Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1564 – Parting Company

Chapter 1564 – Parting Company

Parting Company

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The battle ended just like that, in an extremely barbaric and overbearing manner. The death of Hei Kui and w.a.n.g Duo was a huge loss to both Corpse Yin Sect and Divine Line Sect, but if they continued to oppose Jiang Chen, their losses would only get bigger.

w.a.n.g Ye and Dong Fei had returned to reality from their shock. The thought of the previous situation gave each of them palpitation. Dong Fei hurtled towards Jiang Chen and King Fan’s side with a delighted look.

“Amazing! Even w.a.n.g Duo and Hei Kui are killed. Senior Brother Jiang, I wonder how powerful you will become after this expedition is over.”

Dong Fei spoke in admiration. This was absolutely not a flattery, but a fact. He was the earliest person who got into contact with Jiang Chen, witnessing one miracle after another created by Jiang Chen. No one could estimate how great Jiang Chen’s future achievement would be. No one could also imagine to what extent Jiang Chen would grow within a month in Golden Horizon. However, one thing was certain – it was incomparably difficult and virtually impossible to take Jiang Chen’s life in Golden Horizon.

Jiang Chen patted Dong Fei’s shoulder, then his gaze fell upon Liang Qiao. His eyes were as cold as a blade, sending s.h.i.+ver deep into Liang Qiao’s soul. After witnessing the power of Jiang Chen, he really felt frightened. He would never forget the scene of Jiang Chen killing the nine half-step Immortal Emperors in a matter of a few blinks.

“What are you so nervous about?” Jiang Chen asked.

“No, I’m not nervous. Senior Brother Jiang has killed the enemies and saved our lives. I’m filled with grat.i.tude.”

Liang Qiao tried to put up a calm facade, but he failed miserably under the eyes of Jiang Chen.

“Blood demon, kill him.” Jiang Chen said plainly.

“Yes, master.”

The blood demon king Lao Da bowed to Jiang Chen then walked towards Liang Qiao.

“Don’t-don’t kill me.”

Liang Qiao’s facial expression changed drastically. He never thought that Jiang Chen would kill so decisively and emotionlessly. Despite the fact that they had fought side by side just a few hours ago, Jiang Chen still became hostile to him.

“Jiang Chen, King Fan, don’t kill me. I was left with no other options. I will tell you who ordered me to do so, and from now on, I’m willing to serve you all.”

Liang Qiao’s knees fell to the ground with a puff. He probably had yet to understand Yang Bufan’s ruthlessness, but he was well aware of Jiang Chen’s. Jiang Chen was a frenzied killer that was incomparably cruel to his enemies. He initially thought that Hei Kui and the rest could get rid of Jiang Chen, thus completing his mission and receiving a huge reward. Moreover, he already had a Blood Dragon Fruit with him. It would only take him less than a few days to advance to the Immortal Emperor realm. By that time, his combat strength would rise to another level and he would prosper in the Golden Horizon.

Out of his expectation, Jiang Chen had kept his trump cards well hidden, the two blood demon kings. Almost all of the geniuses from the three major powers died here and he had also exposed his true ident.i.ty. So right now, he only wanted to live. As long as he could live, he was willing to do anything.

“I don’t need a servant like you.”

Jiang Chen said and thrust his sword forth, stabbing through the forehead of Liang Qiao with a Pu Chi sound. He initially didn’t intend to make the kill, but he recalled that there was still a Blood Dragon Fruit in Liang Qiao’s brocade pouch. If the blood demon king killed Liang Qiao, the brocade pouch would burst, and the Blood Dragon Fruit would vanish along with it, which would really be a waste. By killing Liang Qiao himself, he was ent.i.tled to possess the brocade pouch.

His decision was so decisive and ruthless.

This was how Jiang Chen treated his enemies. This was the outcome of a spy. As to who was the one who ordered Liang Qiao, Jiang Chen had no interest in it, because Jiang Chen knew who that person was without Liang Qiao telling him. He didn’t want Liang Qiao to bargain with him. Anyone who betrayed him would only have one end – death.

After Liang Qiao died, his brocade pouch landed into Jiang Chen’s palm. Jiang Chen turned his palm, and a Blood Dragon Fruit materialized. Not even a tenth of the fruit was refined by Liang Qiao. Most of the essence still remained.

Jiang Chen then handed the Blood Dragon Fruit to the blood demon king Lao Da. “Blood demon, take this Blood Dragon Fruit and refine it.”

Upon hearing this, the blood demon king’s body couldn’t help but quiver. No one could tell the effect of this Blood Dragon Fruit on him. His kind was born by relying on the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree and had grown up absorbing the essence of the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree as well. They had guarded it for so long just to wait for the fruits to ripen. Therefore, the Blood Dragon Fruit has the greatest impact on the blood demons.

This was what Jiang Chen intended to do. This explained why he had given the Blood Dragon Fruit to the blood demon king. Furthermore, the strength of this blood demon king has already reached the half-step intermediate Immortal Emperor. If he could refine this Blood Dragon Fruit, he would be able to break through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. At that time, this blood demon king would be the greatest trump card of Jiang Chen. He would be able to protect Jiang Chen at all times wherever they went in the Golden Horizon.

The blood demon king received the Blood Dragon Fruit and bowed to Jiang Chen hastily. “Thank you Master for fulfilling my wish.”

The blood demon king seemed incomparably excited. To him, this was also a kind of great opportunity. Although a portion of the Blood Dragon Fruit had already been refined by Liang Qiao, most of the essence still remained. If the blood demon king refined it entirely, he would be able to advance to the intermediate Immortal Emperor with ease.

Seeing Liang Qiao being killed, w.a.n.g Ye and Dong Fei didn’t show any signs of pity, but disgust. A person who betrays would never end up well. Liang Qiao was a living example. A traitor like him could never win their pity and forgiveness. They all knew the previous situation very well. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen hiding one of his strongest trump cards, the situation would be a disaster and all of their lives would be in danger. So, it was a relief that Liang Qiao was killed, or at least the traitor amongst them was eliminated.

“Senior Brother Jiang, King Fan, who do you all think is the one who ordered Liang Qiao to be a spy?” Dong Fei asked.

“Do we still have to guess? It has to be King Ping and the Crown Prince. Liang Qiao has chosen to join King Fan Prefecture after obtaining the ident.i.ty brocade pouch, which was really strange. I already felt that something was wrong when he first joined. King Ping and the Crown Prince wanted to get rid of me, but they couldn’t do anything in the Golden Horizon. So they have exploited the hostility of Yellow Spring Sect and Corpse Yin Sect against us, told Hei Kui and the other geniuses how great my luck was and suggested that they should lay siege on us and kill us once and for all. Which was why Liang Qiao had been sent to our encampment for no reason, so that he could expose our position at the critical time.”

Jiang Chen spoke. He had already guessed everything. He didn’t need Liang Qiao to confess all these simple things to him.

“Humph! I will settle the score with them sooner or later.”

King Fan harrumphed coldly. Even if Jiang Chen didn’t say it, he was also crystal clear about it. As a young king, his intelligence was incomparable to ordinary people. As for the grudges between him, the Crown Prince, and King Ping, there should be an end to it soon as there could only be one heir in Great Qian Empire.

“King Fan, where are we going next?” w.a.n.g Ye asked.

“I suggest that we part company.”

Jiang Chen said. “Everyone has come to Golden Horizon to find his own opportunity. Each person has a different luck and opportunities. If you all are with me, you all will be affected by my luck, causing you to be unable to find your own opportunity. All of us have to look for our own opportunity. Your fortune and life and death will depend on your fate. If you all want to grow stronger, you must leave the protection of mine and King Fan. Go now and search for your own opportunity. The degree of your luck will determine the fortune that you will obtain.”

Jiang Chen always liked to act alone, and what he said was also true. His luck was overly exuberant. It wasn’t necessarily a good thing that these people follow him. At best, they could only be followers. It would fundamentally be impossible for them to get their own fortune.

This was just their first day in the Golden Horizon, and Jiang Chen had already helped them obtain the Blood Dragon Fruit. As long as they found a secluded place to refine the Blood Dragon Fruit for a few days, their cultivation base would surely advance to the early Immortal Emperor realm. At that time, their safety would be much ensured while travelling in the Golden Horizon.

“What Jiang Chen said is right. The purpose of us coming to the Golden Horizon is to find opportunity, our own chance. Countless of experts had once fallen in this ancient battlefield. There was even a Great Sovereign buried underneath this land. There were innumerable opportunities, innumerable inheritances existed here. It will all have to depend on your own luck. Besides, you all have already gotten the Blood Dragon Fruit. After refining it, your cultivation base will surely advance to the early Immortal Emperor realm. At that level, you will be powerful enough to handle any danger.” Yang Bufan nodded, had no objection about Jiang Chen’s decision.

“Alright. Then I, w.a.n.g Ye, will leave first.”

w.a.n.g Ye held his fists at King Fan and Jiang Chen, picked a direction and flew towards it. A second later, Dong Fei and the others departed as well after choosing their spot. Given their level, they would certainly be able to sense some things. They would know which direction had things that were good for them.

“Little Chen, let’s say our goodbyes here. Be extra careful as you have too many enemies. Hide, if you encounter the people of Nanbei Family.”

Yang Bufan reminded. This ancient family had been giving Yang Bufan palpitations. He knew that Jiang Chen’s biggest enemy was the Nanbei Family. Last time, not only Nanbei Yitu was unable to kill Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen had killed two of Nanbei Family’s geniuses. Based on the style of Nanbei Family, they would never let Jiang Chen go.

More importantly, Golden Horizon was a major event that only opened once every five years. Countless of people would come in search for opportunities. That Young Master Chao wouldn’t be an exception. He is probably just somewhere in the Golden Horizon. This Young Master Chao was the scariest figure of all. He had exceedingly powerful abilities. If Jiang Chen encountered him, he would be able to sense the Qi of the Fire Qilin from Jiang Chen’s body.

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