Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1463 – Tragic

Chapter 1463 – Tragic


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The slap was extremely loud. Not only was Yang Ling put in a daze, but also everyone. What they heard was always different from what they were seeing with their own eyes. After all, they had only heard about the battle in King Fan Prefecture. They were astonished when they saw Jiang Chen’s scariness today.

“What an amazing dude! Is he actually only a half-step Immortal King? How can he be so heaven defying? Although Elder Yang’s cultivation base isn’t stable, he’s still a half-step Immortal Emperor, he was totally powerless towards Jiang Chen’s slap, however. I would never believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“That’s true. Before, I only heard from the others that Jiang Chen was very heaven defying. After witnessing it today, Jiang Chen’s heaven defyingness has gone somewhat outrageous. No such genius has ever appeared before even in Genius Prefecture.”

“Not only Genius Prefecture, I don’t think we can find a second one across the whole Eastern Profound Domain. I wonder if there’s such a monstrous genius in the legendary Immortal Heaven.”


No one wasn’t surprised. Everyone on the scene was a genius. There were very few people that could obtain the recognition of geniuses. It was even harder to shock these geniuses to this extent. There was no way they wouldn’t praise a monstrous talent like Jiang Chen. Even those arrogant ones wouldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was at a totally different level to them. When they recalled what they could do when they were still at Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm, they felt chills down their bodies.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you hit an elder?”

Yang Ling felt a pang of tremendous humiliation, which instantly turned into anger. He couldn’t believe that there was a disciple in this place who dared to hit his face for real, and in front of so many other disciples, even so. How could he ever stand this?


Unfortunately, before Yang Ling could finish speaking, Jiang Chen made another slap at the old man, sending the old man spinning twice on the ground. Half of his face had swollen up. Blood was flowing out of the corner of his mouth involuntarily.

This time, Yang Ling was shocked. Jiang Chen’s movement was too quick. All of his resistance were futile. He simply couldn’t see the attack of Jiang Chen. The first time could be an accident due to his negligence. The moment it happened the second time, it wouldn’t be an accidental anymore.

The only explanation was that he was totally no match for Jiang Chen. This had made Yang Ling incomparably irritated, because he had just advanced to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. He thought that this realm would make him very powerful, at least in this outer prefecture, a half-step Immortal Emperor was the most powerful of all.

However, his conceited self was violently crushed and ruthlessly trampled on by a half-step Immortal King. This kind of blow was unbearable.

“Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I have already told you just now to not mess with me, but you didn’t listen. It seems like you have grown very comfortable with this place. Someone should help you fix that,” Jiang Chen said, then lunged forward.

A powerful momentum threw itself forth like a cage, fully enshrouding Yang Ling. Yang Ling’s facial expression changed dramatically. The momentum of Jiang Chen made him feel like a huge mountain pressing against his chest, giving him difficulty in breathing.

As a matter of fact, given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could fight a half-step Immortal Emperor genius. On the other hand, Yang Ling couldn’t be compared to a genius of Genius Prefecture at all. Although he was a half-step Immortal Emperor, his combat strength was equivalent to an ordinary late Immortal King genius, or even worse than that.

*Pa…* *Pa…* *Pa…*

Jiang Chen used his momentum to firmly suppress Yang Ling, then launched alternating slaps. His palm slapped Yang Ling’s face from both sides like raindrops falling onto his face. The skin and flesh on Yang Ling’s face were battered. Blood gushed out. His teeth was beaten out of his mouth. Yang Ling attempted to block the slaps with his hands only to find his hands badly damaged.

In such a boiling scene, everyone was shocked. There was only the sound of slapping in the courtyard and it seemed that Jiang Chen didn’t have the intention to stop. His methods was truly brutal.

*Gu Lu!*

Dong Fei swallowed a spit of foaming saliva, thinking that he was hallucinating. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen in Genius Prefecture would dare to beat up Yang Ling so brutally. Such a scene was too violent and everyone knew that Jiang Chen was bound to be in trouble the moment he hit Yang Ling so hard.

After all, the degree of the crime of beating an elder was very bad. Plus, this was Genius Prefecture and the Crown Prince wasn’t someone to provoke. Jiang Chen had undoubtedly given the Crown Prince a very good excuse to put him in trouble.

“Stop it!”

Just at this time, a shout was heard. Seven or eight talented geniuses rushed out of their respective courtyards furiously. The leader of the group was a peak-late Immortal King, only a step away from half-step Immortal Emperor. In the outer prefecture, true half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses rarely appeared as they had placed all their focus on cultivation, aiming to break through to the Immortal Emperor one day. Only then could they soar to the top and enter the inner prefecture, and obtain better resources. From then on, they would even gain a very high position in Great Qian Empire.

“It’s the people of the Crown Prince.”

The forces of the Crown Prince in Genius Prefecture was quite big. These people weren’t strangers. They were the geniuses that followed the Crown Prince.


Jiang Chen made another slap on Yang Ling’s face, slapping the elder to the ground. Yang Ling could no longer stand up. His face was stamped on the ground while crazily gus.h.i.+ng out with blood. How tragic!

Jiang Chen sneered at Yang Ling. He had never been lenient and kind to the people who wanted to take his life. Given his style of action, he was already considered a compa.s.sionate guy for not killing Yang Ling straight away.


The whole scene went quiet. Everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen and the sprawling Yang Ling. Such a scene had never taken place before. It was definitely the first time happening in the Genius Prefecture. This probably would trigger a great upheaval in the prefecture.

However, one thing was certain in this matter – Jiang Chen was going to rise to fame for sure. And amongst the geniuses present on the scene, many had started to admire Jiang Chen. Most of them were hot-blooded individuals that wanted to do earth-shattering things. If they were being put to trouble by the elder, they would definitely want to beat up this abominable old man for good, however they wouldn’t dare, unlike Jiang Chen. Which was why they began to admire and wors.h.i.+p Jiang Chen.

In this world, wors.h.i.+pping the strong had been the usual norm.

“Jiang Chen, I already told you to stop. Did you hear that?”

The genius who spoke just now said. He seemed incredibly angered, because Jiang Chen had not only slapped Yang Ling’s face, but also the Crown Prince’s. In Genius Prefecture, no one would dare not to give the Crown Prince face, much less to slap his face.

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