Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1337 – Declaration of Battle

Chapter 1337 – Declaration of Battle

Declaration of Battle

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Yang Bufan was very confident in Jiang Chen. He had already known Jiang Chen’s extraordinary talent the first time they’ve met. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have addressed a puny Divine Immortal as ‘brother’ given his pride. Now that the intense war had begun, it was also the right time to use Jiang Chen to dampen the morale of the Evil Clan.

Putting Jiang Chen into the battlefield had greater effect than Yang Bufan interfering himself. If the Evil Lord were to conduct a ma.s.sive ma.s.sacre there, not only would it not affect the morale of the devil army, it would only infuriate the demonic devils instead and provoke the higher ups of the Evil Clan to strike back.

However, Jiang Chen was different. He was merely a Divine Immortal but he was able to exterminate all of them until nothing was left. This was particularly important in boosting the human army’s morale, all the while creating a trauma in the devil clan’s heart, telling them that they were no match for humans. However, there was also a rare genius like Jiang Chen in the Evil Clan. His name was Mo Ying. This genius, too, was very arrogant and would never admit being weaker than humans. Therefore, Mo Ying would surely deal with Jiang Chen instead of the higher ups of the Evil Clan.

If Mo Ying could kill Jiang Chen, the morale of the devil army would surely be rekindled, but if Mo Ying was killed instead, the Evil Clan would lose a great advantage and their foundation would subsequently be shaken.

In the outer region, in the only city occupied by the Evil Clan was a young man clad in black. His eyes seemed deep. The devil Qi radiated from his big, and tall body was terrifying. With him standing there, no one below dared to speak. Even the mighty late Golden Immortal expert didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

This black-clothed man wasn’t a stranger, he‘s the genius of the Evil Clan – Mo Ying. He was now in human form, looking incomparably handsome.

“This must be a joke. Our army is so majestic, but in spite of that, they were suppressed by a puny little Jiang Chen, causing around 100 000 casualties and most of the chiefs aren’t back. You all are truly useless garbage.”

Mo Ying seemed incredibly angry. The Evil Clan had lots of tribes and every tribe had a chief and every chief had a high status in the clan. Despite their n.o.ble position, none of them dared to raise their heads and speak when Mo Ying reprimanded them.

It was right that the chiefs had very exceptional status, but compared to Mo Ying, their positions were nothing. Mo Ying was a renowned genius of the Evil Clan. He was the hope and future of their clan. They even placed their hopes on him in leaving the Evil Abyss one day and going into the true Immortal World.

“Young Master Mo Ying, that Jiang Chen is truly powerful. He has two very strong helpers and he can cast an extremely scary skill which seemed to originate from Buddha Sect. It could suppress us greatly and can easily subdue us by controlling our will, turning us into his slave. Then, he used us to kill our own kind. We couldn’t do anything about it at all. We were no match for him.” One of the chiefs spoke.

Thinking about Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s means, their hearts palpated with fear. Each and every one of the demonic chiefs was a notorious demon. They had never felt fear or death while fighting against humans.

The real reason why Jiang Chen’s divine means scared them so much wasn’t because it could take over their willpower, but they couldn’t find a way to deal with it. Thus, Jiang Chen’s existence had left a trauma in their hearts.

“What a good Jiang Chen! I would like to meet him myself then.”

A cold light glinted in Mo Ying’s narrowed eyes. He had heard about this situation as well: a young genius of the human race interfered and reversed the whole situation, causing them to suffer great losses.

If this continued, the fighting spirit of their army would certainly drop to the lowest level. Even those powerful demonic chiefs might flee the moment they saw Jiang Chen.

Therefore, Mo Ying decided that this trauma had to be removed as soon as possible, and the best way of doing so was to kill Jiang Chen. Once Jiang Chen was killed, the trauma and fear within the devil army would disappear. Only then could the war be carried out smoothly.

“The genius of human race… good… very good… I will personally get rid of him to strengthen the might of our Evil Clan.”

Mo Ying’s Qi fluctuated. A surge of devil wave rushed out of his body, turning the entire hall icy cold. Anyone who recognized this genius knew that he had gotten infuriated this time. The human genius had not only provoked his anger, but also ignited his desire to kill.

“Issue the declaration of a life and death battle with the human genius tomorrow in front of the two army camps,” Mo Ying said.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was in the city that was next to the city conquered by the demonic devils.

Similarly, in the meeting hall, Jiang Chen was frowning, his face was somewhat darkened. The people below didn’t dare speak. Although they had won this war, Jiang Chen wasn’t satisfied with it, he had yet to gain full control of the outer region. There was still a city being occupied by the demonic devils, which wasn’t what he wanted.

“City Lord, the opposite city has the existence of the devil genius, Mo Ying. This genius is incomparably powerful. He’s at the late Golden Immortal realm. I heard that this devil’s body has already integrated the origin of the Evil Abyss. His means are extremely cruel. Any ordinary Golden Immortal will most likely be killed by him in just three attacks.” Liu Qingshan said.

“The genius of Evil Clan. I’m interested to meet him.”

Jiang Chen supported his lower jaw with his hand and smirked. He had heard about this devil genius before. Despite this being a direct confrontation, he didn’t show any signs of fear. Conversely, after such a long battle, the emergence of a true expert truly excited him.

“City Lord, Mo Ying has written you a declaration of battle.”

At this time, a cultivator came in, looking very fl.u.s.tered, holding a black piece of paper-like thing. The surface of it was enshrouded by black devil Qi which increased the gloominess in the main hall.

Jiang Chen flicked his finger, shooting out a flame towards the black letter. It let out a ‘Chi…Chi…’ sound before burning into ashes instantly.

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