major powers to come knocking on their doors.

According to what Yang Bufan said, major powers like Nanbei Family and Corpse Yin Sect had suffered disastrous losses. Each major power only had less than thirty people that had returned. Even Nanbei Chao had been killed in the battle. It was already imaginable how furious these major powers would become. Also, geniuses of the three great Immortal Courts were also killed and Yang Zanqing almost yielded to the urge to faint when he thought about this.

“Motherf***er! This son of a b*tch has brought us a miracle, but this is too much for your Father to take.”

Yang Zanqing almost sprang from where he stood. He and Dongfang Yu had been expecting Jiang Chen to bring them a miracle. Sure enough, Jiang Chen didn’t let him down, and the miracle the young man brought them was overly great that they were having a hard time to accept it.

“Haha! Right enough, I’m right in my judgment. That young man is surely a person with great luck. He has even obtained the inheritance of the Void Sovereign and the Sun Divine Feather. But there’s one thing I don’t understand – why did he prevent all the geniuses from entering the territory of the Golden Clan at all costs?”

Dongfang Yu laughed heartily. His reaction was different from Yang Zanqing. The more earth-shattering the incident, the more he admired Jiang Chen. He didn’t understand why Jiang Chen wanted to guard the gateway of the Golden Clan, however, he believed that Jiang Chen must have his own reasons for doing so.

“Never thought that such a big incident would happen in Golden Horizon. Jiang Chen has really created a terrible disaster! I’m afraid he can no longer find any shelter in the three great Immortal Domains! Ai! This is full of excitement!”

“I admire him very much. He even dared to kill the people of Immortal Court. There’s nothing in this world that can stop him. Plus, he’s a person who cherishes relations.h.i.+p and loyalty. He decided not to return as he didn’t want to put the whole Great Qian Empire in trouble.”

“That’s true. 150 geniuses have returned to our empire, safe and intact. And most of them have progressed greatly, including Jiang Chen himself. It’s a pity that our empire can’t protect him, he has offended too many major powers. If he isn’t dead this time, he will be a Sovereign of the generation.”


The people in Genius Prefecture were discussing about this matter, impressed by the things that Jiang Chen had done, they couldn’t help it.

Yang Zanqing recovered from the momentary shock. After all, he was a half-step Immortal Venerable and had strong psychological endurance.

Only after recovering from his shock did he notice Han Yan and the other few, and asked, “These are?”

Given his eyesight, he could naturally discern that they were powerful cultivators, especially Han Yan and Tyrant who were full of startling vigor and luck.

“This is the chosen one of Profound Yin Cult of Northern Profound Domain, named Han Yan. This is Mo Wuqing, also a genius of Profound Yin Cult. These two grandmasters are eminent monks of White Dragon Temple, Grandmaster Tyrant and Grandmaster Hao Ran. All of them are friends of Jiang Chen.” Yang Bufan hurriedly introduced the group to Yang Zanqing.

“Greet Master Yang.”

Han Yan and Mo Wuqing held their fists at Yang Zanqing, Tyrant and Grandmaster Hao Ran also put their palms together.

“Since you are the friends of Jiang Chen and King Fan, then you are the guests of honor of our empire,” said Yang Zanqing without the slightest neglect.

It wasn’t just because of the ident.i.ties of these people, but also their strength, particularly Han Yan and Tyrant whose Qis were exceedingly strong even though they were only late Immortal Emperors. Yang Zanqing felt that even he wouldn’t be able to subdue these two men.

On a black altar in Corpse Yin Sect, the originally high-spirited seniors were blazing with fury when they saw that only around 20 disciples had returned to the sect, all looking extremely fl.u.s.tered.

“Jiang Chen, Dragon s.h.i.+san, how dare you kill so many of my geniuses! Our sect has never suffered such a huge loss since our establishment! We will absolutely not let this matter rest!”

The Sect Master of Corpse Yin Sect bellowed ferociously, eyes spurting out flames. He was Old Man Corpse Yin who had moved across the whole world unhindered. No one had ever dared to offend him. Today, the news of his geniuses almost being wiped out in Golden Horizon had utterly ignited his fury and killing intent.

“Sect Master, what should we do now?” An elder of the sect asked.

“Go to Great Qian Empire and seize those two.”

Old Man Corpse Yin brought a few powerful experts along and vanished in the blink of an eye, heading towards the direction of Great Qian Empire.

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