Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1476 – King Fan’s Fury 2

Chapter 1476 – King Fan’s Fury 2

King Fan’s Fury (2)

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Yang Bufan himself projected an extraordinary prestige. That was the aura of a true superior existence. No one could tell how many blood those pair of eyes had seen. Now that he had advanced to Immortal Emperor, his momentum had gotten even stronger. A single glance from him could frighten people. The depth of his eyes exuded an evil Qi. That was the Qi in the interior of Evil Abyss. He was once the Evil Lord, the ruler of region.

“King Fan, Jiang Chen is already dead.”

The man was rendered shaking by Yang Bufan’s Qi. He didn’t dare show any neglect. He didn’t dare refuse to answer King Fan’s question unless he wanted death. Not only did he answer it, but also answered it honestly.


As soon as the disciple’s words faded, a surge of fury rushed out of Yang Bufan like a tide. His momentum was just too strong. Three Immortal King disciples who were nearest to him couldn’t bear this momentum at all. They were immediately blown away and fell to the ground a few dozen meters away.


The three of them spurted out blood almost at the same time. They struggled to get up from the ground, then lowered their heads, not daring to say another word. Their faces were filled with fear. They knew very clearly that the fury unleashed by King Fan wasn’t intended to them. Otherwise they would be already dead. They would never be standing here anymore, intact.

Everybody could feel the fury of King Fan. The whole scene had turned strangely quiet. No one dared to speak a word. Although that disciple just now was a little direct, what he said wasn’t wrong. Jiang Chen was already dead, because no matter how capable Jiang Chen was, he would never walk out of that valley alive.

Yang Bufan was truly enraged. Jiang Chen was dead even though he had only been here for half a month. If it was real, Yang Bufan would surely be agonized. But after settling down his emotions, he smiled coldly. How could Jiang Chen die so easily? He knew Jiang Chen all too well. He had ten thousand reasons to believe that Jiang Chen wouldn’t die so easily.

He stood there like a venerable G.o.d. His deterrent force was too great; he was no fool. Whether Jiang Chen was dead or not, there was one thing he was certain of – something had happened.

Yang Bufan swept over the geniuses of the outer prefecture and spoke coldly. “Who can stand out and explain the incident?”

Everyone glanced with one another. No one dared to stand out and speak. After all, Jiang Chen’s death was likely to arouse the anger of King Fan once more. That kind of fury wasn’t bearable to them. No one could provoke this young king of Great Qian Empire who had just advanced to Immortal Emperor realm. In front of Yang Bufan, they felt that their strength were too weak.

However, a courageous man stood out. He was precisely Dong Fei.

Dong Fei approached Yang Bufan and saluted before opening his mouth to speak. “King Fan, this is what happened. That day when Brother Jiang came to register, he was pushed aside by Elder Yang. Brother Jiang is a straightforward person. So he has beaten up Elder Yang and the genius of Crown Prince Palace, Cheng Jun. Finally Elder Hu Yao appeared and sentenced Jiang Chen a punishment.”

Dong Fei didn’t dare conceal any facts. In the entire outer prefecture, only he was clearest about the happenings of that day, because he was the one who accompanied Jiang Chen to the Registration Centre.

“Punishment? Hu Yao killed Jiang Chen? Humph! Even if he’s an Immortal Emperor, it’s impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen isn’t that easy to be killed.”

Yang Bufan harrumphed coldly. Although Hu Yao was no doubt an Immortal Emperor, he didn’t have such a capability to kill Jiang Chen. Even with Yang Bufan’s current strength, he had no confidence in killing Jiang Chen.

“Elder Hu Yao didn’t kill Jiang Chen, but sentenced him to stay in that forbidden valley for a month. King Fan should know that that is a restricted area. No one has ever come out of it alive. So everyone has concluded that Jiang Chen was dead,” Dong Fei said.


Yang Bufan’s facial expression turned incredibly cold. Powerful fury surged out his body once again. He didn’t mind about any kind of punishment, but he wouldn’t have thought that Hu Yao had actually sent Jiang Chen to that valley. This was clearly wanting Jiang Chen’s life.

No matter how confident he was in his strength, all of his confidence shattered when it came to that mysterious valley. Just like what Dong Fei had said, that was a very sinister place. No one had ever come out of it alive. The valley had been forbidden for a long time. Normally, no one was allowed to enter it.

However, Yang Bufan wasn’t a fool. He knew Yang Ling and Hu Yao were people of the Crown Prince Palace. Jiang Chen had shamed Crown Prince on the day of King-Conferring Ceremony. More importantly, Jiang Chen’s performance was just too terrifying, arousing the envy in Crown Prince. That explained why his people wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen. So Hu Yao took advantage of this opportunity by sentencing Jiang Chen to his death.

This was a very good calculation, but they couldn’t kill the people of King Fan as they pleased. Besides, Jiang Chen was King Fan’s brother. King Fan would absolutely not let this matter rest.

“Dong Fei, you go. Bring that old Yang Ling to see me.”

Yang Bufan said coldly. Others might be afraid of Crown Prince Palace, but he wasn’t.


Dong Fei turned towards the Registration Centre. Jiang Chen’s matter had already stifled him for half a month. Now that King Fan had showed himself, he could finally relieve his worries.

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