Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1330 – Killing the Demonic Chief in Seconds

Chapter 1330 – Killing the Demonic Chief in Seconds

Killing the Demonic Chief in Seconds

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*Hu…* *Hu…*

A wave of fire gushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. The blazing flames was the greatest enemy of the devils, they are the things that they feared the most.

Jiang Chen’s body flashed, arriving at the big army of devils. After he incinerated a huge number of them with fire, he casted the Edifying Light, edifying up to a hundred devils on the spot.


The edified devils who were engaged in a fierce fight against the humans immediately turned and s.h.i.+fted their targets to their own kind, catching many of them off guard. None of the unedified devils think that they would be attacked by their own kind at this moment. And instantly, a huge number of devils were killed because of being defenseless.

All the killed devils were sucked in clean by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but the stronger the paG.o.da become, the harder it was for it to condense levels. Each level required more energy. Therefore, an ordinary demonic devil wouldn’t be of much help to the paG.o.da’s improvement.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

In almost an instant, the demonic devils’ camp was in complete disarray. Although only a hundred demonic devils were edified, the impact was horrifying because of the sudden attack.

The devil army turned chaotic and began killing each other.

On the other side, as soon as the human cultivators who were battling intensely against the demonic devils saw what happened, they were dumbfounded, but they had to admit that the pressure had been tremendously reduced. It was rather an exciting thing to see some of their enemies became their helpers.

“What the h.e.l.l is this? What sorcery is this? Why did they suddenly kill one another?”

“Look, that’s City Lord. City Lord has come back. I have heard that City Lord has a way to subdue demonic devils, turning demonic devils into his allies. I didn’t believe it last time, but now that I’ve seen it, I have to say that City Lord is truly an unrivalled genius that could hardly been seen in ten thousand years. His means is undeniably heaven defying.”

“Haha! Our City Lord is back. This war won’t be a problem anymore, no matter how many demonic devils there are. With City Lord’s heaven defying means, this bunch of devils would soon kill themselves. It seems like the demonic devils will die on their own even without us attacking them.”


Excitement. Countless experts were excited by this phenomenon.

*Hua La…*

The Edifying Light was casted out once more. More than a hundred demonic devils were edified. And this time, he didn’t retract the light back after casting it out. The moment an edified devil died, the unedified devil would immediately replace it to maximize the number of devils that could be edified. At this rate, the devil army would surely be destroyed by self-destruction.

Countless people gasped. They had never seen such a horrifying means. The demonic devils were so greatly suppressed. Many sighed, thinking that if the Evil Lord had such means, they were afraid that there wouldn’t be Evil Clan in Evil Abyss anymore.


Dragon roars rumbled through the sky. Jiang Chen struck out horrifying fire dragons. The mighty fire dragons stormed out towards the devil army. Every place the fire dragons pa.s.sed, the demonic devils were burned to death. Instantly, the situation of the battle was reversed.

Jiang Chen saw a few powerful half-step Golden Immortal demonic devils. There were two that had reached the early Golden Immortal realm. When they noticed the changes, they locked on Jiang Chen at once. With their eyesight, they naturally could see that these changes were related to the dragonman. As long as this dragonman was killed, the demonic devils would gain the upper hand once again, and eventually defeat the enemy.

Jiang Chen was surrounded by the demonic devils. Their eyes were blazing with fire. They wanted to shred Jiang Chen so badly right now.

“A bunch of worthless c.r.a.p. You all are only a rascal before me. Die now.”

Jiang Chen struck first. He didn’t want to waste any time. The Heavenly Saint Sword rippled, swinging out a slash. The devils had no chance to dodge it. They were all killed, even the early Golden Immortals. None of them had the room to resist.


Seeing what happened, an intermediate Golden Immortal devil which was battling a human expert couldn’t help but be infuriated. He was glancing at the scene below as he fought the human expert. This sudden reversal really angered him.

“What a good Jiang Chen, you sure have your reputation.”

The intermediate Golden Immortal human came from Evil City. He had long heard of Jiang Chen’s name, but he didn’t believe the rumors until today. Now, he admired Jiang Chen so much that he was even willing to prostrate before Jiang Chen. The whole situation was overturned by Jiang Chen alone. Comparing him with Jiang Chen, his presence could only help to stall for time.

One slash to kill so many powerful demonic devils and the ability that could make the devils kill themselves. Who wouldn’t admire someone who possessed such capabilities?

“You seem very angry, but you have to die as well.”

With a flash of his body, Jiang Chen flew upwards, arriving before the demonic chief.

“Be careful Brother Jiang, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is the leader of a tribe. He’s not easy to deal with.” The Golden Immortal reminded.


The demonic leader was furious and lunged at Jiang Chen.

To Jiang Chen, he didn’t even put this intermediate Golden Immortal demonic chief in his heart. Although this demonic devil was stronger than a human expert of the same level, it didn’t have such an advantage over Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s flames could completely suppress half of its strength, making it half as powerful. This fact alone had already determined its fate.


Coldness sparkled in Jiang Chen’s eyes. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into an arc as it was swung. In a flash of light, the long sword penetrated through the demonic chief’s skull.


The intermediate Golden Immortal human expert’s mouth went wide. Time seemed to freeze. He simply couldn’t accept it. He had fought against that powerful intermediate Golden Immortal for a long time, but when Jiang Chen emerged, it took only a few seconds for Jiang Chen to kill his opponent. How could he ever believe it?

He was absolutely sure that Jiang Chen was merely a peak intermediate Divine Immortal expert. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find a second Jiang Chen that possessed this kind of strength.

Jiang Chen slowly withdrew his long sword. The power inside the paG.o.da landed on the demonic chief’s corpse and began to absorb it frantically. Given Jiang Chen’s present combat strength and his suppressive ability against the demonic devils, it was incomparably easy for him to kill any ordinary intermediate Golden Immortal demonic chief in a matter of seconds.

As the paG.o.da continued to absorb the essence of Qi and blood of the intermediate Golden Immortal demonic chief, the twenty-fourth level of the paG.o.da was slowly completed.

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