Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 140 – Violence Must Be Met by Violence

Chapter 140 – Violence Must Be Met by Violence

Chapter 140 – Violence Must Be Met by Violence

An intense mist of blood was hovering about the skies of Redsun Town. With Jiang Chen’s ability, even though it was still far away, he could see the chaotic and horrifying scene within Redsun Town.

Zhang Wei and his friends had unsightly expressions. Although Redsun Town was only a small town, it was their home, a place where they had been born and grown up in. Their feelings towards this town couldn’t be replaced by anything else. Right now, when they witnessed their hometown in flames and the town folk being slaughtered, it was hard for others to understand their feelings.

It was still night time, but the fire was soaring into the skies within Redsun Town, making it bright like it was daytime. Rows of houses and buildings were caught in the fire. This was only a small town with a few dozen miles in circ.u.mference, the density of the population was high here.

Within the town, numerous black figures were running around while letting out evil laughs. These were the cruel Blood Devils.


Terrifying screams and cries could be heard everywhere. A man had his neck bitten by a Blood Devil, and in an instant, he became mummified. Similar scenes were playing out all over the town.

“Hurry, let’s gather at where the Town Marshal is!”

“Everyone, hurry, we’ll be safe next to the Town Mars… Ahhh!

All the Mortal Core warriors in Redsun Town were shouting and yelling. Some kept swinging their swords and fought these Blood Devils, but they were too weak compared to these Blood Devils, so many of them died in horrifying ways.

Right now, in the center of Redsun Town, there was a square that was packed with people, and all of them carried panicked and solemn expressions. There were a few warriors with weapons in their hands surrounding and guarding the crowd, most of them were Mortal Core warriors, and there were even some Qi Hai warriors.

The panicked people kept running towards the square.

“Hurry, go inside!”

Some Mortal Core warriors hurriedly pulled the town folks into the square and prepared themselves to defend them with their bodies. Right in front of all the people in the square there stood a few old men with dignified expression. All of them were holding combat weapons in their hands. Amongst these old men, then was one old man in his sixties, and his cultivation level was the highest amongst all here. An Early Heavenly Core warrior. He was the Town Marshal.




Houses were destroyed and burnt down in the fires, and the laughter of the Blood Devils was getting closer. More of these devils were coming in their direction, and the screams of the town folks were like needles piercing everyone’s hearts, making them all feel angrier and angrier. Their hatred and fear grew larger, but they mostly felt helplessness.

“Town Marshal, let us go out and fight these Blood Devils!”

“Town Marshal, we would rather die fighting these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

Some of the people were vigorous, they tightly clenched onto their weapons as their faces turned extremely red.

“No way!”

The Town Marshal shouted out loudly, “No one is allowed to leave here, our town strength is too weak, we need to be united, only then can we defend against these Blood Devils. I’m afraid, this time there are a few dozens Blood Devils, and it’s highly possible that there is Heavenly Core leader behind them. We can only gather everyone here and have all our Mortal Core and peak Qi Hai warriors protect our people. All warriors have to stand guard at the square’s outer perimeter!”

The Town Marshal’s voice was loud and clear, it made sure everyone could hear him. Now, the majority of the townspeople had gathered in the square. As for the rest of them, they would have to depend on their luck on whether or not they could make it.

The Town Marshal had no choice but to be an autocrat, as he had to consider the safety of the majority. Gathering all the people together was the only way for them to fight the Blood Devils. If they chose to fight the Blood Devils separately, the casualties would be higher. Besides, all the townspeople would become weak sheep waiting to be slaughtered.


Many people were sighing. They were so helpless and hateful towards these Blood Devils. But, this was the difficult moment in life that everyone might have to face once in awhile. During a crucial moment, they were forced to make a hard decision. A leader’s decision would affect everyone’s lives and safeties in the town. The Town Marshal had made the right decision in Redsun Town’s most crucial moment. Although he had no idea whether or not the Redsun Town would escape this disaster, this was the only thing he could do.

The old men, those Mid Mortal Core and Late Mortal Core warriors, none of them escaped from the town by themselves, they were all standing at the front of all townspeople, ready to defend everyone. Even until their last drop of blood was spilt, they would still remain standing to protect their people’s safety.


Right at this moment, an insidious laugh sounded out from the skies above. Two tall Blood Devils suddenly appeared, and they stared at the townspeople from above.

“Two Heavenly Core Blood Devils!”

The Town Marshal’s pupils shrank, and the faces of everyone in the square turned pale. They were showing in desperate emotions, the arrival of two Heavenly Core Blood Devil had basically made them give up all their hope. There was only one Heavenly Core warrior in Redsun Town, and that was the Town Marshal himself. He would have a hard time fighting just one Heavenly Core Blood Devil, let alone two of them.

“Gone, we’re doomed! Two Heavenly Core Blood Devils, how are we going to defend ourselves?”

“We are destined to die this time!”

All the old folks in the square started crying. When they thought about all the townspeople that would be killed by these Blood Devils, and have their blood sucked out of their bodies, they couldn’t help but feel extreme pain in their hearts. These old folks were like the Town Marshal, they weren’t afraid of death, but they didn’t just want to die for nothing.

“So much fresh meat, haha! If we drink all their blood, our cultivation levels will see a big jump! This really is a great feast!”

One of the Blood Devil leaders laughed out loudly.

“We are destined to die this time!”

Town Marshal raised his head up and yelled as tears started dripping down from the corner of his eyes.


Right at this moment, a huge explosion sounded out from behind the Blood Devils. The explosion was so loud that it simply shook the ground. Bright golden lights smeared the sky and brightened the entire Redsun Town. All the townspeople, as well as the two Blood Devil leaders turned around and looked in the direction of the source. What they saw was a young man with a pair of blood red wings on his back. He was holding a golden battle axe in his hand, and with a single swing of the axe, five Blood Devils were cut, and exploded into ashes.

At the same time, a big yellow dog who was glowing in a golden light was coming towards the square, and he was bringing tens of people next to him.

“Look, its Zhang Wei and the others, they are back!”

“Xiu’er is with them too, those girls are still alive!”

Many people were starting to get excited.

“This is Jiang Chen from the Black Sect! You rotten Blood Devils, come here and face your death!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was loud and clear, and it sounded out within every part of Redsun Town. He kept striking with his battle axe, and each strike would take away the lives of a few Blood Devils. They were all shattered into ashes by Jiang Chen’s attack.

“He is from the Black Sect! Town Marshal, that young man is a disciple of the Black Sect, and he is very powerful!”

“Haha, the people from the Black Sect are here, we’re saved!”

The desperate townspeople rejoiced. In the Qi Province, the Black Sect had a great reputation, and since a disciple of the Black Sect was here, they were sure they would be saved from this disaster.


Horrified screams filled the dark night within Redsun Town once again. But this time, it wasn’t the townspeople who were screaming, it was those cruel Blood Devils. Jiang Chen was too strong, those Mortal Core Blood Devils would get turned into ashes just by b.u.mping into Jiang Chen.

“Hmph! You are courting death, even if you’re from the Black Sect!”

One of the Blood Devil leaders who was about to start ma.s.sacring the townspeople in the square let out a cold snort. His body swayed, then he pierced towards Jiang Chen. The other leader was about to follow him, but his path was blocked by Big Yellow.

“Kaka, idiot, kneel down and kowtow in front of your grandpa! If you don’t, I’ll bite your head off!”

Big Yellow was swaying his head with pride.

“Where did this d.a.m.ned dog come from?! Face your death!”

The Blood Devil leader unleashed an imposing killing intent. He struck out with a huge blood red palm towards Big Yellow. But, Big Yellow didn’t show any signs of fear. With his body glowing in a golden light, Big Yellow extended his big head and rammed towards the blood red palm.


Big Yellow’s head was incredibly tough, the huge blood red palm was immediately shattered upon colliding with Big Yellow’s head.

With great speed, Big Yellow didn’t show any mercy. After shattering the blood red palm, he didn’t slow down, but he continued ramming towards the Blood Devil leader.


When the Blood Devil leader finally reacted from the shock, Big Yellow’s head collided right onto the Blood Devil’s chest with a powerful force.


The Blood Devil leader’s chest caved in underneath the great impact, and a huge amount of blood was forced out from his mouth. These Blood Devils had strong bodies that could be compared to some demon beasts, but he had never expected this dog’s head to be so strong, as if it was some incredible weapon.


Big Yellow was too fast. With his mouth wide open, he bit off the Blood Devil Leader’s head. With Big Yellow’s current strength, killing an Early Heavenly Core warrior wouldn’t take him too much time.


“What did I just see? This dog is so terrifying! He just killed one of the Blood Devil leaders!”

“What an extraordinary dog, I can’t believe what I just saw!”


The townspeople of Redsun Town were all stunned, they all carried astonished expressions. Even Zhang Wei and the few others who had witnessed Big Yellow’s brutality were still shocked by what they had just seen. After all, it was a Blood Devil leader!”

“Let’s attack!”

The Town Marshal raised the sword in his hand high up into the air and shouted out loudly. He became the first one to dash out from the square and attack. All the Mortal Core warriors had transformed into ferocious tigers who were hunting their prey. They ran out from the square and initiated their attack.

“Kill all the Blood Devils, avenge our fallen people!”

“Slay them all, make them die in the most painful ways!”

The townspeople acted like they had been injected with some sort of stimulant, and they started charging crazily.

On the other side, the Blood Devil leader had arrived in front of Jiang Chen. Upon his arrival, he immediately unleashed a layer of red lights towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. With a powerful swing of his battle axe, he had completely locked down the leader.

Jiang Chen’s battle axe was fierce and brutal, and the leader was chopped into half before he could even make a sound; he died horribly in an instant. Jiang Chen extended his hand and grabbed the devil core. At the same time, Big Yellow threw him the other Heavenly Core devil core. Jiang Chen instantly absorbed both devil cores with his Dragon Transformation skill.

“Big Yellow, kill all the Blood Devils, leave no survivors!”

While absorbing the devil orbs, Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow. Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Big Yellow begun ma.s.sacring while wagging his tail. His head was his best weapon, and none of the Blood Devils could withstanding a single strike from him, they all died horribly.

When the rest of the nearly thirty Blood Devils saw their leaders killed, they immediately became panicked and started fleeing in every direction, trying to escape from Redsun Town. However, underneath Big Yellow’s attacks and the furious townspeople, all of them were killed, and no survivors remained.

Leave no survivors, this was Jiang Chen’s approach towards these evil Blood Devils. Violence must be met with violence.