Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1221 – Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool

Chapter 1221 – Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool

Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool

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Jiang Chen formulated a plan to deal with the crisis in a few words.

Knowing Jiang Chen very well, Big Yellow nodded. He knew that it would be very difficult to change Jiang Chen’s mind once he made a decision. Moreover, given the current situation, what Jiang Chen decided to do was the only solution to the problem.

“Very well, but you have to be careful,” Big Yellow reminded. It wasn’t a trivial matter to venture into the Evil Clan’s territory. A single carelessness might cost Jiang Chen his life.

“Don’t worry. I know what to do. With the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da’s help, I will be safe and sound.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile of confidence. As a matter of fact, he relied on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da the most. No matter how confident he was, he wouldn’t dare go into the territory of the Evil Clan without the paG.o.da. It had been proven in the past events that the paG.o.da could ensure his safety. The best example was when he used the paG.o.da to steal the Regenerative Lotus, and none of the late Golden Immortal experts detected his presence before the acted. Therefore, as long as he didn’t have an extremely bad luck and didn’t encounter the Immortal King experts of the Evil Clan, he basically wouldn’t have a problem finis.h.i.+ng this task.

He intended to only go to the border area of the Evil Clan where the chances of meeting an Immortal King expert was close to zero.

Currently, fourteen levels had already been condensed in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but there were still lots of advancements to go before reaching the peak, ninety-nine levels. This huge gap needed to be filled up bit by bit. The higher its level, the more Jiang Chen could exert the power of the paG.o.da. There were still plenty of unknown energies waiting to be explored inside the paG.o.da. As for the demonic devils in the Evil Clan, they could be used as nourishment for the paG.o.da’s advancement.

Ah Da and Ah Er were silent. They had always obeyed what Jiang Chen said without expressing any of their opinions. Putting it bluntly, after they were edified, they had become Jiang Chen’s slaves.

“Time is of the essence. Let’s deploy the grand formation now. Due to our limited ability, we can only cover the area of the prefecture. If we try to cover the whole Fragrant Sky City, the power of the formation will be drastically reduced,” said Jiang Chen, knowing that what he needed to do now was to ensure the safety of the prefecture and nothing else.

Next, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow began to set up the formation. This wasn’t their first time working together and it also wasn’t their first time deploying the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. It could be said that everything was within their fingertips. The grand formation would be fully deployed at dawn.

After deploying the formation, Jiang Chen left Fragrant Sky City stealthily and headed towards the direction of the Evil Clan. Letting Big Yellow defend the city didn’t worry him much because the Five Elemental Tisura Formation would be able to hold the three mid Divine Immortal experts for at least two days, which meant that he had at least two days of time to complete his task. Judging from the inaction of the three city lords, they must be trying to gather more information about the situation and Jiang Chen. If that was the case, it would provide him even more time, which was a good thing to them.

“In order to reach the territory of the Evil Clan, I will have to cross half of the Evil Abyss. Despite my speed and the help of the Flaming Wings, I will need at least half a day to arrive there. It seems like the Evil Abyss isn’t really that chaotic after all. It will be better if one can see a demonic devil everywhere one goes.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. If what he said was heard by outsiders, he was afraid that his words would instantly make the listener furious. It will be better to have demonic devils everywhere? The demonic devils of the Evil Clan were extremely ferocious. If they really did exist everywhere, there was no way for the humans to survive.

If he didn’t meet any demonic devil, he could never show the full power of the Edifying Light, but instead of doing nothing in the journey, he studied the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes.

In truth, this skill only had three styles, namely the first three strikes, the second three strikes and the last three strikes. Based on the record of the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes, they were named as Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool, Regretless Falling Dragon and Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World.

Of the three styles, each style was more terrifying than the other and there were three levels for every style. The most important thing in this powerful combat technique was that it had to be used along with the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, so that a ma.s.sive amount of energy could be casted out.

As he studied the skill carefully, he was attracted by the three styles. Every technique fascinated him and stirred up his blood. It also has some characteristics that were perfectly matched with the dragon transformation skill. To put it in another way, this skill was tailored to his needs.

Even the previous master of this skill, Ouyang He, wasn’t comparable to Jiang Chen in the aspect of cultivation. Jiang Chen’s cultivation technique had given him the unique advantage when it came to mastering this skill.

What Jiang Chen was exploring right now was the first style of the skill – Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. The main element of this technique was its aggressiveness which required tremendous energy to support it. It was a combat technique cultivated by Golden Immortal experts, but Jiang Chen was merely a Heaven Immortal expert. It was impossible for him to practice it, let alone comprehending the essence of the technique.

However, Jiang Chen was no ordinary expert. Aside from his extraordinary talent, his dragon transformation skill had given him a great advantage and was enough to support the cultivation of the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. However, the key here was to match it perfectly.

He turned into an illusory image, flew into the gap between the mountains and rivers and selected a very remote area where very few people pa.s.sed by. Even if he encountered one or two humans, he could avoid them unnoticeably. The last thing he wanted right now was to have a clash with any of the expert of the middle region as that would be unfavourable to him. There were numerous experts in this region who were beyond his ability to fight. He would end up pretty badly if he had a direct confrontation with any of the Golden Immortal experts.

An hour later, Jiang Chen’s blood and Qi had turned vibrant and wild energy was rolling inside of him. He struck out a palm. Hovering above his palm was a Blood Dragon that radiated the aura of hegemony. It came from neither Jiang Chen’s own dragon marks nor the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. It had evolved from the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. Although this was only the first level, such speed of advancement would astound anyone. If Ouyang He was still alive and saw this, no one knew how astounded he would be. He might have the same astonished look as Tianji Zi.

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