Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1622 – Giving up any idea of escaping

Chapter 1622 – Giving up any idea of escaping

Giving up any idea of escaping

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The scene was shaken once more. Jiang Chen’s power had brought the shock of everyone to a new height. The fact that he could force a late Immortal Emperor back was really very shocking. A moment ago, he had crushed the corpse puppet of Cao Jiu with a single strike. How insane!

One should know that the corpse puppet of Cao Jiu was no ordinary corpse puppet. The corpse puppet possessed the strength of a late Immortal Emperor. Even without the help of Cao Jiu, it was powerful enough in the battle. Who would’ve thought that such a powerful corpse puppet was crushed by a single blow of Jiang Chen? Such a scene was too startling.

“How did that happen?”

“How did Jiang Chen become so powerful?”

“It’s because of the flames he possesses. His flames are extremely powerful. I have once heard the Seventh Prince said that he lost to Jiang Chen in alchemy back in Great Qian Empire because of the overpowering flames of Jiang Chen. I’m certain that his flames have a tremendous restraint on Cao Jiu, just like how Tyrant had restrained Niu Meng. Under such restraint, Cao Jiu could not exert all of his combat strength in the battle, which makes him no match for Jiang Chen.”

Ling Du and Leng Qiuyi couldn’t believe everything that was happening ahead of them. Yun Yi suddenly thought the key of the matter. When Yun Zhangxiao went to Great Qian Empire to challenge their geniuses in alchemy, he lost to Jiang Chen, or it should be said that he lost to Jiang Chen’s flames.

He saw the battle between Jiang Chen and Cao Jiu very clearly. Jiang Chen’s flames were the flame of extreme Yang, the combination of three types of supreme flames. Such a flame was precisely the bane of the people of Corpse Yin Sect. This kind of restraint was much greater than Tyrant’s. That was why Cao Jiu’s newly released corpse puppet was killed instantly.

Whatever the reason, it seemed unrealistic for Cao Jiu to kill Jiang Chen. The growth of Jiang Chen had transcended their imagination. Given Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, not even Cao Jiu was his match, let alone the others. Such a situation gave them extreme discomfort. They had missed the golden opportunity to kill Jiang Chen. If they couldn’t kill Jiang Chen today, no one could tell to what extent Jiang Chen would grow to in their next encounter. They were afraid that it would be their end at that time.

“Blood demon, go and kill the rest of them. Leave these three to me.”

Tyrant didn’t miss the scene of Jiang Chen killing the corpse puppet. He knew that Cao Jiu would die for sure today. According to Jiang Chen’s habit, he would never let any one of them go. Besides, Yang Bufan was beginning to lose his defence against those early Immortal Emperors.

If Yang Bufan was in his strongest state, these people wouldn’t be enough for him to kill, but the current situation was different. He had suffered severe injuries. He couldn’t even exert a tenth of his combat strength. The more intense the battle, the more serious his injuries would become, which would affect his recovery later on. The seven or eight early Immortal Emperor geniuses was as strong as a tiger and didn’t stop attacking him. At this rate, Yang Bufan’s life would surely be in danger.

Therefore, it was best for the blood demon to deal with them. The power of the blood demon was tyrannical and brutal. Once he attacked, it would be the end of those geniuses. Regarding Ling Du and his comrades, Tyrant alone was enough to handle the three of them. With Tyrant’s current strength, fighting against three wasn’t a problem at all.

The moment Jiang Chen killed Cao Jiu and the blood demon slaughtered all those early Immortal Emperors, it would become very difficult for Yun Yi and the other two to get away.

As a matter of fact, the current scenario was just exactly what Tyrant had expected, because he knew Jiang Chen’s abilities all too well. As long as Cao Jiu died, every one of his comrades would die as well. If Yun Yi and the other two wanted to live, there was still a chance for them to run away now.

It was a pity that the three of them didn’t seem to have any intention of escaping, as they were very confident in their strength and Cao Jiu’s. At least they thought that Cao Jiu would never be killed by Jiang Chen.

However, this type of confidence would eventually endanger their lives.


Upon hearing Tyrant’s words, the blood demon howled frenziedly, and left Ling Du and charged at the early Immortal Emperors.

“Where are you going?!”

Ling Du bellowed and sped towards the blood demon. This time, he absolutely couldn’t let the blood demon attack the early Immortal Emperors, or else it would be the end for those geniuses’ lives. After battling the blood demon for so long, he knew the strength of the blood demon very well. Letting it get into the group of early Immortal Emperors was akin to putting a tiger into a flock of sheep.


Tyrant put his palms together and appeared in front of Ling Du with a swoosh, totally blocking the path of Ling Du, giving Ling Du no chance to stop the blood demon.

“Get lost, you ruddy monk!”

Ling Du displayed an overbearing and ferocious look and struck out a palm at Tyrant then yelled at Yun Yi and Leng Qiuyi, “One of you must go and deal with that evil creature!”

Yun Yi was already zooming towards the evil creature even before Ling Du uttered his words. They were no fools. They knew the seriousness of the situation. If the blood demon rushed over, those geniuses would die for sure. Those early Immortal Emperor geniuses were considered rare geniuses to any major power in Eastern Profound Domain. The death of any one of the geniuses would be a tremendous loss to them.

“Humph! Dao Light Buddha Body, the Kingdom of Buddha.”

Tyrant harrumphed coldly and went ballistic. Instantly, he launched the powerful Dao Light Buddha Body. His entire body grew a few folds larger. Dazzling golden light covered the exterior of his body, making him seem like a supreme Arhat, looking supremely divine. At the same time, he struck out the Kingdom of Buddha which was akin to a domain technique. The innumerable pure Buddha Light formed a huge domain, directly enshrouding the three of them. Instantly, they could feel the enormous pressure coming from the Dao Light Buddha Body.

“Dammit! How could this monk be this formidable?”

Yun Yi swore, feeling an urge to cough out blood. They had been forcefully enveloped by the Kingdom of Buddha, and were pressed against by the Dao Light Buddha Body. They were left with no other choice except to stay and fight Tyrant.

“Let’s attack together and eliminate this monk. I don’t believe he’s strong enough to fight the three of us.”

Leng Qiuyi fully unleashed his mighty qi and struck out strong waves of energy at Tyrant with his iron fan.

At the same time, Ling Du and Yun Yi sent out their attacks. The terrifying energy of the attacks displayed by the three intermediate Immortal Emperors interwove into a huge and colourful net that seemed incomparably beautiful. However, they couldn’t allow themselves to admire such an energy because it was a fatal act.


Facing the aggressive attacks of the three, Tyrant didn’t seem to be afraid in the slightest. He took the necklace of Buddha beads from his neck. The surface of each Buddha bead was branded with an ancient Sanskrit character. Under the influence of Tyrant’s will, it turned into a weapon. The Buddha beads continued to enlarge until the necklace seemed like a heavenly circle. The tremor radiating from it cracked the void. Then, it smashed against the giant net of energy of the three men.

*Hong Long……*

The Heavens and Earth shook. Another great hole was created in the void. Black air current drifted out of the interior of the void continuously. The scene was frightening, but what frightened them more was that Tyrant was still able to gain the upper hand in a one-versus-three fight.

“My G.o.d! What is the true extent of power of this monk? I have seen an eminent monk of White Dragon Temple, but I have absolutely never seen such a terrifying monk.”

“He must be an extraordinary monk of Buddha Sect and a rare genius in White Dragon Temple. He has an incomparable affinity with the Buddha, and possess numerous combat techniques of Buddha Sect. Look at that powerful Buddha Body. It looks almost the same as the legendary Arhat with Golden Body.”

“This is a shocking reversal of situation. The experts of the three major powers have wanted to lure Jiang Chen out, but the tables are completely turned on them. Cao Jiu doesn’t seem like a match for that Jiang Chen. The monk doesn’t even lose his stance while facing three opponents. And that evil creature is going to take the lives of those early Immortal Emperor geniuses. Given the current situation, it is hard to predict the outcome of this battle.”


No one wasn’t shocked. Everyone watching the battle gaped at the scene. They were all geniuses, but seldom saw figures with heaven defying abilities. Today, two heaven defying geniuses had appeared in front of them. Tyrant was still acceptable to them as he had a higher cultivation base. What they couldn’t comprehend and accept was Jiang Chen, because Jiang Chen was merely a late Immortal King, but it seemed like he was about to suppress the late Immortal Emperor Cao Jiu. The thought of the gap between them made their scalp numb.

Even if Jiang Chen had an incredible transformation technique that could increase his combat strength, and even if Jiang Chen had the flames that could restrain Cao Jiu, such strength capable of fighting enemies many levels higher than him was overly terrifying.

On the other side, the powerful Blood Demon King rushed into the battlefield. Its horrifying claw caught the head of an early Immortal Emperor genius.


That genius let out a blood-curdling shriek. That fright came from the bottom of his heart, because he was horrified to find that he couldn’t even move in the grasp of the Blood Demon King. As long as the blood demon exerted force, the head of that genius would certainly be instantly crushed.

The blood demon king didn’t disappoint him, because in the next moment, his head was crushed. After letting out his last miserable wail, blood spurted out in all directions, showing the last bit of colour he had to the world.


The blood demon roared incessantly and pounced on his left and right, pounding another two geniuses to death. Just like insects, they stood no chance at all.

Three out of eight were killed in the blink of an eye. The remaining five began to realize their situation and were scared to death. They had lost all their fighting spirit. They instantly fled, leaving Yang Bufan behind.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The blood demon became frenzied. Boundless blood qi was unleashed from his body, forming a giant net of energy that sealed the entire battlefield. This was an absolute restraint. None of them could escape from this. The five of them seemed to have been trapped in the mire. They struggled as hard as they could, but to no avail.

Every bit of these was clearly seen by Cao Jiu. There was an unconcealed look of shock on his face.

“Cao Jiu, neither of you will leave today. All of you will have to die here.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were like the scorching sun. His killing intent seemed to have condensed into a solid form as he clamoured at Cao Jiu.

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