Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1428 – King Fan

Chapter 1428 – King Fan

The appearance of the elder turned the whole scene quiet once more. Very few people knew the origin of this elder, but his scariness was obvious to everyone. Everyone could see that this was an Immortal Emperor expert and knew that he had come here to help Jiang Chen.

Most of them began to speculate the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen? And why an Immortal Emperor would come to his aid at this critical moment? It turned out that this Jiang Chen also had a powerful backer. Which was why he dared to kill Young Master Futian.

The emergence of the white-clad elder provided a good reason for the destruction of Fu Kui’s giant palm strike. Even Jiang Chen thought that it had to be because of this old man’s interference, except Fu Kui who was certain that the one who shattered his strike just now wasn’t this elder, but somebody else.

This was because he knew the white-clad elder who had a similar cultivation base as him. So, it was impossible for this elder to strike without him noticing it.

“Old Man Bai Weng. What is the meaning of this?” Fu Kui spoke.

He was the widely known Old Man Bai Weng. Others might not know him, but Fu Kui did. Fu Kui even knew that this elder wasn’t terrifying at all. What was really scary was the force behind Old Man Bai Weng’s back. During normal days if Fu Kui saw Old Man Bai Weng, he would have to put a pleasant smile on his face without neglect.

But now, his son had been killed and Old Man Bai Weng had come to help the murderer of his son. This was making it hard for him to show the elder any friendliness.

“What? Old Man Bai Weng? Could he be the Old Man Bai Weng of Great Qian Empire?”

“Old Man Bai Weng was an Immortal Emperor expert of Great Qian Empire. I heard that he has followed King Fan recently. I never thought that he would come here and help Jiang Chen today.”

“Even Old Man Bai Weng has emerged. It seems like things are getting complicated now. Even though Fu Kui has a strong force, he still won’t dare offend Great Qian Empire directly. Although he has a son in Divine Line Sect, it doesn’t give him the audacity to offend any one of the eleven major powers.”


Most of them whispered to one another. Although they hadn’t seen Old Man Bai Weng, they had heard of his name before. Perhaps, Fu Kui could offend Old Man Bai Weng, but he couldn’t afford to offend the power that was supporting Old Man Bai Weng.

“Oh? Isn’t my intention obvious? Young Master Jiang Chen is a friend of my King Fan. I have received orders from King Fan to bring Young Master Jiang Chen to Great Qian Empire. I suppose Brother Fu won’t stop me, correct?”

Old Man Bai Weng laughed and said as though this was a very common thing. After all, the Great Qian Empire was just too strong. They would never leave any room for negotiation in whatever they did.

“King Fan?”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were stunned. They didn’t seem to have a friend named King Fan in this place, but very quickly, they thought of one person – Yang Bufan.

Before Yang Bufan left, he told Jiang Chen to go to Great Qian Empire and find him as soon as Jiang Chen arrived at the Eastern Profound Domain. Both of them didn’t put this matter in their hearts until now. King Fan might be Yang Bufan, but what surprised them was that Yang Bufan had such a high position in Great Qian Empire.

“No, this brat has just killed my son. Could it be that you didn’t see that? I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you face this time.” Fu Kui retorted.

Of course, he had no problem guessing the intention of Old Man Bei Weng, but that wasn’t enough reason for him to let Jiang Chen go. Otherwise, his son would die with everlasting regret.

“Humph! Fu Kui, I didn’t come here to discuss with you. You don’t have any options to choose whether to give face to King Fan. I suppose you should know the position of King Fan in Great Qian Empire now and his reputation in Eastern Profound Domain. So, you dare to touch the friend of King Fan? As for your son, if I’m not mistaken, he should be an intermediate Immortal King. When a dignified intermediate Immortal King couldn’t even defeat a Golden Immortal, his death should be considered in vain.”

Old Man Bai Weng snorted coldly, no longer expressing any politeness in his tone. He belonged to a super powerful sect. Every word he said contained a powerful aura. This was something that couldn’t be compared with other Immortal Emperors.

“Old Man Bai Weng, don’t you get too far! This person has killed my son. And I have to take my revenge on him. Furthermore, my son is a genius of Corpse Yin Sect. Corpse Yin Sect won’t let him go as well. Does King Fan want to make Corpse Yin Sect his enemy?” Fu Kui spoke with force.

He was infuriated. His late arrival on the scene had caused his son to die; it was really agonizing enough for him. If he had to watch the murderer of his son being brought away from him, he was afraid that he would spurt out blood on the spot.

“This must be a joke. Corpse Yin Sect is an evil sect that practices the crooked path. My empire disdains that sect and refuses to have any dealings with them. Do you think King Fan cared even if we make them our enemy? Besides, do you really think that Corpse Yin Sect will go against King Fan because of your son? I’m afraid that your son doesn’t have much weight in Corpse Yin Sect.” Old Man Bai Weng spoke plainly.

It was true that Corpse Yin Sect was powerful and one could use their name to suppress any ordinary expert, but using that to oppress King Fan was an impossible thing.

Listening to this, Fu Kui’s facial expression turned extremely ugly. What Old Man Bai Weng said was right. That genius who had returned to Great Qian Empire was immediately crowned as King Fan by the Emperor. He had also become famous across the entire Eastern Profound Domain. Corpse Yin Sect practiced the evil path, which made them very similar to devil cults in other regions. Plus, it wasn’t the most stable major power amongst the eleven. For Corpse Yin Sect to confront the flouris.h.i.+ng King Fan, he was afraid that Futian alone was far from enough.

“Fu Kui. Even without King Fan, with me standing here, do you think you could get past me and kill Jiang Chen?”

Old Man Bai Weng put one hand behind his back, with the other stroking his beard, projecting a kind of calmness and confidence.

Fu Kui’s eyes were about to burst out with fire. That was a kind of look that was close to murdering someone. Unfortunately, that look alone couldn’t kill anyone today. At least, it couldn’t kill Jiang Chen and Old Man Bai Weng. He had never expected that Jiang Chen knew King Fan, and with Old Man Bai Weng here, it would be very hard for him to kill Jiang Chen.

Old Man Bai Weng turned to Jiang Chen and said with a smile: “Let’s go, King Fan is still waiting for us.”

After that, both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Fu Kui cracked his knuckles hard, but there was nothing he could do. If today’s matter only involved Old Man Bai Weng alone, he would kill Jiang Chen even if that meant having an ultimate battle with Old Man Bai Weng. However, apart from Old Man Bai Weng, there was probably another stronger expert concealing himself in the area, an expert that was a thousand times scarier than Old Man Bai Weng. He knew that the one who shattered his palm strike was definitely not Old Man Bai Weng. That was why he let Jiang Chen go in the end and didn’t choose to attack.

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