Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1431 – The Prefecture of Dan King

Chapter 1431 – The Prefecture of Dan King

The Prefecture of Dan King

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“Hehe! It seems like Yang Bufan is needing our help once more.”

Big Yellow chuckled. It seemed that this bright and fresh figure was also carrying endless pressure behind his back. There were lots of compet.i.tions in the empire, which was more dangerous compared to the Evil Clan in Evil Abyss. The reason Yang Bufan valued the talent and ability of Jiang Chen was because he knew that with Jiang Chen’s help, he would be able to defeat his adversaries ceaselessly, allowing him to stand firmly in the empire.

Jiang Chen understood this fact quite well. Since it was a personal request from Yang Bufan, it became a responsibility that he couldn’t refuse. Anyone who had experienced life-and-death situation with Jiang Chen was his brother. He had also regarded Yang Bufan as his brother in his heart.

Moreover, there was nowhere he could go in Eastern Profound Domain as he had just arrived here. Going to Great Qian Empire would allow him to know the top geniuses of the generation. He was never afraid of compet.i.tion. Instead, he liked them. He liked the excitement in the process. Additionally, this was part of his growth. So helping Yang Bufan was also equivalent to helping himself.

Along the way, Old Man Bai Weng laughed and chatted instead of putting the demeanour of an Immortal Emperor, which made Jiang Chen a better impression of this old man. Wu Ningzhu had been resting in the paG.o.da. This pair of couple hadn’t seen each other for a very long time. They must be feeling incomparably excited by now, but Jiang Chen had yet to release Wu Ningzhu. He knew that Wu Ningzhu needed time to recuperate, however it wouldn’t be an easy process, especially after the damage made to her soul.

When they arrived at King Fan’s Prefecture, only then could Jiang Chen spend a good time with Wu Ningzhu.

Even though Great Qian Empire was incomparably far away, it was nothing to Jiang Chen and company. It wasn’t long before they reached their destination.

Imperial Capital!

Ahead was the Imperial Capital of Great Qian Empire. Even from afar, they could feel the magnificence of the place, and the sky above was filled with n.o.ble Qi.

Great Qian Empire was built on a vast mountain range. It was like a super large sect. The Imperial Capital rolled like mountains. He was afraid that it was at least ten thousand miles long. Although this was only the capital, it looked like a miniature domain.

This was the central region of Great Qian Empire with a shape of a lying dragon. People and buildings that dotted below seemed like its meridians, making the entire empire rich and prosperous.

In the Imperial Capital, there were ancient palaces and glittering gold castles. Trees could be found everywhere. There were old pine trees that were at least several centuries old. Some old pine trees seemed as though it had developed consciousness. There was a golden paG.o.da that was glowing constantly with golden brilliance suspended in the sky.

There were floating mountains that was wrapped in white mist in the sky. On top of the mountains also had ancient palaces which displayed the strength of this empire. Each suspended building was supported by the spatial force of some expert. To put it bluntly, each place was an independently created spatial zone.

Even though Jiang Chen wasn’t an Immortal King, he could feel the densely intertwined spatial gap. Numerous miniature spatial zones must have been built in this vast capital. Those were the miniature world built by Immortal Emperors or even the mighty Immortal Venerables, incredibly solid. Each place was the n.o.blest place in Imperial Capital.

“Little Brother, in front is the Imperial Capital. The Prefecture of King Fan is located southeast. This old man will take you all there now. I think King Fan must be getting impatient by now.”

Old Man Bai Weng stroke his beard and said. Bringing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow directly to the prefecture was the order given specifically by King Fan.


Jiang Chen nodded, feeling delighted that he could meet Yang Bufan again in Eastern Profound Domain.

Old Man Bai Weng couldn’t help but nod secretly. Jiang Chen had been perfectly calm and collected from the beginning until now. If he was replaced by another genius, he would certainly have been extremely excited to see such a magnificent capital, glancing around constantly, and giving praises to everything he saw.

But in front of the Imperial Capital, Jiang Chen’s expression remained unchanged. The fact that the formidable Imperial Capital didn’t seem to astound Jiang Chen astounded Old Man Bai Weng instead. Having such disposition at this young age was rare. This explained why Jiang Chen was admired by King Fan.

Under the lead of Old Man Bai Weng, they flew towards the direction of King Fan’s Prefecture. There weren’t many who could travel by air, only Immortal Emperors had the privilege in this means of travel.

While they were in the air, they could see a group of soldiers in gold armour patrolling in the sky. The lowest cultivation base in each patrolling unit was at Golden Immortal realm. Such a huge force and vast capital made this empire worthy to be regarded as one of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain.

Noticing that some people were flying, a team of golden guards flew over. When the leader saw Old Man Bai Weng, he immediately came forward and saluted.

“Greet Sir Bai Weng,” the leader greeted politely, then s.h.i.+fted his eyes to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Sir Bai Weng, these two are?” he inquired.

One should know that no one below Immortal King realm could travel by air except for the golden guards.

“King Fan’s friends. Why? Do you have to interrogate them?” Old Man Bai Weng sounded annoyed.

“No-no. We can only show our respect to the friends of King Fan.”

Hearing that they were friends of King Fan, the leader replied hastily and apologetically.


Old Man Bai Weng nodded, then led Jiang Chen and Big Yellow past the team of golden guards, towards the Prefecture of King Fan.

The Prefecture of King Fan was located at the south-eastern part of the Imperial Capital. This prefecture was just recently built. The construction was personally approved by the Emperor. Every prefecture in the Imperial Capital must be approved by the Emperor himself. Recently, the Prefecture of King Fan had been the focus of the Imperial Capital, because the architecture of this prefecture was extremely stylish and luxurious. One look at it and anyone could tell that it was the residence of a n.o.ble race.

The Prefecture covered an area of a hundred miles. It was situated at the foot of a hill beside a stream. The scenery of the place was beautiful, like a mortal paradise.

Before the gates of the prefecture stood the majestic King Fan who wore a clean purple robe, with hands behind his back. Behind him stood a dozen experts. The weakest among them was a half-step Immortal Emperor, whereas there were two experts who were as powerful as Old Man Bai Weng – Immortal Emperor experts.

The two sides of the gates were flanked by a few guards. This was the first time for the guards to stand so close to King Fan, which made them stand ramrod straight. The invisible pressure emitted by so many experts filled them with excitement and also made them want to collapse.

In their eyes, any one of them was a high and mighty superior, an unreachable existence.

However, they had no idea who King Fan was waiting to welcome. Across the entire Imperial Capital, who would have the ability to make King Fan and all the higher ups of King Fan’s Prefecture stand outside the gate? Such treatment was totally unprecedented.

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