Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1292 – The Heart of the Magma

Chapter 1292 – The Heart of the Magma

The Heart of the Magma

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The magma churned like tidal waves. Its heat wave billowed into the sky. At this time, majority of the cultivators had already lost hope in getting the treasure. If the treasure was truly hidden in the magma, there was no way they could get it. It was impossible, unless they didn’t want to live.

“Let me try the temperature of the magma.”

A genius half-step Golden Immortal from Yun Family stepped forward to the edge of the land, took a deep breath, and leaped into the magma.


His entire body submerged in the burning liquid. But he flew out from it as soon as he entered.

He came back to the sh.o.r.e. His body was s.h.i.+vering and twitching while he was circulating his energy to force the heat poison out of his body. Although he had been in the magma for only a second, his current state differ too much a second ago. Apparently, he had suffered a terrible blow. Red color spread all over his face.

“Scary, that’s too scary. This magma not only has very high temperature, it also has heat poison. The flames created by the magma can even burn my protective barrier of Immortal Qi. If I were a little slower, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get out of it.”

That half-step Golden Immortal was terrified, thinking about the horror of the magma ocean. He felt fortunate that he got out of it in time. Instantly, he lost his interest in the treasure below, or it could be said that he had lost the courage to pursue it.


Plenty of geniuses suck in a breath of cold air when they saw what happened. Fear started to glint in their eyes as they stared at the magma. If not even a half-step Golden Immortal genius could withstand that kind of temperature, what made them capable of doing so?

At this time, they were afraid that only Bu Qingfeng and the other three had the ability to enter the ocean of magma. However, it was still unknown how long they could stay submerged in it. After all, no one really knew how terrifying the magma was.

“That’s scary. How could such a horrifying ocean of magma exist in the ancient tomb? If treasures are really down there, they have to be extraordinary treasures.”

“There’s no need to think about it. No matter what kind of treasure it is, it has nothing to do with us anymore, as we can’t even dive into the magma. Besides, Bu Qingfeng and the other three are still standing there. How can we possibly compete with them for the treasure?”

“We’ll see if Bu Qingfeng and the other three can get into the magma to obtain the treasure.”


No one wasn’t afraid and many had already given up. Even the haughty half-step Golden Immortals had already backed away from this deadly challenge. The scariness of the magma had exceeded everyone’s imagination. Even the four pinnacle geniuses were frowning tightly. A glimmer of fear flashed past their eyes as they looked at the churning magma below.

The four of them were the first to arrive here, but they were now standing in the void above the magma. None had mustered enough courage to dive into the magma despite them being Golden Immortals.

The scene was incomparably quiet. Everyone kept their silence, but there was one person who was smiling pleasantly. This wasn’t his first time experiencing this. Back in Saint Origin World, he had encountered a similar situation. And because of that, Tyrant had gotten the blood-red stone monument.

However, the magma in front of him seemed so fierce that not even the Golden Immortals would dare to go in.

Nevertheless, no matter how strong the heat poison or how high the temperature was, it wouldn’t affect Jiang Chen. With the True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire protecting his body, and the Fire Dragon Seal that could fuse with any flames in the Heaven and Earth, such a magma wouldn’t be a big deal to Jiang Chen. He would be as powerful as he was on land in the magma.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to act. He wanted to observe the situation to at least determine what kind of treasure was inside the ocean of magma.

*Hong Long…*

Suddenly, the sea of magma below turned restless. Then, a one meter long fire dragon sprang out of the ocean. It seemed lifelike and real. It was tossing its head and tail, trying to mount a challenge on every one of them.

“Look, that’s a miniature fire dragon. What’s that?”

“Its flame origin is very pure. It has to be the heart of the magma. My G.o.d! This magma has already formed its own heart and this dragon is its heart. If we can obtain this heart, our benefits would surely be boundless.”

“Sure enough, there are precious things here. This fire dragon is the treasure that we are looking for. The value of this heart is immeasurable.”


Seeing the fire dragon, many of them exclaimed. Those with keen eyesight could already see that this was the heart of the ocean, which was the true treasure. No one could tell how much this heart was worth. If a cultivator who practiced fire attribute techniques refined this heart, his cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds, reaching an incredible stage.

Numerous eyes brightened up, including Jiang Chen’s. He had always been searching for ways to improve his cultivation. This heart would precisely allow him to advance to the early Divine Immortal realm or even the peak of early Divine Immortal realm.

“It’s the heart of the magma.”

Huangfu Zhan acted. He struck out a huge palm at the fire dragon. A powerful and destructive Qi waves rolled in the air across the ocean. The huge palm fell down like Mountain Tai, capturing the fire dragon in the fist.

“Haha… this heart is mine.”

Huangfu Zhan laughed, but his smile didn’t last for long. In the next moment, the fire dragon slipped out of his palm, it leaped back into the ocean and vanished.

“Someone is being too impetuous. It isn’t a good thing to celebrate too early.” Yun Canglan said sarcastically.

“Humph! Yun Canglan, what’s with the arrogance? If you are so good, go and get the fire dragon in the ocean.”

Huangfu Zhan harrumphed coldly. Letting the fire dragon slip away from his grip made him lost face and Yun Canglan’s sarcasm had undoubtedly put him in an even angrier mood. If this was said by another person, he wouldn’t think twice before slapping the person to death.

“I will. Once I get into the ocean, that heart of magma will surely be mine.”

Yun Canglan said, he then leaped into the ocean for real. Seeing this, Bu Qingfeng and Tuo Hai followed hastily. The last one to jump was Huangfu Zhan. They didn’t act earlier because they weren’t sure what the treasure was. Now that they knew that it was the heart of magma, they would try everything to get it. Although the magma was terrifying, they were very confident in their own strength.

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