Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1488 – Astounding the Genius Prefecture

Chapter 1488 – Astounding the Genius Prefecture

Astounding the Genius Prefecture

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Deep in Jiang Chen’s soul, rang an ancient and desolate dragon roar. The huge head of the ancient dragon emerged. It roared at the sky, emanating a regal aura. This was Jiang Chen’s second time hearing the roar of the ancient dragon. Its head seemed like the only thing in the Heavens and Earth. One mere gesture from it gave birth to people’s wors.h.i.+pping heart. That wasn’t just a dragon. It represented a race, a totem and a type of faith. In the innermost soul of Jiang Chen hid a belief. Despite its intangibility, it actually existed.

Jiang Chen was astonished. He knew that the appearance of the ancient dragon’s head was related to the transformation of his powerhouse’s heart. The instant the ancient beast emerged, he felt that he was the ancient dragon, the faith and incarnated into a totem, transcending the three realms and breaking away from the five elements, looking lofty, n.o.ble, mighty and supreme. That was the representation of the pinnacle!

The roar of the ancestral dragon and its head vanished in the blink of an eye. Though it had only appeared for a moment, it made Jiang Chen’s blood boil. Jiang Chen knew that its emergence had something to do with his dragon transformation skill. It was like the time when the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da appeared. He had no idea what kind of relation he had with the paG.o.da and what secret the paG.o.da had, but there was one thing he was clear of: this absolutely wasn’t a bad thing. The dragon transformation skill had created his life. In order to reach the peak of his cultivation path, he had to rely on the dragon transformation skill. To put it in another way, back when he condensed his first 100 000 dragon marks, he had already succeeded in morphing into a complete dragon and integrated with the dragon transformation skill, making them indistinguishable. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was a very good proof of it.

Under the simulation of the metamorphosis, another ancestral dragon head emerged. New dragon marks were condensed one after another. Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea was like a small world. Inside this small world was full of drifting dragon marks. Each dragon mark looked exactly like a real dragon, which made the scene spectacular in the extreme. If an outsider saw such a scene, no one knew how much the person would be astounded.

This world resembled the distant ancient era. The roars of the true dragons under the Heavens and Earth could impress anyone.

To Jiang Chen, this was a process of rediscovering himself, the process of enlightenment. Otherwise his heart of powerhouse wouldn’t be ignited. Big Yellow stood by one side, daring not to disturb. Such a process lasted for one full hour. At this time, the sky was already bright from the s.h.i.+ning sun.

Jiang Chen’s Qi finally came to a halt. He slowly opened both of his eyes and exhaled a mouthful of foul Qi. Cracking sounds were heard as he moved his body. Within an hour, the number of dragon marks in his body had increased by 10 000, reaching a total of 1 098 000 marks, bringing him infinitely close to Immortal King realm. Currently, he only lacked 2 000 dragon marks to make the breakthrough and become a true Immortal King.

Although this was still the peak of half-step Immortal King, from another point of view, Jiang Chen’s state had already separated himself from half-step Immortal King realm. Given his current combat strength, if he used the dragon transformation, he could kill any ordinary half-step Immortal Emperor and wouldn’t be weaker than those half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses. He would even have the chance to suppress the opponent.

“This is a good feeling.”

Jiang Chen spread out his arms, looked up at the glaring sun, then down at the valley, and suddenly felt that the suns.h.i.+ne was really nice. Though there was only one layer of barrier separating where he stood and the valley, these two places were completely different worlds.

“Where to now?” Big Yellow asked.

“To the Registration Centre again. Find old dog Yang Ling. My accommodation hasn’t been a.s.signed yet.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, then strode towards the outer prefecture. He still didn’t have a clue about the news of Yang Bufan killing Yang Ling.

“Kaka! I wonder how the old man will look like when he sees us coming out of the valley alive. Anyone should know that we are the first to walk out of that place alive.”

Big Yellow laughed delightfully. To Genius Prefecture, it was a miracle that someone could walk out of the valley intact. Perhaps this would attract the attention of the entire Genius Prefecture. When that time came, he could show off his abilities again.

As a matter of fact, the idea of Big Yellow was still somewhat weak. He had no idea that walking out of the valley would be so earth-shattering to the whole Genius Prefecture.

Back then, Hu Yao wanted Jiang Chen to stay in the valley for a month, but only half a month or so had pa.s.sed. However, this deadline was no longer meaningful to Jiang Chen, because he didn’t put Hu Yao in his heart at all. If it wasn’t for his interest in the valley, he wouldn’t have gone into the valley even if Hu Yao wanted him to as punishment.

So, coming out of the valley before the set time had nothing to do with Hu Yao. Jiang Chen had his own plans to deal with Hu Yao, and if Hu Yao still wanted to put them to trouble again. Although it was true that he could not confront the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, he didn’t fear such an early Immortal Emperor causing him trouble.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen must not know that Hu Yao was currently in a state of trepidation. Hu Yao couldn’t even sleep well at night. Even in his dreams, he prayed that Jiang Chen could walk out of the valley alive, because Yang Bufan was just too terrifying. He had no doubt that if Jiang Chen didn’t come out from the valley, he would only be left with one fate – death. Yang Bufan would surely not let him go. Even the Crown Prince wouldn’t be able to stop Yang Bufan. This was a fact he was undeniably clear of.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow swaggered into the outer prefecture from the valley. Soon, their presence had attracted attention. Someone immediately widened his eyes and opened his mouth when he saw Jiang Chen.

“My G.o.d! What am I seeing? There must be something wrong with my eyes. this has to be a hallucination.” That person rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“It’s Jiang Chen! It’s really Jiang Chen. He actually walked out of the valley alive. How could this be possible? This is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“That’s right. He’s Jiang Chen. I saw him that day while he was causing havoc in the Registration Centre, and that dog as well. It has been more than half a month. They have really gotten out of the valley. What a miracle! They have created a miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture. This will surely be the greatest incident since the creation of Genius Prefecture.”

“Miracle! A miracle is born! Everyone thought that Jiang Chen was dead. But now, he has returned and is very much alive. He has stayed in the valley for more than half a month. How did he actually do that?”


No one wasn’t shocked. Everyone who saw Jiang Chen thought they had seen a ghost, but they soon determined that Jiang Chen was not. He had truly walked out of the valley. This news was quickly spread across the entire outer prefecture, setting off a stormy wave.

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