Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1304 – The Fury of the Frenzied Dragon

Chapter 1304 – The Fury of the Frenzied Dragon

The Fury of the Frenzied Dragon

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The secrets of the ancient tomb had already been dug out. The Immortal Burying Coffin had already vanished along with the female corpse, leaving only a piece of Immortal Execution Order that was in Jiang Chen’s possession right now. The experts didn’t know why the Immortal Burying Coffin emerged in the ice palace, but they didn’t want to find out about it. What they knew was that the Immortal Execution Order was in Jiang Chen’s possession and that they had to kill him.

It was a full-fledged siege. There were people everywhere. Experts of the three major powers had already fully surrounded Jiang Chen, including Tuo Hai, Yun Canglan, Huangfu Zhan and a few other supreme half-step Golden Immortal geniuses. All of them were filled with murderous intent. They had already locked onto Jiang Chen’s position, not giving him a single room to escape.

There was a sea of people. Although the rogue cultivators were waiting for a good show to happen, plenty of them hoped that Jiang Chen could escape from this situation as they had pretty good impression of him, especially those who were saved by Jiang Chen. Their hearts were now filled with deep grat.i.tude. They couldn’t help but sympathize with Jiang Chen seeing him in such a difficult situation. If it wasn’t because of their lack of strength, they were afraid that they would’ve fought alongside Jiang Chen.

However, they knew better that they had to hold their urge to join Jiang Chen in the fight, because the opponents were just too powerful. If they really lunged forward aimlessly, not only would they not be of any help, but also become Jiang Chen’s burden.

“Son of a b*tch! These people from the major powers are really too shameless to lay siege on one expert with so many of them. Jiang Chen has obtained the Immortal Execution Order with his own capability. If Jiang Chen didn’t venture into the dead zone and get the token, who would be able to go and take it? Unless they wanted to die.”

“That’s right. Yun Canglan and the others are too brazen to bully the weak one. Jiang Chen is only an early Divine Immortal expert. If Jiang Chen has the same level as them, I’m afraid that they would’ve hid themselves far away like a rat seeing a cat.”

“Ai! It can’t be helped. Tall and big trees will always invite more wind. Who asked Jiang Chen to have so many treasures in his possession? He has all of the valuable treasures that appeared in the ancient tomb. If the experts of the three major powers went out empty-handed, they would lose all their faces. I hope that Jiang Chen can turn this dangerous situation around by creating another miracle and successfully escape from here.”

“Don’t worry. Personally, I’m very optimistic about Jiang Chen. He is a creator of miracles. Not even the Immortal Burying Coffin could kill him. As long as Jiang Chen doesn’t die today, the whole One-Line-Sky will turn chaotic because of him. Also, this man’s growth is incredibly fast. Sooner or later, he will post a huge threat to those three major powers. Huangfu Zhan and the others weren’t fools. They have already spotted Jiang Chen’s potential. That is why they had decided to uproot him out.”


Many rogue cultivators were good-mouthing Jiang Chen. Some people were even confident that Jiang Chen would surely escape. Because of the miracles that Jiang Chen had created, it forced them to think this way.

“Yun Canglan, don’t you get too far. Jiang Chen has gotten the Immortal Execution Order all by himself.”

Bu Qingfeng showed his strength. Now that the Immortal Execution Order is in Jiang Chen’s hands, he had to do his best to help. Or else, Jiang Chen would be facing a very dangerous situation. With so many fortunes on his body, Jiang Chen was like a vault of treasure. If the Immortal Execution Order, the wondrous rock and magma heart fall into the hands of the other three major powers, it wouldn’t be favorable to Skycloud Pavilion.

“Bu Qingfeng, our aim is Jiang Chen now, not Skycloud Pavilion. I hope that you won’t interfere in this. If you insist, don’t blame us for being impolite. You should already be very clear about the situation today. Even with your interference, you won’t be able to save Jiang Chen today,” said Huangfu Zhan.

Jiang Chen just kept his silence at one side. He had already recovered from his daze, however, he was still in an extremely bad mood. His eyes had already turned so cold that he looked like the king of h.e.l.l. Yan Chenyu’s sudden appearance made his heart feel incomparably heavy because he had no idea what had happened on Yan Chenyu.

Now that the female corpse and the ice coffin were gone, Jiang Chen had lost his mind completely. Although the Immortal Execution Order might be the only clue he could use to find Yan Chenyu, he didn’t want to use it to request anything from the Immortal Execution King.

The Immortal Execution Order was the only thing that was left, it was impossible for anyone to seize it away from him. This item had become so important that Jiang Chen could never lose it. So, intending to rob the only clue that might led to his lover would surely make him incredibly mad and the consequences of that would be unimaginable.

*Hong Long…*

A huge wave of turbulent energy exploded from Jiang Chen’s body all of a sudden. Immediately, Jiang Chen morphed into dragon. Waves of fury and killing intent flowed in his body incessantly.

“Whoever is going to kill me, bring it on.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was extremely deep and cold, as if his voice came straight from the depths of h.e.l.l, causing people’s soul to s.h.i.+ver.


Jiang Chen made a step forward, stepping into the void and letting out a rumble. A gush of combat intent rushed out of his body like waves. At this moment, he felt like a powerful and fearless G.o.d of War that had descended to the world.

He made a stride that was only a few dozen meter in length, directly stepping away from Bu Qingfeng’s protection. He, Jiang Chen, doesn’t need protection!

“Humph! Wildly arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Does he really think that he’s invincible? How dare he unleash his combat intent on purpose? Let me eliminate him first.”

A genius half-step Golden Immortal of Yun Family harrumphed coldly. He was an incomparably proud genius. He had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes. He made a stride and reached a place not far away from Jiang Chen. Killing intent surged out of his body, then he launched a strike. It was a very terrifying punch, initiating sharp knuckle winds that roared in the void like a wild dragon, charging towards Jiang Chen.

The mighty half-step Golden Immortal was a first-cla.s.s genius in Yun Family. In everyone’s point of view, killing someone like Jiang Chen was so easy. Certainly, the genius who launched the strike at Jiang Chen also thought this way.

However, that was not the reality.

Seeing the oncoming attack of the genius, Jiang Chen revealed a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand in a swoosh before it was slashed at the genius.

While facing his enemy, he would never be lenient. Jiang Chen was completely infuriated. Anyone who wanted to rob his Immortal Execution Order would become his sworn enemy and would end up dead eventually. The fury of the frenzied dragon was destined to ignite once more and today, this whole ancient tomb would never have its peace.

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