Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1309 – Extinguishing Yun Canglan

Chapter 1309 – Extinguishing Yun Canglan

Extinguis.h.i.+ng Yun Canglan

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“How is this possible?”

Yun Canglan exclaimed. His face revealed a panic-stricken expression. Such a scene was totally unexpected to him, however, Jiang Chen’s strength made him understood one fact – Jiang Chen had achieved another advancement within this short period of time. He was sure that before Jiang Chen disappeared, he was only at the peak of early Divine Immortal realm, but now, he had already reached the peak of the intermediate Divine Immortal realm.

Yun Canglan would never believe such an incredible speed of advancement if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. Abnormal could no longer be used to describe this.

The speed of the attack was too fast. Yun Canglan had no chance of blocking it. This was due to him underestimating his opponent. Energy surged out of his body. He intended to take the moment while he was blocking Jiang Chen’s attack to run away from Jiang Chen’s attack zone.

However, this was impossible!

*Pu Chi!*

The sharp Heavenly Saint Sword’s light fell on Yun Canglan’s arm and severed it. Blood spewed out like a fountain.


Yun Canglan yelled. To a genius like him, losing an arm could greatly affect his future, and this was unacceptable to him.

However, the truly unacceptable outcome had yet to occur.


Jiang Chen’s body emerged before Yun Canglan right after his arm arm was slashed off. It was simply too fast. The sharp Heavenly Saint Sword fell on Yun Canglan’s neck, into his flesh, causing some blood to flow from the openning.

The crowd turned silent while gaping at the scene. None of them had thought that this would happen. Jiang Chen was only gone for a while. When he re-emerged, he became so powerful that he turned defeat into victory. The formidable Yun Canglan had become completely vulnerable and helpless.

Huangfu Zhan didn’t even have the chance to strike. At this moment, he was dumbfounded. From slas.h.i.+ng Yun Canglan’s arm and gaining control over Yun Canglan took only a second. They all happened in a blink. Such a scary scene had really frightened everyone.

“How could he suddenly became be so powerful?”

Huangfu Zhan gulped. All of his confidence and loftiness had vanished unnoticeably. Initially, he looked down on Jiang Chen, but everything changed now. To him, the current Jiang Chen looked more like a devil king.

“Yun Canglan, wasn’t you the one who kept on shouting that you wanted to kill me? Now that you are being controlled by me, tell me, should I kill you or not?” Jiang Chen said plainly.

His tone was full of sarcasm. No doubt, such a scene could be described as an irony – one of the most powerful geniuses had now become a prey for Jiang Chen ready to be slaughtered.

Yun Canglan’s face paled. He only felt the pain in his severed arm. His entire body had already been enshrouded by the shadow of death. Jiang Chen had already locked on all his Qi. At any second, the Heavenly Saint Sword could take his life; he didn’t even have the chance to escape.

“Don’t-don’t kill me Jiang Chen. As long as you don’t kill me, all the grudges that the Yun Family has against you will be cleared. You should know the scariness of Yun Family. I’m the Young Master of Yun Family, the son of the Patriarch. If you kill me, my dad will never let you go. By that time, there’s no place in the whole One-Line-Sky for you to hide anymore.”

Yun Canglan begged for mercy, at the same time not forgetting to threaten Jiang Chen. To him, such a threat was very effective. After all his ident.i.ty wasn’t ordinary. Like Huangfu Zhan, not only he was the number one genius of his family, he’s also the Young Master and the precious son of the patriarch. He believed that Jiang Chen should know about the consequences of killing him. It was something that Jiang Chen couldn’t even bear.

Unfortunately, Yun Canglan knew Jiang Chen too little. If he understood Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have spoken such unhealthy words. Such a threat wouldn’t have an impact to Jiang Chen. Yun Canglan had basically been labeled a sworn enemy from the moment he decided to kill Jiang Chen.

“Oh? I never thought that you are the Young Master of Yun Family.” Jiang Chen feigned a surprised look.

“That’s right. You should know the weight of my existence. Killing me won’t bring you any good.”

Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s astonished look, Yun Canglan was even more convinced that he could oppress Jiang Chen with his ident.i.ty and draw fear out of Jiang Chen. He believed that the person who would dare to kill the Young Master of Yun Family had yet to appear.

“This is surely great, killing a Young Master is my most favorite thing.”

Jiang Chen said, then exerted and swung the sword, cutting off Yun Canglan’s head with a Pu-Chi sound . An outstanding genius and the Young Master of Yun Family had just ended up in a tragic death. They were afraid that Yun Family wouldn’t be able to imagine such an outcome from the beginning.

To Jiang Chen, killing Yun Canglan was a must. No matter what kind of ident.i.ty Yun Canglan had. The grudges between him and Yun Family were already irreconcilable. So, keeping Yun Canglan alive would only leave a scourge behind.

“Dammit! He killed Brother Canglan!”

“This is over. Brother Canglan is dead. Patriarch will surely be outraged this time.”

“This d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Our family will certainly be at odds with him.”


Each of their eyes went red. Each of them badly wanted to shred Jiang Chen to pieces. However, their logic took over them in the end. They knew very well that lunging forward now was no different from dying. Jiang Chen would never even blink once if he killed them. After all, Jiang Chen was a frenzied and murderous devil.

After killing Yun Canglan, Jiang Chen turned to the dazed Huangfu Zhan. Of all of these so-called supreme geniuses of One-Line-Sky, he would never let anyone of them go. It had always been Jiang Chen’s motto to wipe out everything the moment he had decided to do that.

“It’s your turn. I wonder if you are also the Young Master of Huangfu Family.” Jiang Chen said flatly.

“That’s correct. I’m the Young Master of Huangfu Family, but it won’t be easy for you to kill me.”

Huangfu Zhan spoke coldly. A sharp combat blade appeared in his hand. The huge sword was gleaming and its killing intent was surging. He believed that Yun Canglan’s death was merely an accident. If he had a full-fledged battle with Jiang Chen, he was certain that he could fight against Jiang Chen. After all, he was a true Golden Immortal expert and Jiang Chen was merely a Divine Immortal no matter how monstrous he was.

“Good spirit. I like it.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Huangfu Zhan’s morale was stronger than Yun Canglan, but this wouldn’t be enough for Jiang Chen to not kill him.


The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a roar and then turned into a true dragon, charging towards Huangfu Zhan. From afar, Tuo Hai was paying close attention to the battle and Jiang Chen’s true strength. It seemed like he didn’t have any intention of lending Huangfu Zhan a hand. If Huangfu Zhan was also defeated, he would immediately flee at once.

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