Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1322 – Besieging Skycloud Pavilion

Chapter 1322 – Besieging Skycloud Pavilion

Besieging Skycloud Pavilion

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“This is?”

Tyrant’s gaze fell upon the lotus leaf. Although he didn’t know what kind of treasure this leaf was, just from the Qi exuded from this piece of leaf, he was sure that this was no ordinary leaf. Besides, since this was kept by Jiang Chen, it had to be something good.

“This is the leaf of the Regenerative Lotus. Back when Ah Yan had lost his arm, we risked our lives to get the Regenerative Lotus, and the heart of the lotus was given to Ah Yan to refine, helping him to regrow his arm again. Now, there aren’t many leaves left. After refining this leaf, your cultivation should be able to reach the half-step Golden Immortal realm. With a half-step Golden Immortal cultivation base and Edifying Light, you could already move across the Evil Abyss unhindered.”

Jiang Chen said, handing the lotus leaf to Tyrant.

“Well, I won’t be polite then.”

Tyrant nodded, then took the lotus leaf. There was no need for him to be polite to his brothers. Immediately, he returned to his room and started refining the leaf. He understood that he could only be useful to Jiang Chen or at least wouldn’t be a liability to Jiang Chen by improving his cultivation.

In the following time, Jiang Chen also went into seclusion. He had gotten quite a lot of benefits in his trip to the ancient tomb, and he needed to digest them properly. As for everything that was happening inside Evil Abyss, he would put it aside first for the time being. Despite of the chaos happening in the Evil Clan, he was sure that Yang Bufan would be able to deal with it. After all, a full-scale war wouldn’t happen in a short period of time.

Three days pa.s.sed in a flash. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant didn’t even leave their courtyard in these past three days. It could be described as peaceful and serene, however, the situation outside was the complete opposite. Due to Jiang Chen having killed too many demonic devils last time, the higher ups of the Evil Clan were alarmed. So this time, they were going to launch a b.l.o.o.d.y attack for revenge. In these past three days, countless of demonic devils had appeared in numerous cities. The Evil Abyss had become more turbulent that would only get worse as time pa.s.sed.

Apart from the upheaval in Evil Abyss, One-Line-Sky was also not in a peaceful condition. The experts of the three major powers—Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu and Yun Family—were everywhere in One-Line-Sky, seemingly determined to find Jiang Chen even if that meant digging three feet below the ground.

Despite all their efforts, it appeared that Jiang Chen was already gone, like water that evaporated from the surface of the land. There was no clue of him, not even a trace of his Qi.

In these past three days, these major powers had searched the whole One-Line-Sky, but still couldn’t find a trace of Jiang Chen. Eventually, they s.h.i.+fted their focus to Skycloud Pavilion.

The outside of Skycloud Pavilion was encircled by the Golden Immortal experts of the three major powers. For the first time, these three major powers had actually joined forces.

“We have already searched the entire One-Line-Sky in these past three days, but found not even a single clue about that monster. The only explanation for that is that he is hiding in Skycloud Pavilion,” the Sect Master of Profound Sun Sect, Dugu Sheng, spoke.

“That’s right. It seems like we were all deceived by Tian Muyun from the very beginning. I’m now certain that Tian Muyun didn’t really send Jiang Chen to Evil Abyss. He was only buying time for Jiang Chen from the very beginning.” Huangfu Yaotian remarked coldly.

“Today, if Tian Muyun doesn’t hand over Jiang Chen to us, we won’t let this matter rest.”

Yun Zhonghe had a murderous look on his face. The experts of the three major powers were sure of one thing – anything related to Jiang Chen was caused by Tian Muyun. This was the most reasonable and only explanation they have.

However, this was only their point of view. They totally had no idea how aggrieved Tian Muyun was right now from being blamed for something he hadn’t done. Although Jiang Chen was a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion, he didn’t have any good feeling about this disciple.

“Tian Muyun, don’t you pretend anymore. Get out quick.”

Dugu Sheng clamored in front of the mountain gate. The shout was full of momentum. Its sound waves rippled out in layers, echoing back and forth above the mountain range. Numerous disciples of Skycloud Pavilion couldn’t handle the large din, and their faces turned pale.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

One after another, silhouettes of powerful experts rushed out from the pavilion. They were all Golden Immortal realm experts, the true higher ups of Skycloud Pavilion, but their leader wasn’t Tian Muyun. He was Daoist Yufeng.

He looked like a real sage, giving people the feeling of kindness, however, he was frowning right now. At this moment, Tian Muyun was in seclusion, advancing to the Immortal King realm. So, all matters of the pavilion would fall on his shoulder. It was unprecedented that all the experts from the three major powers were here including the other six of One-Line Eight Immortals.

“Why has everyone come to my pavilion with such momentum?”

Daoist Yufeng said composedly. Despite him being under extreme pressure, he didn’t show any sign of being fl.u.s.tered. This was the demeanor of a half-step Immortal King that ordinary experts hoped to have.

“Daoist Yufeng, call Tian Muyun out here now.” Yun Zhonghe cried out.

“Yes. Tian Muyun has fooled us. He must provide a proper explanation for us.” Dugu Sheng chided.

“This old daoist doesn’t know what you all are talking about.”

Daoist Yufeng said with a frown, however, he knew pretty well the intention of these experts.

“Yufeng, stop pretending. Hand Jiang Chen over now and our score with Tian Muyun will be settled.” Huangfu Yaotian shouted.

Tianji Zi stood behind Daoist Yufeng, seemingly very pleased with himself. He silently muttered: “That kid is truly amazing. Even with the experts of the three major powers joining forces, none of them were able to find him.”

He was incomparably proud of his disciple, however, he didn’t seem to care about how serious the trouble his disciple had gotten into. He couldn’t help but admit that Jiang Chen was a bada*s for doing all of these stuff.

“Jiang Chen isn’t in Skycloud Pavilion. Weren’t you all looking for him? We are also searching for him, but unfortunately, he has never shown up.”

Daoist Yufeng said. What he said was the truth. Jiang Chen was really not in Skycloud Pavilion. If Jiang Chen was here, given his status, he should’ve known it by now. He hadn’t paid much attention to this disciple before. Now, he was forced to look for him because this newly recruited genius was about to cause a huge chaos in One-Line-Sky.

Now that the three major powers were here demanding to see Jiang Chen, even if Daoist Yufeng had three heads and six arms, he wouldn’t be able to make Jiang Chen appear out of thin air.

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