Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1358 – The Secret

Chapter 1358 – The Secret

The Secret

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Yang Bufan took out a spatial talisman. He had already taken full control of the spatial fluctuations in Evil Abyss, so it was very easy for him to open the pa.s.sageway to Evil Abyss. In other words, the Evil Abyss was his base camp that he could return at any time.

Of course, this was limited to only a few regions in One-Line-Sky. If he was somewhere outside One-Line-Sky, he wouldn’t be able to open the pa.s.sageway so easily.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The spatial talisman turned into an illusory portal floating in the void. This was the gate that would lead to Evil Abyss. Yang Bufan was the first to go in, followed by Jiang Chen and Tianji Zi. The portal disappeared by itself after the three of them entered it. The void returned to its usual peace, like nothing had ever happened before. No one knew that three men had just disappeared into the pa.s.sageway from here.

Back in the Evil Abyss!

Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan only used half a day in their trip. The situation in Evil Abyss seemed just as serene. After Jiang Chen killed Mo Ying and eliminated a huge number of the devil army, the Evil Clan encountered an unprecedented loss that wounded even their roots.

Currently, the Evil Clan was preparing for the final battle. When the time came, it was destined to be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle. The final counterattack of the Evil Clan was bound to be the final war against the human race, intending to exterminate humans for good and regain control of the Evil Abyss.

As no one knew the Evil Lord’s and Jiang Chen’s stealthy departure, it didn’t cause any panic among the human army. To them, Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen were the spiritual pillars of the entire human race. If they that knew both of them left, they would certainly be in panic.

After Jiang Chen returned, he took Tianji Zi to the courtyard. The first thing he wanted to do was to nourish Tianji Zi’s body as it was too weak at the moment. Although there was no way to recover his master’s strength, he had to find a way to provide nourishment to his master’s body, or else, given Tianji Zi’s current condition, he was afraid that his master would die from old age in a few years.

As for Yang Bufan, he naturally would have to return to his post in Evil City. Now that the human and devil army were about to go to war, he must display his most composed side so that everyone could find a.s.surance from him.

In the courtyard, Big Yellow and Tyrant came over to greet Tianji Zi, knowing that Tianji Zi was Jiang Chen’s master. It was Tyrant’s first time seeing Tianji Zi, but not for Big Yellow. When he saw the changes in Tianji Zi, he got infuriated.

“What on earth…?! Which mother*cker did this?!”

Big Yellow was furious. Tianji Zi used to be a majestic and arrogant elder in Skycloud Pavilion. Now, he had become a complete cripple. How could Big Yellow not get angry from this?

“It’s Yang Shu who did it, but I have already made the Law Enforcement Hall pay for it. All the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall were killed by me and Tian Muyun was humiliated by Brother Yang in front of everyone. However, I’m certain that Tian Muyun won’t let this matter rest, considering how petty he is. Additionally, Tian Muyun has extraordinary talent. I’m afraid that the humiliation he suffered today will become a motivation for his revenge, and thus helping him break through to the Immortal King realm soon. But I don’t fear that at all. The stronger Tian Muyun is, the more exciting it is. It’s only a matter of time before he and I have to fight. At that time, I will end his life myself.”

Jiang Chen said. His tone and his face were filled with confidence. At the same time, his body was emitting a hint of majesty, the natural Qi of an emperor. He was a man of great fortune and the three of them had witnessed it before. There was no limit to what would happen to him in the future. Tian Muyun was nothing compared to him.

“Chen Er, you mentioned that you and Tian Muyun have old scores before. What’s this all about?”

Tianji Zi asked curiously. Given his eyesight, he could naturally see Jiang Chen’s resoluteness to kill Tian Muyun, but it was absolutely not just due to this event. There seemed to be something else that had yet to be disclosed by Jiang Chen.

“What do you think about this master?”

Jiang Chen flicked his arm and the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd appeared, hovering in the air, radiating a brilliant and dazzling golden light.

After seeing the combat halberd, Tianji Zi’s face changed dramatically. He knew this halberd all too well. He was afraid that no elder of Skycloud Pavilion didn’t know about this halberd.

“Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd! This is the combat weapon of master Ouyang He. Why is it in your hands?”

Tianji Zi was incomparably surprised. He lifted his head to look at Jiang Chen, seemingly very eager to know the answer.

“Senior Ouyang found me in Yan City. At that time, he was already on the verge of death. He gave the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd and the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes to me and asked me to fulfil one wish of his – that is to kill Tian Muyun – so that Skycloud Pavilion will flourish once more, and so that he could rest in peace.”

Jiang Chen said. At this time, it was no longer necessary to hide these things from Tianji Zi.

“That is to say, Master Ouyang has really encountered a misfortune. Ai! But, how does this have to do with Tian Muyun? Tian Muyun is the proudest disciple of Master Ouyang.” Tianji Zi was somewhat puzzled.

“There are some things that master didn’t know. Senior Ouyang’s death was caused by Tian Muyun. That man is insane. He took advantage of the situation when Senior Ouyang was in seclusion, trying to break through the crucial barrier of the Immortal King realm. In the end, Senior Ouyang had no choice but to burn his essence in order to escape.”

Jiang Chen told everything that he knew to Tianji Zi.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, that son of a b*tch! He had never thought that Tian Muyun is very insane and has concealed thoroughly it in front of all the elders of Skycloud Pavilion. I have once used the Great Divination Art to find the whereabouts of Master Ouyang, but it didn’t seem to work. Probably, the level of my Great Divination Art wasn’t high enough and could only predict the unfortunate encounter of Master Ouyang. Although I didn’t know what the unfortunate encounter was at that time, I wouldn’t have thought that the culprit was Tian Muyun.”

Tianji Zi’s nose almost billowed out smoke. He had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Ouyang He. Knowing Ouyang He’s misfortune was already a huge blow to him. For the past two years, he had been grieving about Ouyang He’s death almost every day, but he wouldn’t have thought that it was related to Tian Muyun.

By now, Tianji Zi finally understood why Jiang Chen wanted to kill Tian Muyun. It had to be related to Ouyang He’s escape. He felt hopeless in taking revenge, so he began looking for a descendant. Finally, he chose Jiang Chen when he saw Jiang Chen’s potential.

Tianji Zi had to admit that Ouyang He did have a great eyesight. Selecting Jiang Chen was probably the wisest choice he had ever made.

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