Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1646 – The Fire of Sun

Chapter 1646 – The Fire of Sun

The Fire of Sun

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The bloodline of the ancient Golden Crow, the Divine Bird of the Sun was unimaginably powerful. Putting aside how much it could aid in her future cultivation after acquiring it, the bloodline itself was enough to improve her cultivation base by leaps and bounds.

“The inheritance of the Great Sovereign is enviable.” Yang Lang showed a look of envy.

“This is the blessing brought by the bloodline. Sister Ning hasn’t even gotten the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao yet. If she is able to master the divine musical notes of Empress Xiao Yao, she will be invincible,” Big Yellow said with a smile.

He was crystal clear about Empress Xiao Yao and was incomparably happy that the Empress had succeeded in finding her descendant who turned out to be his ally. There was nothing better than this.


Mo Wuqing too, displayed an admiring look. Who wouldn’t admire someone with such heaven-defying luck and talent? It would surely be wonderful if he was the one in the scene.


A powerful force suddenly burst out from Wu Ningzhu’s body. Her cultivation base had broken through to the early Immortal Emperor realm. After the rebirth, the Fire of Sun surrounding her became intensely strong, but this time, it didn’t seem to have any effect on her. Instead, because she had inherited the Golden Crow’s bloodline, the fire seemed to behave intimately towards her.

It could be seen that the current relations.h.i.+p between Wu Ningzhu and the Fire of Sun was akin to the relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and the True Dragon Fire. The fire had completely integrated with her and was under her complete control.

“Dammit! She has actually succeeded! And her cultivation base is improving by leaps and bounds.”

Nanbei Chao’s facial expression darkened dramatically. The outcome was what he least antic.i.p.ated.

“Nanbei Chao, I wanted very badly to know how you are feeling right now. I know that you aren’t feeling very well at all. So why don’t you say it out and amuse us? Hahaha…” Dragon s.h.i.+san sneered. He would never let go of this chance.

“Humph! The outcome is still not concluded yet. So what if she has acquired the inheritance? I still won’t put her in my eyes.” Nanbei Chao snorted coldly and arrogantly.

“Nanbei Chao, if I were you, I’d just run away now. Otherwise, when Sister Ning grows to an extent where she can kill you on the spot, you won’t have the chance anymore,” said Han Yan in a smile.

He had heard from Jiang Chen about the existence of Nanbei Chao’s true self in the Immortal World. So he wasn’t really surprised by Nanbei Chao’s presence.


While they were speaking, Wu Ningzhu’s cultivation base advanced once more, breaking through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, finally stopping when the powerful qi reached the peak. Some earth-shattering changes had taken place inside of her. It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as casting off her old self and taking on a new one.

“What a pretty angel of the Golden Crow! Her presence gave out the aura that’s beyond our reach.”

“She’s truly an angel. She also has the bearing of a powerful female Sovereign.”

Innumerable people were exclaiming with astonishment. They had never seen such a beautiful lady before. Not only was she beautiful, but also had a high and mighty demeanour that belonged to a Great Sovereign, inviolable.

On the 40th step, she turned around, glanced at the Xiao Yao Qin suspending in the air above and continued moving upwards. Her speed was fast. Very quickly, she reached the 90th step where her movement seemed restricted again.

“That’s the will of the Empress. The last ten steps is where Empress Xiao Yao will instill her will into Sister Ning. It won’t be as difficult as being reborn from the fire. Since Sister Ning has pa.s.sed that stage, she will no longer face any life-threatening danger. As long as she carries the will of the Empress, she will be able to wield the Xiao Yao Qin. At the same time, she can also enter the ancient palace and acquire the true inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao,” explained Big Yellow.

He seemed to have all the knowledge in the world. What’s left now was the will of Empress Xiao Yao. As long as she pa.s.sed this stage, it will be considered a true success.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The pressure in the last ten steps was incredibly immense. It was no longer the pressure of flames, but the invisible might of the Great Sovereign. All of the pressure came from the Xiao Yao Qin. It was trying to instill the supreme will of the Empress to its future master.

“It’s really the right decision to bring Sister Ning along. Otherwise, she’s going to miss this extraordinary encounter forever.”

Jiang Chen sighed with relief. He began to feel grateful to his master, Tianji Zi. If Tianji Zi hadn’t imparted the Great Divination Art to him, he wouldn’t have known how to divine the future. Without the ability to divine, he wouldn’t have brought Wu Ningzhu here. If Wu Ningzhu wasn’t present, the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao wouldn’t have emerged.

The Buddha Sect always talked about Karma. There’s always a result for every action. Today’s result was because of Jiang Chen.

What happened next happened according to Big Yellow’s expectation. Although the pressure in the last ten steps was great, it didn’t seem to stop Wu Ningzhu’s footsteps. In roughly ten minutes, she successfully arrived on the peak, in front of the Xiao Yao Qin. The Fire of Sun blazed from her eyes. The current Wu Ningzhu had fully inherited the will of the Great Sovereign. She stood there like a peerless female G.o.ddess, high and mighty and formidable.

“She has succeeded. She has succeeded in inheriting the will, obtaining the inheritance of the Xiao Yao Qin. Truly awesome!”

“Such luck is truly enviable.”

“I think we’d better leave now. We have tried to stop her before this. A while later, she’s going to acquire the Xiao Yao Qin. No one can tell how terrifying she will become. If she’s going to kill us later, our death will be certain.”

“There’s no need to be afraid. Even if she gets the Xiao Yao Qin, so what? She’s merely an intermediate Immortal Emperor. She won’t be able to display the power of the Great Sovereign Weapon.”


While admiring her performance, they also felt fear. Those who tried to attack Wu Ningzhu earlier were beginning to worry. She would absolutely get stronger. Only G.o.d knew how powerful the descendant of a Great Sovereign would become. As such, plenty of them had begun to slip away.

Of course, most of them still stayed on the scene. They wanted to see for themselves what the birth of a descendant of a Great Sovereign was like. Furthermore, those late Immortal Emperors weren’t afraid of her. After all, her cultivation base had yet to reach their level.

On top of the stairs, Wu Ningzhu stuck out her hands to gently touch the ancient qin. The Xiao Yao Qin let out a buzzing sound, seeming to express its affection towards her. The current Xiao Yao Qin had fully recognized Wu Ningzhu as its master, allowing her to touch it freely.

Wu Ningzhu’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise. She was proficient in music since young. She once had a qin as her weapon. Obtaining a Sovereign weapon in the form of the qin, nothing could make her happier.

Then, both of her hands formed seals, sucking out the pool of flames which was only the size of a fist from the Xiao Yao Qin. It was small but dense.

“Little Chen, this is the Fire of Sun.”

Wu Ningzhu whispered to Jiang Chen. She waved and the fire rushed towards Jiang Chen in a ray of golden light. His eyes twitched. Hastily, he took out his hand to grasp the fire. He had already possessed three types of supreme flames. If he could have this flame as well, the benefits would be beyond imagination.

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