Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1452 – Gradually Turning the Situation Around

Chapter 1452 – Gradually Turning the Situation Around

Gradually Turning the Situation Around

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In fact, just as everyone expected, Fu Wei would never give Jiang Chen time for advancement. Psychologically speaking, Jiang Chen had left a trace of trauma in Fu Wei’s heart. Fu Wei was almost sure that if he let Jiang Chen advance to half-step Immortal King at this time, he would no longer be an opponent for Jiang Chen and would even end up like his brother.

Of course, Fu Wei firmly believed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to advance in this situation. It would certainly take a certain time even for the Snow-Jade King Ginseng to take effect, but first, Jiang Chen needed to recover from his wounds.

In everyone’s perspective, King Fan was already out of options and it was a waste for him to give away the Snow-Jade King Ginseng. A rare Venerable Grade Spiritual Herb was ruined just like this.

Those who didn’t know Jiang Chen would never understand why Yang Bufan did such a thing. Naturally, Yang Bufan had his own reasons. If Jiang Chen was replaced by an ordinary genius, Yang Bufan wouldn’t have wasted his Snow-Jade King Ginseng.

Because the one who was standing in the battlefield was Jiang Chen instead of someone else, Yang Bufan was certain that this rare herb wouldn’t go to waste. Anything that other people couldn’t do, Jiang Chen could. If Fu Wei wouldn’t give Jiang Chen the chance to advance, Jiang Chen could just create the chance on his own. Plus, advancing in a short period of time wasn’t a problem to Jiang Chen.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t Jiang Chen’s first time advancing in the midst of a fight. So it could be said that he was already pretty familiar with it. As for the wounds on his body, it would heal soon with the help of his wood spiritual Qi.

As for the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, it could be refined rapidly under the circulation of his dragon transformation skill.

“This Snow-Jade King Ginseng is a rare Venerable Treasure. If I refine it now, I will immediately advance to half-step Immortal King realm, or even to the peak of half-step Immortal King realm. However, it’s better to take it one step at a time. First, I will have to stabilize at the half-step Immortal King realm before attempting any further advancement. Its medicinal power is too great anyway. I won’t be able to fully refine it in one shot. It’s good to have its remaining medicinal energy stored in my body.”

Jiang Chen felt a little shaken by the powerful Qi emitted by the spiritual herb. He was touched by the fact that Yang Bufan was willing to gift such a rare treasure to him.

As for his opponent Fu Wei, he didn’t put him in his heart at all. Although he wasn’t the opponent of Fu Wei right now, it was also impossible for Fu Wei to stop him from advancing.

Without the slightest hesitation, an incomparably powerful crus.h.i.+ng force landed on the ginseng, causing the herb to burst instantly and turning into waves of particles entering Jiang Chen’s body. Seeing such a method of refinement, everyone rolled their eyes and couldn’t help cursing. A Snow-Jade King Ginseng had just been wasted just like that. How heart-aching!


The medicinal energy of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng seeped into Jiang Chen’s body, to all parts of his limbs, giving him a soul lifting sensation. The ocean-like energy kept on impacting in his body, even making him feel a tearing feeling.

If he was replaced by another person, he was afraid that the person wouldn’t be able to withstand such a powerful impact. That person’s body might just explode and die. Jiang Chen on the other hand had an incredibly solid physique that could bear the ma.s.sive impact.

Without neglect, the dragon transformation skill was frenziedly circulated. Under the lead of the dragon transformation skill, countless medicinal power began to turn into its purest form and entered Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. New streaks of dragon marks were instantly condensed out one after another.


Mighty Qi rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body like tidal waves. Everyone’s mouth was left hanging open because they discovered that all the injuries he suffered in the previous fight against Fu Wei were already healed. Not just that, his strength was also increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Motherf*cker! What kind of freak is this guy? Isn’t his recovery speed too fast? Plus, the Snow-Jade King Ginseng has just entered his body. How can it react so quickly and tremendously?”

“Look, his momentum is increasing at an incredible speed. At this rate, I’m afraid that his cultivation base will advance to the half-step Immortal King realm soon. By then, it will be almost impossible for Fu Wei to kill Jiang Che. He might even be killed instead.”

“Monstrous! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is truly a monstrous genius.”


Many of them exclaimed. Especially those who had previously thought that the Snow-Jade King Ginseng would go to waste, they were utterly dumbfounded. They even had the feeling that Jiang Chen could really rush to the half-step Immortal King realm in a short period of time and flip the situation around. If that was the case, it would certainly be mind-blowing.

The corner of Yang Bufan’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. He already knew what the outcome would be. He had no doubts about Jiang Chen’s ability, which was in fact, even greater than his imagination.

At this time, the one who was shocked the most was Fu Wei. Seeing Jiang Chen continuing to grow stronger, his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out of its socket. Such a situation made him understand one thing – a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen could never be judged using common sense.

“Dammit! I won’t give you the chance.”

Fu Wei was angered, or it should be said that he was afraid. He unleashed all of his Qi immediately. Sparks were constantly created between his palms. Terrifying layers of palm seals were being condensed. He wouldn’t hold back anymore. He would strike out the most terrifying technique of Raksha Three Palms, Three Palms in One. He believed that under the attack of this palm strike, Jiang Chen would die without a doubt.

“Three Palms in One!” Fu Wei shouted.

The shockwave broke the void inches by inches. The terrifying palm seals finally converged into a great palm of destruction. The enormous palm was as large as the heavenly barrier, occupying every s.p.a.ce above the battlefield, pressing down towards Jiang Chen fiercely. If one was. .h.i.t directly by it, the consequence would be unimaginable.

Jiang Chen had been ready for this. His current strength was a lot stronger than before. In this short amount of time, 10 000 dragon marks had been condensed in his Qi Sea.

Of course, although his combat strength had improved a little, Jiang Chen could never face this strike head-on. He would need to put most of his concentration in refining the medicinal power of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng. Therefore, he could only choose to defend himself against this powerful strike for now.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal! Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen roared loudly. One by one, true dragons of five different colours rushed out. At the same time, he also cast the Nine Phantom Wolves, filling every corner of the battlefield with his images. The technique is mainly a brief attempt to confuse the opponent, so that the opponent’s attack would become less powerful as the real target couldn’t be found.

Though the Three Palms in One was an all-around attack, it needed a key target. When the target was split into nine, the power of the palm strike would also be dispersed. Also, it needed to defend against the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals that Jiang Chen struck out.

“This brat sure has plenty of tricks.”

Fu Wei was irritated. As the battlefield had become too chaotic, even he couldn’t find the true body of Jiang Chen from all the images, but since he had already sent out the attack, he could only destroy all nine targets at the same time.

*Hong Long……*

The true dragon roared. The sky and earth shook. Lines of cracks appeared in the golden light barrier. Anyone would have to admit that the Three Palms in One Strike of Fu Wei was truly overpowering. All of the images of Jiang Chen were instantly destroyed along with the dozen true dragons.

But due to the energy having been dispersed, Jiang Chen’s true self didn’t receive tremendous amount of force. Even so, Jiang Chen’s true self was once again sent to the boundary of the light barrier.


Jiang Chen spurted a mouthful of blood and once again suffered injuries, but his face remained unchanged. A hint of a smirk was revealed at the corner of his mouth, because he understood that strike just now was the most powerful strike of Fu Wei, and that didn’t even cause him any severe injuries.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

His Qi Sea produced a buzzing sound. A horrifying energy rolled continuously like tidal waves. Streak by streak, new dragon marks were being produced at lighting speed. The scene was startling. Just the time used for one attack, another 10 000 dragon marks were formed in his body. Previously, he had a million dragon marks in total. Now, he already had 1,020,000 dragon marks. He would only need 30,000 more to hit 1,050,000, which was the mark to break through to the half-step Immortal King realm.

Due to the effectiveness of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, its medicinal power was more than enough for Jiang Chen to advance to the half-step Immortal King realm.


Old Man Bai Weng appeared incomparably excited, he couldn’t help but shout. As an Immortal Emperor, his eyes were incredibly sharp. How could he not discern the current status of Jiang Chen? It wasn’t only clear to him, but to numerous experts on the scene as well. When Fu Wei’s Three Palms in One Strike couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, it basically indicated that Fu Wei had already lost the chance of killing Jiang Chen.

Even if Fu Wei struck again, the result would be the same. And, the more he attack, the more energy he would consume, while Jiang Chen’s cultivation base continued to grow. At this rate, the result was already imaginable.

This supposedly not suspenseful battle had become a truly suspenseful battle.

“King Fan, you do have a great eyesight.”

Big Yellow stood beside Yang Bufan and said with a smile. With regards to the fact that Yang Bufan was willing to give the Snow-Jade King Ginseng to Jiang Chen, Big Yellow was very satisfied with it. That had improved his impression of Yang Bufan once more.

“Of course.”

Yang Bufan shrugged. He had never doubted Jiang Chen’s ability and the miracles that Jiang Chen created. How could a mere Fu Wei be able to stop Jiang Chen’s path?


Fu Wei burst into a roar, and drew out his combat sword. He could already feel a tremendous amount of danger. He could no longer hold back. If he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen before he advance, the one who would die would certainly be him.

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