Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1481 – Some Other Universe

Chapter 1481 – Some Other Universe

Some Other Universe

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Night arrived once more. Jiang Chen sat cross-legged on a big rock surrounded by the whistling chilly wind. The nearby buildings let out rustling sound. Such atmosphere was very frightening. It would arouse fear in one’s soul and make the person lost.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, had already adapted to this that they didn’t feel any discomfort at all, however. Jiang Chen’s dark hair fluttered constantly in the cold wind. The place was so dim that one wouldn’t be able to see his outstretched fingers, however it couldn’t stop the bright eyes of Jiang Chen. His eyes were as bright as stars, waiting for the arrival of his target.

Neither of them knew what had happened on the outside, just like no one knew their situation in here. It seemed like the valley was completely obscured by some sort of secret technique, invisibly cutting off the contact with the outside world. Although this wasn’t a different s.p.a.ce, it was no different from a closed s.p.a.ce.

Big Yellow was just laying there, constantly looking around. He knew that Jiang Chen was going to make a big move tonight – Jiang Chen was already prepared to kill the half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

At midnight, Jiang Chen began to warm himself up. He shook his neck, producing a cracking sound. In this gloomy environment, any sound was incredibly eerie and piercing.

Jiang Chen stood up, moved his body. He knew that the living corpse would appear any time soon if there was no accident.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

With a sinister smile, the living corpse reappeared. It appeared as usual without any accident. Every night, the living corpse would emerge at this time punctually.


After appearing, the living corpse immediately thrust for Jiang Chen’s heart. Both of them had been old adversaries. The living corpse had grown used to attacking Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen launched his dragon fist, tearing the void apart. This punch had combined all the energy that was enough to break a mountain. Jiang Chen didn’t held back in this strike. The living corpse was. .h.i.t violently and was sent flying away, pulverising a huge rock as it landed. As Jiang Chen’s strength had been growing continuously, the living corpse was no longer Jiang Chen’s opponent.

With a flash, he casted out the Nine Phantom Wolves once more. His entire being turned into cyclone, spinning at extreme speed, reaching the living corpse in a blink. The Nine images of Jiang Chen encircled the living corpse and launched an attack simultaneously.

*Chi La!*

How could the living corpse resist such an abnormal attack? One of its arms had been ripped off by Jiang Chen from the shoulder. It was a pity that no one knew how long this corpse had been dead as its body no longer had any blood.

The living corpse uttered an unpleasant roar. Under Jiang Chen’s astonished eyes, the living corpse made a leap. According to the past, a living corpse would continue to strike if it made a leap, but this time, instead of attacking Jiang Chen, the corpse spun and ran.

Such a scene both stunned Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Jiang Chen had been in an intense battle against the living corpses for half a month. He fought the corpses from intermediate Immortal King to half-step Immortal Emperor. These living corpses were like killing machines. They had never shown signs of fleeing, but now, this living corpse had chosen to flee.

What surprised Jiang Chen even more was that the living corpse vanished without a trace in an instant, like it had integrated with the void, but this time, the living corpse actually had a destination to go to. He vanished into a room just ahead in a blink.

There were a total of three rooms in the courtyard, but because the rooms were incomparably dilapidated, Jiang Chen had never stepped into any one of them. Presently, Jiang Chen ran into that room without hesitation with Big Yellow at his heels.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s movements were tremendously fast. They reached the room in a flash. They saw the living corpse leaning its body against the wall. Its pair of hollow eyes stared at them, radiating a gloomy cold light.

Then, the living corpse smiled. That’s right. It was a very strange smile. This was Jiang Chen’s first time seeing the living corpse smile.

Disregarding all of these, all Jiang Chen wanted right now was to kill his target. He took a stride forth and launched a dragon fist, but this time, the living corpse made no attempt to dodge. Instead, it allowed Jiang Chen’s fist to hit. Just as Jiang Chen’s fist was about to reach the corpse, its body suddenly vanished.

This disappearance was no longer as unnoticeable as the past. Rays of light emerged at the back of the living corpse. These light formed a channel. Then, the living corpse disappeared into the tunnel.

Jiang Chen withdrew his attack, then began to search for the tracks of the living corpse.

“Little Chen, look, there’s a mark on the wall. It looks like a pattern.”

The eyes of Big Yellow sparkled when he looked at the spot right where the living corpse had disappeared.

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted over. Sure enough, he saw lots of marks on the wall. These marks seemed to have existed for a long time, but they could still be clearly identified. These were formed by some kind of divine runes. If one looked closely, it looked like a living creature.

The creature raised its head, and roared to the sky. Both of its fists were lifted high. The appearance of the creature was incomparably majestic. Although the eyes of the creature wasn’t very clear, one could still feel its unparalleled dominance.

“It looks like an ape,” Jiang Chen said.

Just as Jiang Chen’s words faded, the marks on the wall began to shake. Lines of light rushed out from it once more, turning into an invisible tunnel. The spatial Qi became tensed and the tunnel became clearer. Obviously, they had no idea where this tunnel leads to.

“It’s the pa.s.sageway that the living corpse used. So this is where the living corpses came out from. We didn’t even notice the rooms in this place before. Never thought that the secrets would be hidden in here.” Jiang Chen said.

From the first day he entered the valley, neither he nor Big Yellow had focused their attention on the dilapidated rooms, because these rooms were just too shabby. Who would have thought that the true secret was hidden here? If they had come in to check it earlier, they should’ve discovered the marks here.

“Want to go in?” Big Yellow looked over at Jiang Chen.

“This is some other universe, there must be danger inside, however. It is clear that the living corpse has deliberately led us here today. And this tunnel is opened intentionally so that they can deal with us.”

Jiang Chen frowned. He wasn’t a fool. Naturally, he could understand the reason behind it. He knew that he had aroused the notice of the hidden force within this period of time.

“But the secret of the valley lies in here. If we want to find out more about it, we’ll have to go in, but the danger inside is imaginable.”

Big Yellow said. They had to enter it to uncover the secret in front of them, however it depends whether they had the guts to venture it.

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