Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 142 – Yu Zi Han

Chapter 142 – Yu Zi Han

Chapter 142 – Yu Zi Han

Energy vein, it was formed by rich natural energies. Aside from containing a ma.s.sive amount of energy, it also had the ability to gather natural energies. It was because of the four big sects each occupying one vein each that they were able to grow to their current state.

Also, an energy vein represented luck. By possessing an energy vein, it also meant possessing great luck. One of the reason why all four big sects were so powerful was because of this luck.

If Jiang Chen could own an energy vein, he would be able to establish a clan by himself. Or worse case, he could just absorb the energy contained within and make his cultivation level skyrocket.

“Big Yellow, are you sure?”

Jiang Chen asked doubtfully. Because, with his senses, he was unable to find anything underneath Redsun Town. Of course, he still had high confidence in Big Yellow’s treasure sense ability.

“Of course, who do you think your father is? In treasure hunting, if your father said he was the second best, no one would dare say he was the best! Brat, you are so knowledgeable, you should know that before any energy vein was dug out, there will be a natural barrier covering it, restricting all energy from flowing out, making it so that no one can sense its existence. As long as we can find the exact location of this energy vein, we can break apart its barrier and truly benefit from it. The energy vein underneath Redsun Town is still in its virgin state, and no one has ever touched it. If they had, the average cultivation level here wouldn’t be so weak, and Yellowstone wouldn’t be occupied by this Yu family. Of course, if the energy vein was activated, it would already be occupied by some big clan.”

Big Yellow explained.

“Perfect, we really didn’t waste any effort by staying here, this is such a huge harvest! Big Yellow, are you able to identify the exact location of this energy vein?”

Jiang Chen asked. An energy vein was definitely a huge reward. Just from this finding alone was worth all the effort of coming here.

“I haven’t confirmed it, but I’m sure it is underneath this town. I’ll scout around in the town now, and once I find its exact location, we’ll get to work at night.”

Big Yellow’s face carried an evil smile.


Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a big thumbs up and praised him. This dog had done something awesome once again.

Yellowstone City, the biggest city in the area, was huge and magnificent. A small town like Redsun Town could never be compared with it. Even Silver Moon City was weaker compared to it.

After traveling with full speed, Zhang Quan finally came to Yellowstone City and arrived in front of the Yu family’s front door.

“Stop right there, do you know what this place is?”

A strong man with an imposing aura blocked Zhang Quan from going further.

“I’m from Redsun Town, I want to see your Chief.”

Zhang Quan identified himself. He had a disciple from the Black Sect backing him; of course he would be so straightforward.

“Redsun Town? It’s just a small town, you’re not fit to meet our Chief.”

The guard treated Zhang Quan like he was beneath him.

“Hmph! I wonder if the Blood Devils can make Chief Yu worry. Redsun Town was attacked by Blood Devils last night, and it suffered great losses. Luckily, we got help from a Black Sect disciple, and today, the Black Sect disciple sent me here to meet with Chief Yu. We got business to talk about, and you are just a low-ranked guard, can you afford to neglect the important matters of a Black Sect disciple?!”

Zhang Quan let out a cold snort. He pointed at the guard’s nose and snapped.

When the guard heard it was about Blood Devils and a disciple from the Black Sect, his arrogant expression vanished instantly. A few Blood Devils had appeared outside Yellowstone City during the last few days, and everyone was scared of them, including this guard. Besides, he couldn’t afford to neglect someone sent by a disciple of the Black Sect.

“Please come with me.”

After some consideration, the guard led Zhang Quan through the Yu family’s front door.

Within the Yu family’s meeting hall, there were 5 men sitting around. All of them were Heavenly Core warriors, and the person who sat in the Chief’s spot looked like he was in his late forties. He had a bright spirit and strong energy, and he was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior, and the chief of the Yu family, Yu Tian Long.

There were another three old men in the hall, and all of them were Early Heavenly Core warriors, they were honorable guests of the Yu family. Next to Yu Tian Long there saw a young man in his twenties, and his cultivation had reached the Early Heavenly Core realm as well. The energy he was unintentionally unleas.h.i.+ng was much stronger than that of the other three old men.

These few men were discussing the matters regarding the Blood Devils when the guard brought Zhang Quan into the hall.

“How can you be so rude, can’t you see we are in the middle of a discussion?”

Yu Tian Long scolded the guard.

“Chief, this man is from Redsun Town, and he said he was sent by a disciple of the Black Sect to meet with Chief.”

The guard said as he cupped his fist.

When they heard about the disciple of the Black Sect, all of them turned their gaze towards Zhang Quan. They didn’t care about Redsun Town, and even less about a peak Mortal Core old man. But, they couldn’t ignore the Black Sect.

“You’re from Redsun Town?”

Yu Tian Long looked at Zhang Quan.

“Zhang Quan from Redsun Town greets Chief Yu! Last night, our town was a.s.saulted by Blood Devils, but we were lucky enough to receive help from a disciple of the Black Sect, and now the threat has been resolved. Since the Blood Devils have caused a disturbance here, the young master from the Black Sect sent me here to invite Chief Yu to pay him a visit in Redsun Town, and discuss how to deal with these Blood Devils.”

Zhang Quan said.

“Ridiculous! He is just a disciple from the Black Sect, how dare he ask our Chief to pay him a visit? Don’t you think he is too arrogant?”

“Hmph! Those Blood Devils haven’t only caused disturbance in Redsun Town, we are currently discussing how to deal with them. Our Chief is a man of honor; he won’t visit your tiny Redsun Town personally.”

“Don’t you think too highly of this disciple from the Black Sect? Our young master is also a disciple of the Black Sect, and he is an inner circle disciple!”

The three old men immediately became angry. Looking at the way they reacted, they were getting ready to chase Zhang Quan out.

Right at this moment, the young man who was doing all the talking waved his hand. He was a handsome man dressed in clean white clothes. He stood up slowly and walked next to Zhang Quan, “Tell me, who is the disciple from the Black Sect who dares be so arrogant? I, Yu Zi Han am an inner circle disciple of the Black Sect, there is no one I don’t know in the Black Sect.”

Yu Zi Han was a genius from the Yu family, he had reached the Heavenly Core realm at a very young age and became an inner circle disciple. He was the pride of the Yu family.

“I don’t know the name of that young master, but it was young master who kill the Heavenly Core Blood Devil Leaders, and didn’t spare a single one of the Blood Devils who a.s.saulted Redsun Town, he is the savior of Redsun Town! My purpose for coming here today is to deliver the message from young master.”

Zhang Quan said.

“Hmph! What an arrogant fool! If he wants to talk with me, ask him to come here personally.”

Yu Tian Long let out a cold snort. He was someone with a n.o.ble status, and his son was an inner circle disciple of the Black Sect. Of course he would have his own pride.

“Chief Yu, those Blood Devils suffered a great defeat at Redsun Town yesterday, and they surely won’t give up their attack. That young master has to stay in the town to protect our safety, I hope Chief Yu can understand this.”

Zhang Quan tried to explain.

“Hmph! The reason he wants our Chief to visit him is because he wants the Yu family to help him deal with those Blood Devils. From this, I can tell that ‘young master’ is just an ordinary man, and I don’t think he is stronger than our young master. Since he needs our help, he could come here personally.”

An old man let out a cold snort.

Yu Zi Han furrowed his brows. Just listening to Zhang Quan, he was unable to find out who the disciple in Redsun Town was. There were quite a lot of disciples in the Black Sect who had the abilities to kill Blood Devil leaders, Yu Zi Han himself could do it as well.

“Dad, I’ll follow him to Redsun Town and meet with this disciple of the Black Sect.”

Yu Zi Han said. He knew much more than anyone here about the Black Sect, there were many geniuses in the Black Sect, and all of them had their own pride. Before knowing the ident.i.ty of the person, he would rather not offend this man.

Of course, Yu Zi Han also had to take care of his father’s dignity. Therefore, he decided to pay a visit to Redsun Town himself.

“This man came here to kill Blood Devils, and if he isn’t too arrogant, we might be able to work together.”

Yu Tian Long nodded his head.


Redsun Town! Zhang Zhen walked in and bowed towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, “Young master Jiang, the young master of Yellowstone City’s Yu family, Yu Zi Han is here. He is also a disciple of the Black Sect.”

“Oh? A disciple of Black Sect? Send him in.”

Jiang Chen said.

Outside the meeting hall, Yu Zi Han and Zhang Quan were standing side by side. He looked handsome and delicate, and his face carried an unconcealed pride. The pride of a genius.

“Young master Yu, the young master invites you to come in.”

Zhang Zhen walked in front of Yu Zi Han and said.

“Hmph! What an arrogant guy, let me see who this arrogant guy from Black Sect is.”

Yu Zi Han coldly snorted. From his words, one could tell that he had become angry. As an inner circle disciple of the Black Sect, Yu Zi Han was getting along quite well in the Black Sect, and he knew a number of people within. Also, he was the young master of Yellowstone City’s Yu family, and he had put aside his pride by personally coming to Redsun Town. But, this young master had the audacity to not personally greet him.

Yu Zi Han waved his sleeves and walked into the meeting hall. When he saw the young man sitting in the hall, his expression immediately changed.

Jiang Chen!

Yu Zi Han was shocked by what he saw, everyone in the Black Sect knew who Jiang Chen was. He had brutally beaten the Sect Elders, cruelly killed Jiang Wei, wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, and still escaped from any punishments. Jiang Chen was the only person to have ever done this.

If it was any other person, Yu Zi Han would be scolding that person by now, but when he saw it was Jiang Chen, all his anger instantly disappeared.

Yesterday, when Jiang Chen was wreaking havoc in the Black Sect, Yu Zi Han had been at the scene, he had witnessed everything. When Daoist Black came and calmed everything down, Yu Zi Han had received news about Blood Devils appearing in Yellowstone area, and he had immediately left the Black Sect and returned to his family. Therefore, he didn’t know that Daoist Black had a.s.signed a task to Jiang Chen.

“You are Yu Zi Han, also from the Black Sect, right?”

Jiang Chen asked, because he had never met Yu Zi Han in the Black Sect before.