Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1326 – Seething with Discontent

Chapter 1326 – Seething with Discontent

Seething with Discontent

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Although Tianji Zi was strong, he was no match for Tian Muyun. With a wave of his palm, Tian Muyun shattered Tianji Zi’s strike completely.


A powerful force like an invisible mountain knocked Tianji Zi off, sending him away. The bystanders could clearly hear the sound of broken bones. It was imaginable that Tianji Zi had suffered greatly.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Tianji Zi spurted out mouthfuls of blood. His body trembled violently. His face was as pale as white paper. He almost fell from the sky. This scene shocked many of them. Not even Daoist Yufeng had thought that Tian Muyun would really attack Tianji Zi. A moment ago, Tian Muyun claimed that he would protect Tianji Zi. So they all thought that even if Tian Muyun attacked, it would only be a pretense, but now, it seemed like it was far from that.

“Haha… Tian Muyun, kill me now if you dare!”

Tianji Zi laughed loudly. His eyes were full of hatred, malice and disappointment. This was a sect which he had dedicated his life to. He had already regarded the sect as a part of him. It was his home. The place he vowed to live or die with. He had never thought of the day of leaving the sect or even be beaten by the Pavilion Master.

“Tianji Zi, you tried to betray Skycloud Pavilion and attacked me. These two crimes alone can cost you your life. But because you are an elder of Skycloud Pavilion and have contributed a lot despite the troubles you have created, I will personally hold you captive, and give you the chance to repent for your mistakes.”

Tian Muyun announced loudly and pompously. Then, he struck once more with his palm. Huge gusts of winds instantly enshrouded Tianji Zi. Sadness filled Tianji Zi’s face. He didn’t seem to be resisting, he clearly understood the gap between him and Tian Muyun. It would be pointless to put up any resistance.

Tianji Zi then vanished. Tian Muyun disappeared too in a flash, leaving the silent scene behind.

“This Tian Muyun is truly ruthless. He even dared to injure Tianji Zi badly.”

Xuan Yangyi shook his head. Plenty of experts realized that they all had underestimated Tian Muyun. This man was far scarier than they had ever imagined.

As a matter of fact, this was what Tian Muyun was. He would do whatever it took to achieve his goal. Any obstacle that blocked his way would be eliminated. Today, he attacked Tianji Zi to stall for time. Of course, it was also partly because of Jiang Chen’s existence.

As to whether this incident would leave a bad image in the disciples and elders’ heart nor dampen his influence, he didn’t care. To him, this was a world that only respected the strong ones. As long as he was strong enough, he could do whatever he want. Whoever questioned him would be killed without hesitation.

In the past, when he just took over Skycloud Pavilion after killing Ouyang He, he was being very humble. After all, he needed to gain everyone’s recognition in Skycloud Pavilion to establish his prestige. But now, he no longer needed that.

Furthermore, Tian Muyun had great ambitions. He would never put a miniature Skycloud Pavilion in his heart. Once he become a true Immortal King, he would rule the whole One-Line-Sky. After realizing that wish, he would head over to Ethereal Immortal Domain. He thought of himself as the ‘dragon of the Heavens’ that could soar constantly. So, the tiny One-Line-Sky wouldn’t be able to meet his insatiable desire.

Unfortunately, Tian Muyun was somehow like Nan Bei Chao. That year, everything was good. The luck was good and the resources were abundant. If it wasn’t because he had encountered Jiang Chen, his cultivation path would’ve been destined to succeed like a smooth-sailing ride.

Unfortunately, both of them had met Jiang Chen. Their fates would eventually be the same. Jiang Chen had made up his mind to kill Tian Muyun for Ouyang He’s sake. Now that Tianji Zi was in trouble, it would only stir up Jiang Chen’s fury even more.

“What do we do now?”

Dugu Sheng looked over at Huangfu Yaotian and Yun Zhonghe.

“What else can we do? Frankly, Tianji Zi is the one I respect the most. If he had fallen into our hands, I would’ve treated him kindly. I won’t treat him just like how Tian Muyun did. We’ll just wait and see. Tian Muyun has already expelled Jiang Chen and even injured Tianji Zi. Once Jiang Chen knows about this, he will surely appear. That’s the thing that we’ll be waiting for.” Huangfu Yaotian said.

“I have to admit that I had never thought that Tian Muyun was such a ruthless lord. There’s a vast difference between his style of action and Ouyang He’s. I would rather have an opponent like Ouyang He than an adversary like Tian Muyun. That man is terrifying. I think we can’t afford to waste any more time. We should return and cultivate properly, and try to break through the bottleneck and reach the Immortal King realm as soon as possible. Otherwise, Tian Muyun will always be a threat to us.”

After Yun Zhonghe spoke, he immediately spun around and brought the experts of Yun Family back to their sect. Although they hadn’t gotten the chance to eliminate Jiang Chen, today’s trip wasn’t in vain. As long as Tian Muyun used Tianji Zi to lure Jiang Chen out. Jiang Chen would most likely emerge. The only thing they could do now was wait. After all, they had already searched for Jiang Chen for three whole days, but still found nothing about him. Any further search would only be deemed senseless.

After Yun Family left, Huangfu Yaotian and Dugu Sheng also led their experts back as well. The originally noisy mountain had suddenly settled down. Even though the enemies had already left, Tian Muyun’s actions didn’t leave any feeling of joy and relief in them. They started to feel a little strange about their own sect.

“Elder Daoist, Elder Tianji is a dignified person. Even if he has made some mistakes today, he still didn’t deserve to be treated that way by Pavilion Master. What Pavilion Master did is really disheartening.”

A Golden Immortal Elder spoke. Tianji Zi was proficient in the Great Divination Art, which made him extremely important to the sect, his position in the pavilion was secured. What happened to Elder Tianji today had filled their hearts with unpleasantness, as though the trusted aides would be eliminated as soon as they had already outlived their usefulness.

“Don’t you all worry. As long as I’m here, Pavilion Master will never hurt Elder Tianji. As soon as you come back to the sect, try to help our disciples calm their emotions in case some of them are holding grudges right now. As for Pavilion Master, I will handle him.’

Daoist Yufeng said with a frown. Since the matter had already developed to such a stage, there’s only so much that he can do, this was something that he didn’t wish to see the most. His stomach was now full of fury. Tian Muyun’s sudden change had tilted him off balance. Comparing this young Pavilion Master to the forthright Ouyang He, there was too much of a difference. He understood very well that if this matter wasn’t resolved properly, everyone in Skycloud Pavilion would be seething with discontent—something that he didn’t wish to see.

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