Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1591 – Great Earth Immortal Milk

Chapter 1591 – Great Earth Immortal Milk

Great Earth Immortal Milk

The fact that the white-coloured light dimmed so suddenly indicated that the immortal vault was about to be unearthed. When the white light was completely gone, the entrance to the immortal vault would appear. At this time, everyone would have to be well prepared so that they could quickly race into the entrance as soon as it appeared.

Soon, the white light was gone. A large spatial door appeared where the light vanished. It was an illusory door that seemed extremely unreal, but the ancient qi emitted from it carried rays of golden light that gave people the feeling of stability and dignity.

“The door has appeared!”

Someone shouted. Silhouettes of geniuses began to fly towards the door one after another. There were two people at the very front competing to be the first to enter. One was Ye Peng while the other was Hei Lang.

“You want to fight with me?”

Ye Peng darted a glare at Hei Lang who was advancing forward at an equal pace with him, and spoke coldly. His eyes were filled with a trace of killing intent.

“I won’t dare…I won’t dare. You go first.”

Hei Lang immediately showed a smiling face and made a gesture of invitation to Ye Peng. Although he was arrogant and treated others with contempt, he wasn’t an idiot. Making Ye Peng the enemy at this time wouldn’t bring him any benefits. Every genius of the Immortal Court was incomparably terrifying. Hei Lang knew his limitations quite well. He knew that he was no match for Ye Peng, at least not now.

Ye Peng flung his sleeve and rushed into the spatial door. He was the first to go in. Watching Ye Peng vanished out of sight, a trace of poisonous cold light glinted in Hei Lang’s eyes. “Humph! Trying to show your arrogance to me, Hei Lang? When I advance to the late Immortal Emperor realm, I will go and kill you first and seize your luck.”

Hei Lang* had the same character as his name, which was like a crazy wolf. Whoever go against such a being wouldn’t have a good outcome in the end. He was a very vengeful person. Once one was targeted by him, one should always be on guard. The style of conduct of such a man was incomparably ruthless. There was no morality in his heart except for profits. Everything he did was for the sake of his own interest.

After Ye Peng and Hei Lang disappeared into the doorway, numerous people began to rush frenziedly into the door, wanting to be the first few to enter it, they were crystal clear that this type of entrance had already existed for countless years and was left behind by experts who had lived here once. Furthermore, there was a limited time. If one couldn’t enter the door within that time, one would probably not be able to enter again and would miss the huge opportunity.

Within a minute or so, all the geniuses on the mountain range had gone into the immortal vault. Jiang Chen was the last to go in. He roughly calculated that there were at least two thousand people that entered the immortal vault this time. This number would only increase overtime, and such a number of people was already terrifying enough.

After entering the spatial door, everyone went into an empty void. This was an atypical spatial zone, or rather, a spatial zone created by a supreme expert. It was incomparably solid, completely separated from the outside world. It was a very huge s.p.a.ce and looked boundless.

The atmosphere was heavy and dull. Mist had already filled the entire s.p.a.ce, they had been mentally prepared for this kind of circ.u.mstance, however. After all, this was an ancient tomb left by an expert from the ancient times. No one really knew how long this had existed. So it was only common that this place emitted the scent of decay and antiquity.

“Judging by the structure of this spatial zone, I’m afraid that this was left behind by an intermediate Immortal Venerable expert, or even a late Immortal Venerable. He must have been a peerless figure. It’s just that I don’t know what kind of treasures exist in this place.”

Someone spoke. Those who came in were all experts. The lowest cultivation base among them was half-step Immortal Emperor realm, which already had a good command of the spatial law and could determine the cultivation base of the one who created this spatial zone by a.n.a.lysing its scope and solidness.

“There’s nothing here. It’s just a vast expanse of whiteness, like an empire of nothingness. Where should we go to find the treasures?”

Someone glanced around. This place was too illusory. Even the path below looked unreal, as though it was just a fantasy world. Under such situation, it would render one aimless even if one had the will to seek for treasures.

Two thousand people had entered the illusory and vast empty expanse. Even the two who came in first, Ye Peng and Hei Lang, had to stop in their tracks because they too, had no idea where they had to go. Everyone felt that they had entered some kind of illusory world instead of an immortal vault.

*Hua La……*

All of a sudden, a huge ancient stone slab appeared out of nowhere. It was very huge, 30 meters tall, suspending in front of everyone. On top of the stone slab were lines of cracks. No one could tell how long this stone slab had existed. Apart from that, the surface of the stone slab was spotlessly clean.

“It’s a stone slab!” Someone yelled. Everyone’s gaze fell upon the stone slab.

*Hua La……*

Suddenly, the surface of the stone slab shone with golden light. Jiang Chen could tell it was Buddha Radiance, an incomparably pure Buddha Light at first glance. Every stream of light seemed as the Buddha was chanting.

“It’s the Buddha Radiance. It seems like a legacy left by an ancient Great Buddha.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned stern, looking unblinkingly at the stone slab. This had reminded him of the blood-red stone slab of Tyrant, but these two stone slabs didn’t seem to have the slightest relation. The stone slab of Tyrant was a true treasure that belonged to the category of Supreme Divine Weapon and radiated the same qi as the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. This stone slab ahead was just an ordinary stone slab. There wasn’t any aura of an immortal weapon detected from it.

“Look, there are words on the stone slab!” Someone exclaimed.

As the Buddha Radiance from the stone slab increased continuously, rows of words emerged on the surface. “This Old Monk isn’t able to come to fruition in the end, Old Monk’s life of affinity with Buddha is left behind along with this Old Monk’s legacy. In Buddha Sect, when all is said and done, there are still 81 difficulties. This place has 81 ancient paths. Each path is full of danger, however this Old Monk has hidden the treasure of my lifetime in the eighty one ancient paths. Once you enter this place, you have to go through trials before obtaining the treasure left by me. At the end of the ancient paths, there will be nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk left by me. Anyone with great luck will be able to obtain it.”

Every golden word on the stone slab was strong and powerful, giving people a kind of incomparably heavy qi. When everybody saw the four huge words – Great Earth Immortal Milk, their breathing began to turn heavy. Their eyes began to blaze with desire.

“The Great Earth Immortal Milk. There’s actually such an unparalleled treasure existing in the Heavens and Earth. Rumor has it that it is an immortal medicine containing the essence of Heaven and Earth. Not only can it replace one’s essence with new ones, but also has the effect of reviving the dead. Even an idiot can become a peerless genius after consuming a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk. If we are able to get one drop, our entire body will go through a metamorphosis. From then on, our path of cultivation will be smooth-sailing.”

“I never thought that the rumoured Great Earth Immortal Milk actually exists. The ancient Great Buddha had left it here to give hope to future generations. The cultivation base of this Great Buddha is at least at the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm. He mentioned that he didn’t come to fruition. This showed that he was disheartened by the failure of his breakthrough, which makes me feel sorry for him.”

“The Great Earth Immortal Milk is indeed a good treasure. Sure enough, there are immortal vaults and boundless benefits everywhere in Golden Horizon. However, it absolutely won’t be easy to obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk. There are 81 ancient paths. Each is filled with dangers. It’s still unknown whether one can get past the ancient path and arrive where the Great Earth Immortal Milk is.”

“That’s true. Even if we got past the ancient paths by luck, there are too many experts here, including Ye Peng, Hei Lang and Lan Lingji. I’m afraid that there won’t be a share of the Great Earth Immortal Milk left for us. However, just like what the Buddha had said, he had left behind his legacy and treasure in each pathway. If we are lucky enough to obtain them, we’ll still be boundlessly benefited.”


Pandemonium broke out from the scene. The appearance of the Great Earth Immortal Milk threw them off balance, none of them was overwhelmed by joy, however. Although it was a peerless treasure, everyone knew that it would be incredibly difficult to obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Opportunities and dangers coexisted with each other. The Buddha Sect was fastidious about Karma and rebirth from tribulations. The 81 ancient paths were no trivial matter. Each of them was filled with Karma. It was already considered a success if one could get past atleast 1 ancient path.

“Little Chen, get a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk for me, then Master Monkey will be born immediately.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san seemed incomparably excited. Although he was now in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he still wouldn’t be able to get out in a day’s time. His birth was a huge thing to him. Not only does it need time, it also need a huge amount of energy. So if he was able to get a drop of the Great Earth Immortal Milk which contained the essence of the Heavens and Earth, he had full confidence that he would be able to break away from the wondrous rock completely.

“Alright. If I can get it, I will give it to you first.”

Jiang Chen nodded without hesitation. He understood how powerful Dragon s.h.i.+san was. If the monkey was able to emerge at this time, it would be extremely beneficial to Jiang Chen. Not even Nanbei Chao was a match for him. Once Dragon s.h.i.+san came out, it would be hard for him to find a worthy opponent in Golden Horizon.

“*Jie…* *Jie…* These Great Earth Immortal Milk are mine.” Hei Lang cackled sinisterly. Greed glinted in his eyes.

“Hei Lang, I don’t think you can even get through the ancient path, let alone get the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Wake up from your dream. You cultivate the evil corpse yin technique, but the legacy here was left by an ancient Buddha. There are full of traps inside, and these traps are specially designed to eliminate devils like you. If I were you, I would leave this place as quickly as possible. If you caught the ire of the Great Buddha, not even the G.o.ds could save you at that time.” Lan Lingji spoke in a sarcastic tone.

When these remarks came out, Hei Lang’s facial expression darkened incomparably, because his thoughts had been accurately seen through by Lan Lingji. What Lan Lingji said was right. Corpse Yin Sect was an evil sect. The Buddha Sect was their exact nemesis. This was the part which Hei Lang was most worried about. Ever since the stone slab appeared, the s.h.i.+ne of those Buddha Light had given him a kind of very uncomfortable sensation.

Hei Lang* - Black wolf in mandarin.

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