Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1598 2 – Killing whoever that comes!

Chapter 1598 2 – Killing whoever that comes!

Killing whoever that comes!

“What’s that thing? What a powerful qi! Is that the ancient light of the G.o.d of War? That rock must be some rare treasure.”

“That’s truly divine! I can sense the qi of antiquity of a battle spirit. There’s a very powerful creature living inside it. It seems like it’s about to be born soon.”

“Good. This is going to be an unparalleled treasure. Never thought that such mystical rock exist in this immortal vault. I wonder how long has it existed. If I can obtain that rock and make the living creature inside listen to my command, or even refine it, I will be able to obtain boundless benefits.”


There were six or seven people that appeared on the scene. All standing at different positions, watching with blazing eyes glinted with greed. They didn’t know that it was Jiang Chen who had unleashed the wondrous rock. They thought that the rock had been here the whole time and was a treasure left by the ancient Buddha. Also, they were smart enough to know the terror of this type of immemorial battle spirit. This was the spirit of the Heavens and Earth. If they could possess it and obtain its recognition, they would be the master of the creature. Even if they couldn’t, they could refine the creature before it was fully born. The benefits of absorbing its essence was unimaginable. There would surely be a great enhancement in their cultivation base if that were to happen.

Therefore, everyone had developed an incomparable interest in the rock. Some could wait no longer and wanted to lunge at the rock now. Regarding the presence of Jiang Chen, no one seemed to care about it. In their point of view, this white-robed youth was just like them. It was just that he had come slightly earlier than them. The spirit of Heavens and Earth could only be owned by the person who deserved it. In the face of such a situation, they would naturally have to compete for it. Jiang Chen was merely an Immortal King in their eyes. Certainly, no one would give a d.a.m.n about him. Such level of cultivation didn’t even have the right to fight them. If he really wanted to compete for the treasure with them, it would only bring shame, suffering and even death upon himself.


Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold. He drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword with a sharp noise. The dragon sword then let out a deafening sword cry and trembled continuously like a divine dragon that had been revived.

“If you don’t want to die, get lost now!”

Jiang Chen’s cold eyes scanned the surroundings. His tone was also icy cold. The light of the sword had almost shone out his solidified killing intent. This group of people had placed all their thoughts on the wondrous rock, which was an act of courting death. Now that it was Dragon s.h.i.+san’s most critical moment, anyone who dared to cross the boundary of the formation would certainly die without burial in his hands.

He would, however, give them a single chance to live, but this would be their last chance. He hoped that they would cherish it, but it seemed impossible as the allure of the rock was just too great. It had already aroused the greed and desire inside of them. Under such a situation, there could only be ma.s.sacre.

“Humph! A puny little Immortal King wants to own the whole treasure?”

“That’s right. You think that this treasure belongs to you because you have discovered it first? How ridiculous! It seems like you don’t know about the rules in the Golden Horizon at all.”

“Don’t waste time on conversing nonsense with him. Get rid of him first. I’m going to possess that rock today. Whoever stops me will die.”


All of them had been blinded by greed, totally ignoring the warning of Jiang Chen. Almost simultaneously, they lunged towards Jiang Chen’s direction.

“I know the rules of the Golden Horizon a whole lot better than you all.”

Jiang Chen’s dark hair fluttered in the air. His killing intent shot outwards. With a shake of his body, he turned into his dragon-form. He didn’t want to waste too much time with these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. In order to ensure the smooth birth of Dragon s.h.i.+san, he would have to kill with one strike. He wouldn’t give these people any chance to resist.

He moved like a ferocious tiger. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a dazzling light and zipped past the neck of the person who was at the front most. With a wail, the person died on the spot. An early Immortal Emperor genius had just died even before he had the chance to react.


Seeing what had happened, the others exclaimed. Their eyes widened. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. An Immortal King’s combat strength had grown to such extent after just casting out a transformation technique. He could even kill an early Immortal Emperor genius with only one strike. They surely wouldn’t believe it if this didn’t happen before their very eyes.

*Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+*

Jiang Chen ignored the shocked look of these people. He made two slashes, right and left, killing two geniuses instantly. The whole process was as easy as cutting and chopping vegetables and melons. Forget about resisting because they didn’t even have the chance to respond. They couldn’t even withstand a blow in front of Jiang Chen.

“Not good, we have underestimated our enemy. He’s too strong. Run quickly!”

The remaining geniuses hastily stopped themselves from moving forward. Although the treasure was incredible, it was nothing compared to their lives. They knew that they had underestimated this Immortal King who turned out to be an extremely abnormal being that could kill so many people in a matter of just a few blinks. What they needed to do now was to run so that they could stay alive.

“None of you will leave. I have already given you the chance. It was you who didn’t cherish it.”

Jiang Chen’s dragon eyes were rippling with flames. His murderous intent soared up to the sky. He raised the sword and thrust it at the remaining geniuses. This was, after all, a cruel world and death was always a normal thing in a place where laws didn’t exist, just like here, in Golden Horizon.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Along with a few wails, each genius died tragically under the sword of Jiang Chen. Their brocade pouches automatically landed in his palm. After killing these people, Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. He stood in the void, holding the Heavenly Saint Sword, and still in his dragon form. He would kill whoever that came.

A dozen minutes had pa.s.sed very quickly. No one had appeared. After all, not everyone that came in this path could sense the movement, and Jiang Chen’s formation was pretty effective. Furthermore, there weren’t plenty of geniuses that came into this immortal vault. There were only a few dozen of people who had picked this path. Adding the twin brothers of Huang Family, there were more than ten people who had died in his hands. To put it bluntly, Jiang Chen was probably the person who had the most brocade pouches. Ever since he arrived in Golden Horizon, almost everyone that met him had died unsurprisingly.

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