Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1382 – The Life-Or-Death Fight

Chapter 1382 – The Life-Or-Death Fight

The Life-Or-Death Fight

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Daoist Yufeng demanded an answer from Tian Muyun. At this moment, many eyes were fixed on him. Those eyes were full of disbelief, anger and disdain. Although many of them believed what Jiang Chen said, they still hoped to hear the personal admission of Tian Muyun.

Deceiving people and killing his own master… Returning kindness with animosity… inhumane… When these words were used to describe a person, everything related to the person changed. Just like Tian Muyun right now. His status in everyone’s heart was dropping sharply.

“That’s right. I killed Ouyang He, but he managed to get away and found this monster. What was so good about that old man? My talent is far greater than his. It’s only a matter of time before Skycloud Pavilion became mine. Speaking of treating me like his own child, he hadn’t even told me the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes cultivation method and given me his halberd. However, he has given all these to an outsider. Certainly, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d deserved death.”

The thing that surprised them was that Tian Muyun admitted his crimes without twisting any fact. Not even Jiang Chen had expected this, but Jiang Chen understood why Tian Muyun did so. This was because Tian Muyun no longer cared what the others thought. He thought no one would dare to oppose a mighty Immortal King. Being mighty and powerful was the proof of everything.

Furthermore, Tian Muyun didn’t intend to continue staying in One-Line-Sky. Given his talent and wild ambition, One-Line-Sky was too small for him. He was going to leave sooner or later. Plus, Jiang Chen had shown the hard solid evidence – the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. It had already become difficult for him to argue with it.

More importantly, Tian Muyun was an extremely arrogant person. The moment Jiang Chen took out the halberd, it violently stimulated his arrogance. When he found out that Ouyang He imparted his cultivation method to an outsider rather than him, it made him feel inferior to Jiang Chen. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen’s recent performance was a level higher than his. This was a fact he had clearly seen, and because of this, it angered him. When a person was angered, the person wouldn’t spend time on reasoning. Which was why Tian Muyun had admitted it directly.


Tian Muyun’s admission and his disrespect towards Ouyang had stirred a commotion from the crowd. Everyone was shocked, they felt as if Tian Muyun had turned into a stranger. Such a man had hidden his crime too deep and could still be pretentious at such a moment. Someone like him was a pure sc.u.m. How could there be such a brazen person in the world?

“Dammit! I never thought it was he who did it. What made such an unscrupulous b.a.s.t.a.r.d eligible to be the master of Skycloud Pavilion? Despite all that, he has been taking charge of Skycloud Pavilion for two years. How shameful!”

“One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. Who would have thought that Master Ouyang’s death was caused by his beloved disciple? It was hard to imagine how much pain Master Ouyang felt when he pa.s.sed the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd and Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes to Jiang Chen.”

“Shameless! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too shameless! He doesn’t deserve to be our Pavilion Master. Jiang Chen, kill him now to avenge Master Ouyang’s death! It’s a humiliation for such unscrupulous man to lead our pavilion.”


Innumerable angry voices sounded, especially the voices of the old elders. Each and every one of them were gritting their teeth. If Jiang Chen didn’t unveil the truth today, they would still be kept in the dark.

Seeing such a situation, Tian Muyun’s facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant. After all, he was still the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion, a high and mighty existence, but now, the dazzling honor above his head was torn apart. The feeling of falling from the top of the pyramid was unbearable.

It was a huge blow to his spirit and dignity.

But immediately, his eyes turned extremely cold.

“If anyone who dares to utter another word will surely die. Opposing me won’t bring you any good outcome. If you defy me, you will end up like Jiang Chen.”

Tian Muyun scanned the surrounding, and unleashed the aura of an Immortal King. At last, he had revealed this cruel side of his. He felt that he was the highest being of all, the true n.o.ble person. So how could he be disdained by these people?

“Tian Muyun, you do have a big mouth. Now, you have become the common target of all. For such an unscrupulous person like you, you will be spat on by anyone. There’s no place for you anymore in Skycloud Pavilion.”

Jiang Chen spoke loudly, releasing all of his Qi. Although he was merely an intermediate Golden Immortal, his Qi wasn’t any weaker than Tian Muyun.

Considering the miracles that Jiang Chen had produced before and his terrifying means, they had a very high confidence in Jiang Chen.

“Tian Muyun, I have completely misread you. I never thought that you are such a useless dog. Ouyang He must have been blind when he picked you up that year. I, Daoist Yufeng, must have also been blind for a.s.sisting you in the these past two years. It’s disgusting to think about it.”

Daoist Yufeng said bitterly. Both of his eyes went red. He had always been the affable Elder Daoist, he had never been so angry. Apart from anger, he also felt so much in pain. No one would understand it without experiencing such betrayal.

“Humph! Old man, you are like nothing. How dare you shout and reprimand me? I will kill you now and see who will be the next to oppose me.”

Tian Muyun harrumphed coldly. Since his secret has already been exposed, he didn’t have to care about his conduct anymore. Immediately, he struck out a huge palm at Daoist Yufeng.

He was a man who killed even Ouyang He. So he wouldn’t hesitate to kill an Elder Daoist. In his mind, anyone who opposed him would have to die eventually.

A mighty Immortal Qi spread across. Daoist Yufeng felt that the air current around him was solidifying. To his horror, he had been completely confined by the spatial power, and wasn’t able to resist.

“You beast!”

Daoist Yufeng cursed, but it was no use. He understood that the gap between a half-step Immortal King and a true Immortal King was just too great. Even if he were at the same level as Tian Muyun, he would still be no match for him.

“Old man, die now.”

Tian Muyun had a cruel look and smile on his face, seemingly determined to kill Daoist Yufeng in one strike.

“Tian Muyun, did you ask for my permission before killing Daoist Yufeng?”

At this critical juncture, a thunderous sound was heard all of a sudden. Jiang Chen attacked, holding the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, stopping before Daoist Yufeng in a flash. An incredible energy poured out from the halberd, shredding the spatial current into nothingness.


Jiang Chen’s momentum was very powerful. His eyes were fixed coldly at Tian Muyun.

Daoist Yufeng let out a sigh of relief. His forehead was beaded with cold sweat like he had just returned from the gates of h.e.l.l. He looked over at Jiang Chen with grat.i.tude.

“Jiang Chen, thanks.”

Daoist Yufeng clasped his fists and spoke. Besides grat.i.tude, he also felt astonishment towards Jiang Chen. He was astounded by Jiang Chen’s current strength. Although that was merely a strike from Tian Muyun, it was the strike of an Immortal King. He was unable to move a muscle under Tian Muyun’s control. Despite all of these, Jiang Chen was still able to break the attack so casually. This couldn’t be said that Tian Muyun wasn’t strong, but Jiang Chen was just too abnormal.

“Jiang Chen, kill him, kill that unscrupulous son of a b*tch!”

“Jiang Chen, eradicate him, avenge Master Ouyang. We will all support you. From now on, you will be our new Pavilion Master.”

“That’s right. You are our leader from now on as you are holding the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. The position of Pavilion Master should be yours. We will all obey your commands.”


The senior elders cried out with anger. The scene of Tian Muyun launching a deadly strike at Daoist Yufeng really upset them. It made them see clearly what kind of a person Tian Muyun was. In other words, they had placed all of their hopes on Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen couldn’t exterminate Tian Muyun today and was in turn killed by Tian Muyun, Skycloud Pavilion would still be in Tian Muyun’s control. At that time, it was imaginable what their fate would be.

“Tian Muyun, do you see this? This is what you get for betraying your own sect and people. What else do you have to say?” Jiang Chen’s momentum was overpowering. Dragon roars were sent out by the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.

“Humph! It was my mistake to let you live until now. Your talent is indeed terrifying. I have to admit that you are the most terrifying genius that I have ever seen. Unfortunately, you are too proud of yourself. You really thought that you can fight me with your current cultivation base? I will show you the terror of an Immortal King, and how shameless and ridiculous your act is, today.”

Tian Muyun harrumphed coldly. At this time, he was truly shocked by Jiang Chen’s amazing growth and combat strength. He even began to regret not having him killed in the beginning.

However, he still didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. After all, he was now a mighty Immortal King, the true king. So, how could a Golden Immortal concern him? To him, not even a late Golden Immortal was worth mentioning, let alone an intermediate Golden Immortal.

“There’s nothing more to say. Let’s fight to the death.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time trash-talking with Tian Muyun . With a flash, he turned into his dragon-form. A ma.s.sive dragon Qi poured out of his body like tidal waves, spreading in all directions. On the other side, Tian Muyun’s killing intent was soaring to the sky. Both of them moved skywards, reaching high in the sky in a blink. It seemed as if they were going to have a life-and-death battle right below the Heavens.

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