Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1415 – Usurping the Seat

Chapter 1415 – Usurping the Seat

Usurping the Seat

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Just as Jiang Chen had wished, he had obtained the personal invitation from Young Master Futian. His trip to this manor would be wasted if he couldn’t partic.i.p.ate in the social meeting. Initially, he wasn’t very interested in Futian Manor, but since this was his first stop, he would have to at least communicate with the people here to find out more about the situation of Eastern Profound Domain.

According to the old liar, Futian Manor was one of the most famous places in this region. Anyone who joined the social meeting with Young Master Futian must be some renowned figures, or at least geniuses.

Two days later, the liveliest moment of Futian Manor had arrived. It was the day when the number of people was at its peak. In addition to the social meeting held by Young Master Futian, the entire manor was also engaging in trading activities. Many experts had come today. There were Immortal Kings that flew admirably in the sky above the manor. These experts who could travel through the air were those who had received the invitation letter of Young Master Futian and had a certain status and ident.i.ty in this generation.

“How enviable! I wonder when I can reach the Immortal King realm.”

Someone lifted his head, eyes filled with admiration. To them, advancing to the Immortal King realm was just a dream. Even in this vast domain, mighty Immortal Kings still had a certain position and were respected by countless of people.

Behind the golden trading building was a magnificent manor. This small manor was the heart of the Futian Manor, the place where Young Master Futian resided, the venue of the social meeting was held here every time. Anyone who could enter this manor would feel honoured.

On the streets, one could see some people deliberately holding their invitation letter high and proudly in the air, while walking towards the venue of the social meeting with a face full of arrogance.

Jiang Chen was staying in the enormous golden building and wasn’t in a hurry. When he brought Big Yellow and old liar to the manor, almost all of them who had been invited had already arrived. After all, this social meeting was incomparably important to them. This was a great opportunity to a.s.sociate with Young Master Futian. No one was willing to miss it.

Before Jiang Chen went into the manor, two st.u.r.dy and tall guards immediately stretched out their hands to stop Jiang Chen.

“Show me your invitation letter.”

A guard spoke coldly and incomparably arrogant. The guards had the right to be arrogant because their cultivation base had already reached the mighty Golden Immortal realm. Putting these two Golden Immortal gatekeepers at the front showed how powerful Young Master Futian was.

Jiang Chen’s palm turned and the invitation letter emerged in his hand. After showing it to the guards, the guards immediately became respectful and saluted, not daring to show any sign of neglect. They were crystal clear about the value of the letter, because such a letter was personally written by Young Master Futian.


Jiang Chen nodded, then strode into the manor. Big Yellow and the old liar followed closely from behind. The old liar swaggered his way in, eyes looking around, his mouth mumbling.

However, after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow pa.s.sed the entrance, the old liar was stopped by one of the guards.

“Where did this old man came from? F*ck off!” The guard said unkindly.

“Dang! Are you blind? Didn’t you see that we are together? Why can the two of them go in and I can’t?”

The old liar snapped and made a three meter high jump. He put his hands at his waist, ready to reason with the guard, because this was discrimination, an obvious and pure discrimination.

“Get lost! This isn’t a place you can come.” The guard didn’t sound the slightest bit polite and gestured to the old liar to disappear.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. It seemed that bringing the old liar along was equivalent to bringing trouble, but he hated those who looked down on others. In that case, he had to bring the old liar in no matter what.

“We are together. Why? You want to stop me as well?” Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

“I do not dare, it’s just that this man is filthy. If he enters the manor, it will affect the image of the manor.”

The guard spoke in a very polite way. After all, Jiang Chen was still a distinguished guest. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to show any neglect.

“If that’s the case, I won’t be joining the social meeting then. But if I don’t join the event, I have no idea if your Young Master won’t kill you.” Jiang Chen said, then strode outside.

Seeing that Jiang Chen was angry, the guard’s facial expression changed dramatically, and hastily apologized. “Don’t be angry Young Master. It’s my fault. This way.”

The guard was very clear that those who could join this social meeting weren’t ordinary figures. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, if Jiang Chen left, Young Master Futian would probably kill him, because he had no idea what kind of precious item Jiang Chen had. If that brought loss to Young Master Futian, he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.

Jiang Chen felt satisfied upon seeing the decent response of the guard, then turned and continued walking into the manor.

The old liar swaggered from behind, and pa.s.sed the guards, not forgetting to dart them a disdainful look.

There was a huge courtyard in the manor. It was surrounded by birds, flowers and b.u.t.terflies. At the centre were two rows of tables and chairs. The tables and chairs were built out of pure jade. On the top of the table were filled with Immortal Fruits and fine vintage. There was a plate engraved with an expert’s name on top of every table.

Roughly, at least 30 tables had been set up, which was already considered a big number. Most of them present were young geniuses at the early Immortal King realm. The weakest among them was half-step Immortal King realm, but these half-step Immortal King geniuses were followed by true Immortal Kings. This only showed how wealthy they were.

“Eastern Profound Domain surely can’t be compared to One-Line-Sky. So many Immortal Kings have already appeared in this small piece of land.”

Jiang Chen sighed with surprise. He could imagine that these geniuses were absolutely not the top geniuses of Eastern Profound Domain. At best, they were ordinary geniuses of the generation. Despite that, there were already so many Immortal Kings. As to what extent the power of the top geniuses of the eleven major powers was filled Jiang Chen with lots of antic.i.p.ation.

“Little Friend, some people here can never be underestimated. Some of them are like Young Master Futian, they are geniuses of the eleven major powers. Although this zone is the boundary of the domain, the existence of Futian Manor had turned the region incredibly bustling, more bustling than many other regions.”

The old liar explained to Jiang Chen in a low voice. In fact, Immortal King geniuses also had great status amongst the eleven major powers.

“En.” Jiang Chen nodded, he understood what the old liar meant.

In front of the tables was an incomparably big chair. This was the only chair that was unseated, but Jiang Chen knew this wasn’t a seat left for him, it was the seat for Young Master Futian.

It was just that all the chairs here were already occupied. That was to say, there was no seat left for him.

“Dammit! Why can’t we find our seats?” Big Yellow went grump and snapped.

Jiang Chen scanned around and found out that the table that had his name on it was already occupied by a half-step Immortal King young man who was conversing delightfully with an elder.

In front of the elder was also a plate engraved with the name w.a.n.g Yao.

“Little Friend, this w.a.n.g Yao is from w.a.n.g Family. The one who is seating at your place is w.a.n.g Yao himself. The seat of w.a.n.g Yao is occupied by an elder of w.a.n.g Family. Apparently, they came here together.”

The old liar whispered, seeming to know everyone here.

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