Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1583 – One can’t avoid one’s enemy

Chapter 1583 – One can’t avoid one’s enemy

One can’t avoid one’s enemy

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s state was basically stabilized. If it hadn’t been for his forceful attempt to fight Nanbei Chao, he would’ve probably been born by now. However, his current condition wasn’t far away from birth. In the thirty-third level, time pa.s.sed by too quickly. This explained why Dragon s.h.i.+san called Jiang Chen a ‘fool!’ when he first came out. If the wondrous rock had been placed in the spatial zone of the thirty-third level from the beginning, Dragon s.h.i.+san would’ve been walking freely in the world right now.

“Monkey, why are you called s.h.i.+san? Who gave you the name?” Jiang Chen asked.

He was curious to know how a creature who hadn’t been out of the wondrous rock know his own name. Based on the circ.u.mstances, such a creature shouldn’t have a name yet.

“I also have no idea. This name has been in my subconsciousness. I have the ancient Golden War Dragon bloodline. So, there’s a dragon in my name. But as to why I’m called s.h.i.+san, I don’t know why.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke, but obviously didn’t care about his name. It was just an address anyway. However, judging from the tone of Dragon s.h.i.+san, he himself also thought that this name should have some history, he didn’t know the exact details of it, however.

What a powerful ancient battle soul! A Battle Saint Ape is such a heaven defying creature. How can it not have any secret?

Jiang Chen muttered to himself. He was very interested in Dragon s.h.i.+san, he might not know even a thing about Dragon s.h.i.+san, but he was sure that the birth of Dragon s.h.i.+san heralded the birth of another heaven defying existence in this world. The world was destined to be lively to have an extraordinary being like this.

Putting aside his Golden War Dragon Bloodline, Dragon s.h.i.+san had also inherited the bloodline of a Battle Saint Ape. His Fiery Golden Eyes and the iron staff could explain everything.

“Alright. You just continue to stay inside then, but don’t forget to signal me before your birth. My Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da has received severe damage, causing many cracks to appear. It can no longer withstand an explosion again. I have been in seclusion for two months and the Golden Horizon has already been opened for eight or nine days. It’s time for me to go out.”

Jiang Chen stood from the ground and casually patted his back, not forgetting to remind Dragon s.h.i.+san. This heaven defying monkey was also a domineering individual. When it was time for him to be born, it would definitely create some havoc. It wouldn’t be good to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da if the monkey was over excited, and be born in the thirty-third level.

“Go north. There are good stuffs there.” Dragon s.h.i.+san reminded.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. It seemed like he had gotten himself another treasure. This monkey and Big Yellow were alike. Both of them were heaven defying divine souls of the Heavens and Earth. Big Yellow had always been able to sense divine treasures around the world. Now, it seemed like this monkey had this ability too. Since the monkey said that there were good stuffs in the northern region, Jiang Chen certainly believed it. He didn’t know where to go anyway. He might as well just follow Dragon s.h.i.+san’s direction and head north.


Jiang Chen nodded. He walked out of the paG.o.da in a flash, and flew towards the direction mentioned by Dragon s.h.i.+san.

Ahead was a vast expanse of wilderness. He didn’t know where this place was, though he was certain that he was very far away from the Broken Edge Cliff. He had lost count of how many miles he had flown during the chase with Nanbei Chao, and had gotten out of the area of the Broken Edge Cliff long time ago.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, an earth-shaking sound was heard. Even from afar, he could already feel its intense combat fluctuations. The impact of the residual force caused the sky to tremble.

“Some experts are battling.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned stern and immediately turned towards the source of the commotion. Since he was still unoccupied, he would like to see who were actually fighting such an intense battle.

His speed was very fast. He reached the end of the wilderness in a blink and saw 8 or 9 people engaging in a fierce battle. It seemed like the battle had lasted for quite some time now and was nearing its end. Five people had besieged the other four at the centre.

Jiang Chen looked across, and recognized some familiar silhouettes.

“Yun Zhangxiao, Crown Prince.”

One of them was the Seventh Prince of Great Cloud Empire, and the other was the Crown Prince of Great Qian Empire. Currently, the ones being surrounded was Crown Prince’s group. One of them was Yu Hao who had longed to enter Dan Prefecture, but due to the existence of Jiang Chen, Dan Prefecture cancelled the recruitment and this left a feeling of unease inside of him.

Right now, Crown Prince and his comrades were obviously at a disadvantage. Apart from Crown Prince, Yu Hao and the other two were only half-step Immortal Emperors. Severe injuries could be seen on their bodies. Crown Prince, in particular, had the most severe injuries. One of his arm had been amputated by someone. His body was covered with blood.

This wasn’t because of Crown Prince’s incapability, but due to the enemy’s forces being too strong. The enemy had five people. Apart from Yun Zhangxiao, the other three were all half-step Immortal Emperors. If this were the only enemy that Crown Prince and his comrades were facing, it wouldn’t be a huge threat to them. The real threat was the other dignified looking, salt and pepper haired and domineering expert. More importantly, his cultivation base had already reached the terrifying intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, the same level as Yang Lang of Great Qian Empire.

Jiang Chen wasn’t an idiot. He could naturally understand what was happening before his eyes. Great Qian Empire and Great Cloud Empire were in hostile relations.h.i.+p. The moment they encountered each other in Golden Horizon, they naturally wouldn’t let each other go. Furthermore, the princes were fighting against each other. If any one of them could kill the other, it would undoubtedly be of great help to the empire’s side.

To Crown Prince, there was no doubt his misfortune. He only had an early Immortal Emperor cultivation base. If he encountered Yun Zhangxiao, he wouldn’t be afraid of him. As a matter of fact, he had met only Yun Zhangxiao at the beginning. After a series of fruitless exchange, both of them were about to give up and go looking for their own fortunes, but to their surprise, an intermediate Immortal Emperor from Great Cloud Empire suddenly emerged, naturally Yun Zhangxiao wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity in killing his enemy.

The humiliating incident in Dan Prefecture had put Yun Zhangxiao in a state of depression. His hatred towards the people of Great Qian Empire continued to brew. He privately swore that as long as he met the people of Great Qian Empire in this expedition, regardless of who the person was, he would kill every one of them until his mind restore its balance and vented all his stifled anger.

“Haha! Crown Prince, it seems like your luck is just too weak. But this is your fate. By killing you today, I will have vented some of my anger.”

Yun Zhangxiao laughed. In his eyes, Crown Prince was already a tortoise in a jar that would die without a doubt even if he was given a pair of wings.

“Yun Zhangxiao, it was Jiang Chen who had shamed you back then. It wasn’t me. You should go and kill him. In fact, the two of us can work together. Jiang Chen’s existence also poses a huge threat to me. If you let me go today, we can be allies in the later days,” Crown Prince said.

The thought of Jiang Chen seemed to have found him a breaking point. He wanted to find a chance to live in Jiang Chen. He knew how much Yun Zhangxiao hated Jiang Chen.

The mere mention of Jiang Chen’s name turned Yun Zhangxiao’s face stone cold, causing him to grit his teeth.

“Humph! Crown Prince, look at what you are now. What qualifications do you have to cooperate with me? As for that d.a.m.ned Jiang Chen, as long as he comes to Golden Horizon, he is going to die for sure. He won’t be able to run away from my palm. Today, I will kill you first and seize your luck and fortune. The next time I met Jiang Chen, I will surely make him suffer horrendously.”

Yun Zhangxiao harrumphed coldly. Regarding the offer of Crown Prince, he wasn’t interested in it at all. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was already a dead man. Crown Prince would also have to die. Everyone from Great Qian Empire would have to die as well. As long as there was a chance, he would kill all of them.

“Yun Zhangxiao, don’t you get too far from this. Given your abilities, you aren’t my match. You are only relying on other people. What honour do you have?”

Crown Prince spoke relentlessly. He could already see that his life was going to be more or less in danger. The enemy had an intermediate Immortal Emperor with them. Additionally, he had suffered serious injuries, which was granted by that intermediate Immortal Emperor. He wouldn’t find a chance to escape.

Yun Yi was a precious genius of Great Cloud Empire. He had reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm at a very young age. He was on par with Yang Lang. Plus, he had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Yun Zhangxiao. He had always supported Yun Zhangxiao to become the heir and future ruler of Great Cloud Empire.

Regarding the insult that Yun Zhangxiao had received in Dan Prefecture, he had tried to console Yun Zhangxiao. Now that he had encountered the Crown Prince of Great Qian Empire, he would naturally do as much as he could to help Yun Zhangxiao vent his anger.

“Cut down your nonsense. Death means death. Defeat means defeat. There aren’t many reasons and excuses for it. Crown Prince, you have fallen into my hands today, which means your life ends here. And your life will belong to me after that.”

Yun Zhangxiao was a decisive man. The long sword rippled in his hand. Carrying the icy cold killing intent, he walked towards Crown Prince step by step.

“Little Chen, this Crown Prince is a member of Great Qian Empire. Don’t you want to rescue him?”

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s voice was heard from the wondrous rock. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn’t have problem sensing everything that was happening outside.

“Rescue him? Are you trying to be a living Bodhisattva? Didn’t you hear that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d want to cooperate with the enemy to kill me? Even if Yun Zhangxiao didn’t kill him, I wouldn’t let him live. It’s a lot better this way. If I kill the Crown Prince personally, it will create loads of problems in Great Qian Empire if words spread out. Now, I will just borrow Yun Zhangxiao’s hands to kill Crown Prince, then I will kill Yun Zhangxiao in revenge for Crown Prince’s death, which is surely going to earn me a huge credit after words of it are spread out. *Jie…* *Jie…*” Jiang Chen smiled sinisterly.

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