Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1466 – The Forbidden Area

Chapter 1466 – The Forbidden Area

The Forbidden Area

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Most of them had their facial expression changed. That restricted area was very spooky. No one had dared to go into it, because anyone who went into it died. None of those who entered had ever walked out of there alive. So sending Jiang Chen to that place for a month was no different than sending him to his death.

“Elder Hu Yao’s punishment is a little too heavy. No one has gone near to that forbidden place for many years. Master Yang Zanqing had once ordered that no one was allowed to go near that place again, however Hu Yao has just sentenced Jiang Chen there for a month. He’s clearly taking Jiang Chen’s life.”

“Ai! Jiang Chen can be regarded as the cause of this trouble. And it’s very apparent that Crown Prince Palace wants to get rid of Jiang Chen. After all, this young genius is overly monstrous. If he was allowed to grow further, he will surely become a huge disaster in the future. As such, they will definitely use this opportunity to eliminate Jiang Chen.”

“I think that even if Jiang Chen didn’t seek for trouble today, trouble will still find him. Crown Prince Palace will never let him go. The incident in the King-Conferring Ceremony had made Crown Prince lost his face. Crown Prince is a very vindictive person. The forces of Crown Prince Palace is everywhere, ranging from the elders to disciples, but Jiang Chen is only one man. How would he be able to fend them off?”


No one thought that Hu Yao’s punishment would be so severe. This had rendered all the other disciples helpless. Today, Genius Prefecture had changed. It had become a place for the royal household to fight for power. The compet.i.tion amongst them was exceedingly fierce. Once a powerful genius appeared, he would be seized away, but if this genius couldn’t be used as their chess piece, they would find some ways to get rid of it.

This was also a cruel battle. Jiang Chen’s performance was overly excellent and he was also a genius of King Fan Prefecture. Crown Prince Palace would naturally want to get rid of him. Many of them understood this fact. They understood that Jiang Chen would never live peacefully in Genius Prefecture even without this conflict today.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen. In their point of view, given Jiang Chen’s disposition, Jiang Chen would definitely fight back. Although he was confronting the people of Crown Prince Palace, he was still a genius of King Fan Prefecture. King Fan was also a young king and had tremendous influence in the Imperial Capital. Although he is still considered as a beginner, he still couldn’t be bullied by just anyone.

Apparently, Hu Yao sentenced such a punishment just to take Jiang Chen’s life. If Jiang Chen insisted on refusing and brought King Fan into the picture, he would, at most, only receive some mild punishment instead of being sent into that valley.

Jiang Chen lowered his head and remained silent. As a matter of fact, he was secretly circulating the Great Divination Art, calculating the situation in that valley. Jiang Chen was a man who didn’t follow the norm. The more forbidden the place was, the more intrigued he would be. Since the valley was so strange, there was bound to be something mysterious in there. That was why Jiang Chen’s interest had already been aroused the moment Dong Fei introduced the valley to him.

It was a pity that he couldn’t uncover the secrets and situation in the valley due to the lack of cultivation in his Great Divination Art. However, he was still able to divine a trail of something – luck.

The trail indicated that if Jiang Chen went into the valley this time, danger was inevitable, but at the same time, there would also be some lucky encounters. Although Jiang Chen’s divination was blurry, he already had a great interest in this valley. As such, he decided to accept such a punishment.

Jiang Chen knew that such interest was like a germinating seed. Once it appeared in his heart, it would be difficult for him to erase it. Even if Hu Yao didn’t come here today to sentence him this punishment, he still wouldn’t be able to resist the urge of sneaking into the valley. Some people said that great people had great boldness. Jiang Chen’s boldness was already very clear. Adding the help of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, there was basically nowhere that he wouldn’t dare to go. Facing a critical situation, he could just depend on the paG.o.da to protect his life.

“Jiang Chen, do you have any objection towards this punishment of mine?” Hu Yao asked.

He had already figured it out. As long as Jiang Chen dared to refuse his order, he would directly punish Jiang Chen here, crippling his cultivation base, because Crown Prince would still be the one responsible for this in the end.

“I have no objection.”

Just as everyone was thinking that Jiang Chen would object the punishment, Jiang Chen accepted it, instead. Everyone’s eyes went wide, not knowing what had happened to this extraordinarily arrogant man. Why did he shrivel up all of a sudden? Or it should be said that he was clueless about the eeriness of that valley, which was only normal. After all, Jiang Chen was new here. How could he know the terror of that valley?

“Why did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d accept it? That’s equivalent to him signing a death contract. That valley is extremely sinister. For a long time, no one has dared to go there. I heard that all of those who entered there were dead. No one had ever come back alive.”

“Jiang Chen is just a newcomer. He surely doesn’t know the situation in that valley. If he knew, he wouldn’t have accepted the punishment.”

“Ai! It’s a pity. A peerless genius is eliminated just like this. This is a great loss to Great Qian Empire.”


Everyone began to sigh, not knowing why Jiang Chen agreed to such a punishment. This was no different than going to h.e.l.l. Almost all of them believed that Jiang Chen would die for sure as long as he entered that valley.

“Very well. Now that you have accepted your punishment, I’ll give you an hour to prepare before going there, and only return a month later. At that time, I will personally arrange a new cultivation place for you,” Hu Yao spoke.

Anyone could see the trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth. Also, the disciples of Crown Prince Palace all had the same smile.

Return one month later? That would only happen in a dream. That wasn’t a place one could go and leave easily.

“All of you are dismissed.”

Hu Yao waved, then vanished in a flash. The people of Crown Prince Palace lifted Cheng Jun and Yang Ling, turned and departed from the courtyard. Jiang Chen could clearly see Cheng Jun sneering at him with a cold smile.

After the others left, Dong Fei was the first one to approach Jiang Chen with reproach: “Brother Jiang, I have already warned you. Why did you still accept it? That valley is incredibly sinister and evil. There’s no return after going there, ai!”

Dong Fei felt his heart aching, he was deeply sorry for Jiang Chen.

“That’s true Brother Jiang. That valley has already been a forbidden place for a long time. All the disciples who went there died. Later, it was turned into a place for punis.h.i.+ng disciples, but only those disciples who committed an enormous crime will be sent there to die on their own. It has been several years now since someone was sent there. A disciple won’t be sent there by just committing a common crime. Elder Hu clearly wants you to die by putting you there for a month,” someone added.

“Jiang Chen, in my opinion, you’d better take advantage of your relations.h.i.+p with King Fan. Given King Fan’s current ident.i.ty, he won’t have problems protecting you.”

“Jiang Chen, that place is extremely scary. None of the disciples who went there had gotten out alive. I wish you good luck.”


Many of them felt sorry for Jiang Chen.

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