Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1663 – Pledging one’s life to defend

Chapter 1663 – Pledging one’s life to defend

Pledging one’s life to defend

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“Haha! The gates of the Golden Clan are now open. Everyone, hurry up and go in!”

Someone shouted. They had already been waiting for a long time. Now that the doors were finally opened, most of them could wait no more. Immediately, more than a dozen silhouettes hurtled towards the gateway.

*Pu Chi……*

At this moment, around ten soldiers in golden armour appeared in front of the silent golden gates, each was holding an ancient battle sword. Moving at an extremely fast speed, they rushed towards the dozen of experts, killing all of them in the blink of an eye.


The scene immediately alarmed everyone and set off a commotion. Those people who were about to advance forward hastily stopped in their tracks, and looked at those golden-armored warriors in horror.

There was a dazzling light emitted from their eyes, but their facial expression and eyes were indifferent. Most notable of all, there was no vital force in their bodies.

“It’s the dead spirits. They are the warriors of Golden Clan that should have died long ago, but they have become undead, guarding this gateway, and preventing any outsiders from taking any step into their territory.”

“There is no evidence to it, and these dead spirits only have late Immortal Emperor cultivation base. It’s simply impossible for them to stop us. Those geniuses died because they were too rash.”

“The Golden Clan sure is terrifying. Even the dead spirits are so powerful. It seems like there will be many dangers and crises inside.”


Innumerable eyes fell upon the golden warriors. In their point of view, these warriors who had died tens of thousands of years ago were merely late Immortal Emperor dead spirits that wouldn’t have too much effect on them. As long as these dead spirits were eliminated, they would be able to enter the land of the Golden Clan. Also, most of them thought that killing these dead spirits was just a simple matter.

Everyone knew that these dead spirits couldn’t display powerful immortal technique, and could only rely on their combat swords to attack mechanically. Hence, there was nothing to be afraid of. Those who rushed forward were killed by the dead spirits because their cultivation base was too weak. If they were all late Immortal Emperors, the outcome would’ve been different. Furthermore, they still had six formidable Immortal Venerables on their side. Taking these dead spirits down was just easy.

Apart from that, the appearance of the golden warriors had made the Fire of Sun inside Jiang Chen bounce violently. That was a kind of feeling of warmth. Regarding the death of all these golden warriors, Jiang Chen’s soul felt shaken and a hint of sadness was aroused inside of him, making it harder for him to kill these golden warriors, even though they were already dead spirits.

“No, they aren’t dead spirits. They aren’t dead,” said Big Yellow all of a sudden.

“Big Yellow, what did you just say?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

“They aren’t dead. They are the means left by the Great Sovereign of Golden Clan. I can smell the qi of the Gold Feather Fan. Look at those golden light. They are emitted from the Divine Sun Feather. The Great Sovereign of the Golden Clan used the Gold Feather Fan to conceal the entire clan and freeze the time. Tens of thousands of years have pa.s.sed, and it’s still possible that the Golden Clan will reappear in this Heaven and Earth once more.” Big Yellow spoke with astonishment.

“What did you just say? The Golden Clan will reappear in this world once more? Big Yellow, what actually is going on? What actually happened back then? Why would the Great Sovereign seal his clan?”

Jiang Chen finally couldn’t hold his questions anymore. These golden warriors clearly didn’t show any signs of vitality, but Big Yellow insisted that they weren’t dead spirits.

“This was the best way to preserve the bloodline of the Golden Clan. Too many have died in the great war back then. The clan was already close to extinction at that time, however I don’t know why the clan’s inheritance emerged at this time. If I’m not mistaken, the situation here will settle down soon. The next time it emerges again will be the time of the Golden Clan coming back to life. Little Chen, don’t ask me about what had happened that year because it isn’t the time for you to know yet, but I can tell you that there would be no Immortal World if there was no Golden Clan. They are the heroes of the Immortal World. The bloodline left by this clan won’t perish so easily. Today, do all you can to defend this place, allow no one to enter the gateway or kill any of the golden warriors.”

Big Yellow’s tone sounded incomparably emotional and resolute as though he had pledged his life to ensure the safety of the gateway.

Jiang Chen was moved. He had never seen Big Yellow behave in such a way before. What had actually happened back then? Not only were the golden warriors not dead, there’s also be the bloodline of the Golden Clan behind the gateway. The Great Sovereign of the Golden Clan had used some heaven-defying means to preserve their bloodline. If these geniuses break into it now, it would destroy the painstaking effort of the Great Sovereign tens of thousands of years ago.

Jiang Chen didn’t know what happened, but Big Yellow knew, and he would give his unconditional support to Big Yellow. Moreover, he now possessed the Fire of Sun, which was equivalent to having the bloodline of this clan.

Therefore, he was willing to stand up. He couldn’t let the efforts of the Great Sovereign go in vain. If the Golden Clan could really appear again, no one could measure how much shock it would cause.

But currently, Jiang Chen didn’t want to think about all these as Big Yellow had already rushed towards the gateway. The dog’s body enlarged by twofold, standing in front of the gateway as though he was going to hold out tens of thousands of men with his sole strength.

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen blurted, “I pledge my life to defend the Golden Clan.”

After that, he came to Big Yellow’s side in a ray of light. Han Yan and the rest were startled, though they had heard the conversation between Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Han Yan and Tyrant exchanged a glance, and also rushed out without a second thought. It was time for the brothers to fight side by side again. Even though the opponents were incomparably terrifying, they showed no sign of retreating. It wasn’t their first time experiencing such a scene.

“Jiang Chen, what are you all doing? Why are you blocking the gateway? Quickly step aside, kill the dead spirits and break into the inheritance’s site.”

Someone yelled reproachfully when he saw Jiang Chen and the others blocking the gateway. It had to be a joke that some people would try to stop others from entering the inheritance of the Golden Clan as that was equal to courting death, because everyone had waited for this for far too long.

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