Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1364 – The Evil Sacrificial Altar

Chapter 1364 – The Evil Sacrificial Altar

The Evil Sacrificial Altar

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The divine might of the Heavenly Saint Sword had sent the Wheel of Evil flying. Under absolute suppression, Jiang Chen had gained the upper hand, but the demonic chief didn’t look any weaker. The chief made continuous strikes using the Wheel of Evil, striking out nine of them in an instant, and encircled Jiang Chen. Boundless devil waves rolled in the sky. The whole battlefield had become a black devil world.


Jiang Chen laughed loudly. This was his first time experiencing a real battle against a devil, and he felt even more fulfilled compared to the time when he fought against Mo Ying. The feeling of suppressing a half-step Immortal King could only be described as intoxicating.

On the other side, the human half-step Immortal and the demonic chiefs of the same level had engaged in fierce battles. Likewise, the battle had caused all kinds of changes to the Heavens and Earth. This was the ultimate battle that decided the fate of their lives. But because the half-step Immortal Kings of both parties not being ordinary experts, it was impossible to determine who would die in the battle in a short period of time. No one knew how long such a peerless, and ma.s.sive war would last.

Inside the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Tianji Zi saw everything with his eyes, feeling very excited and regretful at the same time. It was truly suffocating when he could only watch and couldn’t join in such a ma.s.sive war.

But seeing how Jiang Chen suppressed a half-step Immortal King, there was only pride and delight on his face.

The formation of the devil army was overly huge, which made the human army seemed weak and small, but the fighting spirit of the human experts was extremely high as Tyrant and Big Yellow were like two sharp blades stuck at the core of the Evil Clan, sending terrible blows to the devil army from time to time.

Blood flowed like river wherever the monk and the dog went. Under such a chaotic war, Tyrant’s edifying light could be used flawlessly. Plus, all of Tyrant’s skills could suppress the demonic devils.

Currently, Tyrant’s Qi was fluctuating greatly, seemingly about to advance to the true Golden Immortal realm in no time. Certainly, it was undeniably simple to achieve advancement in this war.


On the other side, Big Yellow let out a frenzied roar. All of a sudden, his momentum soared like a sharp sword and he broke through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. This was because of the tremendous amount of essence he had obtained from the Immortal Execution Sword. Once his foundation had gotten strong, advancing to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm was as easy as moving an arm.

At the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, he had become incredibly powerful. He opened his mouth and tore a late Golden Immortal demonic devil apart. Even if he was confronted by a half-step Immortal King, he would have the strength to fight it.

Although Tyrant and Big Yellow could not control the final outcome of this war, they had caused instantaneous changes both on the battlefield and the course of the whole war. At least, the morale of the human army was boosted to the peak, totally incomparable to the devil army.

Jiang Chen and the demonic chief were still fighting intensely. Jiang Chen was enjoying the battle very much and he didn’t want to use the Edifying Light for now. He needed battles, so that he could mould his own combat strength.

*Hong Long……*

Just at this time, a dark spatial pa.s.sageway suddenly exploded. Then, a black mountain emerged, flying towards the battlefield. In fact, that wasn’t a mountain, but a sacrificial altar in black color that was radiating a gloomy light.

As the huge sacrificial altar floated in the sky, it looked as if it was comparing its height with the sky.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

The moment the altar appeared, the demonic devils on the battlefield lifted their heads and roared, they then pounded their chests, seemingly extremely excited. Some devils even knelt down and kowtowed at the black altar.

The ancient black altar was the symbol of the Evil Clan, and there was only one devil in the entire Evil Clan that could control this altar.

“This is the Evil Sacrificial Altar. It’s the belief of the Evil Clan. It’s akin to a powerful King Weapon. I heard that this altar was broken apart. I never thought that it’s fixed now. Dammit!”

“Rumor has it that this horrifying altar can suck away people’s will, letting the evil take control of their minds. I never imagined that it really exists. I have no idea if the Evil Lord can deal with this altar. If he can’t, we will surely be finished.”

“Look, there’s someone standing on the altar. It’s the Crazy Devil, the Crazy Devil of the Evil Clan.”


Many people exclaimed. The Evil Sacrificial Altar had always been a myth. No one had ever seen it, and some have even said that the altar had been broken and there was no way of restoring it. But today, it was as intact as new. This had no doubt, dealt a very strong blow to the human race. Evidently, their morale began to drop rapidly while the demonic devils’ morale began to soar.

Most of them could see that a figure was standing on the altar with crossed arms behind his back. That was a fifty plus year old man. He seemed incomparably thin and his hand was holding a crutch, as if his light body could be easily blown away by a gale.

However, no one dared to look down on this weak old man. He had another powerful name—Crazy Devil.

That was right. He was the Crazy Devil. The leader of the whole Evil Clan. He was the only one who could control the altar. He was the strongest pillar and spiritual support of the Evil Clan, high, mighty and inviolable.

The emergence of the Crazy Devil indicated that this war wouldn’t end easily. Additionally, he had brought along the Evil Sacrificial Altar. The reason of his action was clear. That was to have a life-or-death war with the human army, wanting to exterminate every one of them.

“This Crazy Devil is truly powerful. He is at the peak of early Immortal King realm. Adding his powerful physique and the formidable Sacrificial Altar, I wonder if Brother Yang can handle it. It seems like the war had developed faster than I had imagined. I have to kill my opponent as quickly as possible to improve my cultivation base, so that I can help Brother Yang deal with this Crazy Devil.”

After noticing the power of the Crazy Devil, resoluteness was revealed in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“Evil Lord, aren’t you going to come out and fight?”

The Crazy Devil clamored. His voice echoed across Evil City like an enormous bell.


Just as the devil’s words faded, a black-clothed silhouette suddenly walked forward out of nowhere. He stepped on the void, smas.h.i.+ng it on the spot, creating deep sound waves that rippled across the sky.

This man had a good-looking face, a magnificent demeanor and seemed to be around thirty years old. Who else could it be if he wasn’t Yang Bufan?

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