Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1345 – The Mighty Return

Chapter 1345 – The Mighty Return

The Mighty Return

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“Don’t worry about here. I’ve had a lot of dealings with the Evil Clan. Now that you have killed Mo Ying and sent them a terrible blow, although this will infuriate them, they won’t attack for a while according to their behavior. Their higher ups should be making the final preparation right now before launching an all out war against us. The trip to One-Line-Sky and back will take no more than half a day. The moment we arrive there, I will help you to kill that Tian Muyun.” Yang Bufan said casually, totally not putting Tian Muyun in his eyes.

This was of course very normal. Although Tian Muyun was a rare genius and a legendary figure in One-Line-Sky, , if he was compared to Yang Bufan, the difference between them would be known immediately.

The gap between a half-step Immortal King and a true Immortal King was certainly great. No doubt, Yang Bufan was a true Immortal King. Even if he was only an early Immortal King, he was powerful enough to flatten the whole One-Line-Sky. In other words, killing Tian Muyun was just as easy as pinching an ant to death.

“Little Chen, since Evil Lord has offered to help, then let him go along with us. At least, your safety is guaranteed, and there won’t be a problem in rescuing your master.” Tyrant said. He was totally in favor of Yang Bufan tagging along with Jiang Chen. There was nothing better than that.

“Alright. In that case, I will accept Brother Yang’s kindness. However, I have already promised Senior Ouyang that I will kill Tian Muyun myself and help revitalize Skycloud Pavilion. So Bother Yang doesn’t have to kill Tian Muyun. You will act as a deterrent instead.”

Jiang Chen said. Killing Tian Muyun was his personal matter. He didn’t hope for Yang Bufan to interfere as this was his promise to Ouyang He. He had to finish what he promised.

Moreover, he was going to rule Skycloud Pavilion eventually. So he must settle his scores personally. Only then could he establish his own prestige. The reason why he agreed to let Yang Bufan go with him was for only one thing – to save his master. If he went back alone, he would be stopped by Tian Muyun, making the entire rescue mission extremely difficult, but with Yang Bufan’s presence and extraordinary deterrent force, saving Tianji Zi would no longer be a problem.

“Alright. I promise that I won’t kill Tian Muyun. I won’t strike if you’re not in danger.”

Yang Bufan nodded. This time, he will follow Jiang Chen just to keep him safe. As for the matters between Jiang Chen and Skycloud Pavilion, he would never interfere. He knew that Jiang Chen was a man of excellence and principles.

Annihilating Tian Muyun had been Jiang Chen’s greatest objective since he arrived at One-Line-Sky. Therefore, it was better to let Jiang Chen achieve this goal with his own means.

“Time is of the essence. Let’s go now.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t wait any longer as he had no idea how long Tianji Zi had been imprisoned. The message before had been sent in advance. If it wasn’t because he casted the Great Divination Art before, he was afraid that he would’ve never sensed it.

“Since the Evil Lord is already going with you, then we won’t be joining you two. We may be able to help more if we stay here.”

Big Yellow said. He intended to return with Jiang Chen, but with a supreme expert like Yang Bufan following his brother, he and Tyrant wouldn’t be of much help there. By staying back, they could help Yang Bufan keep a watchful eye on his empire. After all, they felt incomparably grateful that the Evil Lord was willing to help Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen nodded, then went into the spatial pa.s.sageway, heading to One-Line-Sky under the lead of Yang Bufan.

With an Immortal King personally controlling the spatial pa.s.sageway, their speed was incomparable. In just a moment, the two of them arrived at One-Line-Sky.

The location where they arrived was similar to where Jiang Chen emerged last time. They were now within the range of Yan City and was quite far away from the center of One-Line-Sky, the place where Skycloud Pavilion was at. But to Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan, such a distance was nothing. They were able to arrive at the destination in a just few breaths’ time.

“Let’s go. I’ll be by your side. I won’t do anything unless I have to.”

Yang Bufan said. He wore a black robe. His angular face seemed incomparably handsome. He concealed his Qi completely and followed behind Jiang Chen. No one would think that this man was so terrifyingly powerful as no Immortal King had ever appeared in One-Line-Sky.

Jiang Chen wasted no time. He hurriedly flew towards Skycloud Pavilion. Now that he was a half-step Golden Immortal, besides Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng, no one else in the entire Skycloud Pavilion was his match.

The mountain gates of the Skycloud Pavilion was still the same as before. Nothing had changed. It was just that the atmosphere above Skycloud Pavilion felt somewhat dull. Several disciples that were guarding the mountain gates appeared to be listless. Obviously, it was because of the matter of Jiang Chen and Tianji Zi. It had affected everyone in the whole pavilion as well.

“Ai! Do you all think Brother Jiang will appear?”

“Who knows? If he appears, he’s going to die for sure. It’s really pitiful to see Elder Tianji being imprisoned by Master Tian. Now he’s being imprisoned in the Law Enforcement Hall. Knowing this really gave me a heartache. Even if Brother Jiang is here, he won’t be able to save Elder Tianji, instead, it will cost him his life. I wish that Brother Jiang to not return.”

“That’s right. I also hoped that. Given Brother Jiang’s speed of growth, he will surely grow stronger sooner or later. I hope that Brother Jiang will become stronger first before he returns.”


The disciples guarding the gate sighed as they commented on Jiang Chen’s matter. It could be seen that they were standing on Jiang Chen’s side and that Jiang Chen was a very important figure to them, even those outer disciples who had been injured quite badly by Jiang Chen. Most of them had already regarded Jiang Chen as their idol. Every young man has a dream and admired the strong. Comparing Tian Muyun to Jiang Chen, they would certainly admire Jiang Chen more.

Just as the disciples’ words trailed off, two silhouettes suddenly appeared outside the mountain gates not far away. They were alerted.

When they saw the incomers, their faces changed dramatically and their mouths were wide open with shock.

“Bro…Brother Jiang.”

The leader among them stammered, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. Jiang Chen materialized right after they finished talking, as if it was on cue.

“Brother Jiang, why have you returned?” One man asked.

“Where is Elder Tianji being detained?”

Jiang Chen didn’t have time to waste with these people and asked instantly.

Feeling the fury from Jiang Chen and those incomparably cold words of him, the few of them didn’t dare to neglect his question.

One of them hastily replied: “He’s currently being detained in the Law Enforcement Hall. Elder Yang Shu is guarding the prison.”

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