Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1420 – Brimming with Fury

Chapter 1420 – Brimming with Fury

Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Fury

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Immediately, Jiang Chen had become the focus of all. Everyone’s gaze fell upon him. Every face revealed a deep smile while waiting for Jiang Chen to reveal his treasure. Everyone understood that Young Master Futian would never let a stranger join the meeting easily. Jiang Chen must have something that had caught the Young Master’s interest. Besides, something that had caught Young Master Futian’s eyes could never escape his attention.

Jiang Chen darted a glare at the old liar. It seemed like the news given by the old liar about this meeting wasn’t up-to-date, because this was no social meeting, but a way for everyone to show off their values, hoping to build rapport with Young Master Futian. They only did that so they could come to this manor and seek entertainment in the future.

For almost an instant, Jiang Chen had lost good feelings towards everyone here, or it should be said that Jiang Chen didn’t have any good feelings towards them at all, this is really an abomination.

“Brother Jiang Chen, there aren’t many spiritual springs that can intrigue Young Master Futian. Do show it to us so that our eyes would be widen,” Huo Ying spoke once more.

“Yes. I would like to see what other mystical spiritual spring will exist in the Heavens and Earth,” someone chimed in.

“Alright. Since everyone is so interested about it, I will take the spiritual spring out.”

Jiang Chen smiled, turned his palm and a palm-size jade bottle appeared and was placed on the table in front. Brilliant light was radiating from it non-stop. The pure Qi that drifted out from the jade bottle invigorated everyone.

The spiritual spring was a spiritual item of the Heavens and Earth. Despite its preciousness, it wasn’t rare to the experts around here. After all, most of them were backed by powerful forces. However, they were able to feel the extraordinary feature of this spiritual spring even though the lid of the bottle hasn’t been removed yet. That had instantly drawn their attention.

“I believe Young Master Futian has already witnessed the preciousness of this spiritual spring. In that case, I won’t introduce it again. A bottle of spiritual spring is worth a thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones. I have ten bottles with me. If Young Master Futian is interested, you can take out 10 000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones and the spiritual springs will be yours,” Jiang Chen said plainly. His face was full of harmony and smile.


However, as soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, the scene abruptly went silent. Every pair of eyes looked at Jiang Chen as if they had seen ghosts. Meanwhile, Young Master Futian’s smile froze.

Most of them felt the urge to cough up blood. Was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d out of his mind? How dare he ask for fortune from Young Master Futian? His brain must have been fried.

This son of a b*tch must have been tired of living. No one had ever dared to talk about money in front of Young Master Futian. They had all came just to give away their treasures.

This Jiang Chen was absolutely ignorant. Asking Young Master Futian to pay for it was an act of seeking death.

Could it be that this son of a b*tch didn’t register what he saw earlier, about how they gave away their treasures?

Jiang Chen however had chosen not to bother with those gazes, and took the cup of fine wine on the table and took a sip. It had to be a joke. He had come here only for treasures, but he had never thought that the treasures of these people would just be given away to Young Master Futian, which made his trip here in vain. So, it was absolutely impossible for him to take the initiative to give away his spiritual spring as well.

As for the face of Young Master Futian, it was worthless to Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow chuckled. He understood Jiang Chen all too well. As for the old liar, he was somewhat shocked. At the beginning when Jiang Chen attacked w.a.n.g Yao, he had already admired Jiang Chen. After seeing Jiang Chen’s style of conduct, the admiration in his eyes grew stronger.

“Young Master Futian, this is a very fair price and is only offered to you. If it was someone else, the price will be 1500 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones, otherwise, no bargain will be made. This alone shows how much face I am giving Young Master.”

Jiang Chen continued to speak nonchalantly, totally not putting those murderous gazes in his eyes.

“Son of a b*tch, Jiang Chen! Who do you think you are? It’s just a spiritual spring. It’s already a great blessing that you can give it to Young Master Futian. How dare you ask for Immortal Meta Stones from Young Master? How ungrateful you are!”

Huo Ying rose from his seat, and pointed at Jiang Chen’s nose and shouted. He seemed extremely angry, even angrier than the Young Master, which made the other guess if Young Master Futian was his own father.

“What’s wrong? Could it be that this social meeting is forcing someone into making a decision? You all can give your presents and I can sell the thing I want to sell. If Young Master Futian doesn’t like it, Young Master can choose to forgo it. Besides, the price I offered is already very face-giving. Don’t you think, Young Master Futian?”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes at Young Master Futian. As for that Huo Ying, Jiang Chen wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in him. So, he ignored him, too.

A trace of cold killing intent flickered in the depths of Young Master Futian’s eyes, but these intent was very well hidden by him.

“Haha! What Brother Jiang Chen said is true. This social meeting itself has the element of trading. And the offer that Brother Jiang gave is indeed very appropriate. I happen to have 10 000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones with me, which is just nice to purchase the spiritual spring from Brother Jiang.”

Young Master Futian let out two laughs. Although he wanted so much to shred Jiang Chen to a million pieces right now, he had to mindful of his face in public. He immediately took out a spatial ring that contained 10 000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones and tossed it to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen received the ring, took out ten bottles of spiritual spring and tossed them to Young Master Futian casually.

After receiving the bottles, Futian cursed in his heart.

You son of a b*tch! How dare you not give me face in public?! And let me lose 10 000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones?! Humph! As soon as this meeting is over, I will show you how powerful I am. At that time, I will retrieve all the things you have taken from me. However, this spiritual spring is truly a good thing.

How could Jiang Chen not know what Young Master Futian was thinking? He even had the same thinking as Futian right now. When he had just arrived in Eastern Profound Domain, he didn’t want to cause any troubles or provoke anyone, especially someone like Young Master Futian who had strong backer, but not wanting to cause troubles didn’t mean he’s afraid of troubles. If Young Master Futian really was going to deal with him later, Futian shouldn’t blame Jiang Chen for being merciless.

10 000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones was a hefty amount to any Immortal King. Even Young Master Futian would feel pain, but Jiang Chen still needed more of it.

“This idiot is finished.”

“Come on, let’s forget about this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How annoying! We’re supposed to come here and enjoy.”

“Given the means of Young Master Futian, he will never let him go. Let’s wait and see. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d will never be able to step out of Futian Manor.”


Everyone on the scene believed that Jiang Chen was already finished. No one in the manor had dared not to give Young Master Futian face, because such a behaviour was equivalent to courting death.

“Alright. What Brother Jiang did is right. Don’t let that affect everyone’s mood. Let’s continue to enjoy the moment, everyone.”

Young Master Futian raised a cup of wine, shook it around and finished it in one gulp.

Jiang Chen frowned and was ready to stand and leave. Thousands cups of wine might not be enough for a hearty conversation with like-minded friends, but one cup of wine was more than enough for conversing with a stranger. Jiang Chen wouldn’t bother to sit with these people as that would only degrade himself.

“Young Master Futian’s beauties are exceptional. Each of them is so fine. I believe such enjoyment and pleasure can only be found in Young Master Futian’s place.” One man was cuddling a girl and laughing.

“These are nothing. I have subdued a true beauty of the Heavens and Earth the day before yesterday. I have to admit that the girl has a very powerful soul power. Even I have to use two days worth of time to completely subdue her.”

Young Master Futian spoke. Speaking of that unparalleled beauty, his eyes couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ne.

“Is it? Why don’t Young Master let us have a look at her?” Huo Ying said.

“Let me tell you something. This unparalleled beauty is still a virgin. Even myself is reluctant to touch her. I cultivate a type of Yin Plucking and Yang Replenis.h.i.+ng secret art. I will wait until full moon to own her by sucking all of her Yin Qi. With the integration of my Yin Corpse technique, it won’t be a problem for me to break through to the late Immortal King realm.”

Young Master Futian spoke proudly. Currently, there were less than a few days away from the full-moon. At that time, he would be able to get what he wanted. Not only could he enjoy the best of the Heavens and Earth, but also make great progress.

“Hurriedly show us the beauty! I’m feeling itchy right now in my heart, dying to see how she looks like.”

Someone shouted. Young Master Futian’s words had aroused the interest and desire of all.

“Alright. In that case, I will fulfil all of your wish by opening your eyes.”

Young Master Futian sure was delighted. He snapped his finger. Later, a female silhouette walked out from behind. She wore a tight black dress, with a delicate and graceful body. Her dark hair was emitting a pleasant scent. Her lips were natural red. Her unparalleled appearance stifled everyone. Her face carried a trace of coldness. Both of her eyes had lost its vigor. Apparently, she had been completely controlled by Young Master Futian. Like the other girls, she had become a tool and slave of Young Master Futian. Despite all of these, it still couldn’t conceal the cold pride from the girl’s bone. She stood there like a proud snow lotus.

Most of the people here were shocked, feeling that the world had lost its color in front of this girl.

When Jiang Chen saw the girl, his facial expression changed dramatically. Anger that originated from his innermost soul filled his chest.

“Sister Ning!”

Inside Jiang Chen’s body was churning like magma of volcanoes that was going to erupt soon, because this proud black-dressed lady wasn’t a stranger. She was precisely the Wu Ningzhu that he had been looking for!

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