Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1181 – Life-and-Death Stage

Chapter 1181 – Life-and-Death Stage

Life-and-Death Stage

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“The array has already been repaired. Let’s go to Tianji Mountain.”

Jiang Chen closed the gates of the palace and was ready to head for Tianji Mountain.

“Now that you’ve cut off the arms of those three guys, that son of a b*tch Qu Yuan will surely never give up this matter. It looks like your life here wouldn’t have any peace,” said Big Yellow.

He knew it the moment Gao Yang and the other two came to create trouble for Jiang Chen, even though he had put all of his concentration on the array at that time.

“When has my days ever been peaceful?”

Jiang Chen shrugged, showing that this was none of his concern. From his journey until now, he had faced too many enemies and Qu Yuan definitely wasn’t one of the most powerful enemies he had faced.

Just as the both of them were about to fly over to Tianji Mountain, a strong Qi rushed towards them from the inner sect. Apparently, the incomer didn’t come here with good intention because there was anger and killing intent within the Qi.

“He’s fast.” Big Yellow curled his lips.

“Since he has come, let’s go and meet him to prevent anyone from thinking that we are timid.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth overflowed with smile and his eyes glittered.


A figure in white-robed landed heavily on the ground, right in front of Jiang Chen. He was no stranger, he was Qu Yuan.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Qu Yuan studied Jiang Chen from top to bottom. This was his first time seeing Jiang Chen. Although he was different from his imagination, it didn’t dampen his intention of killing Jiang Chen.

“I guess that I must be very popular for so many of you to come looking for me. I hope you haven’t come here to create trouble because I have just crippled the previous three who came.” Jiang Chen said plainly. He had already guessed the ident.i.ty of this visitor.

“Humph! No one in the entire inner sect dared to injure my people. You are the first, Jiang Chen, and you have to pay for what you have done.” Qu Yuan harrumphed coldly.

“Unfortunately, you aren’t qualified to do that.”

Jiang Chen refuted sharply, knowing this person’s intention and purpose, a dispute was unavoidable. So, he naturally wouldn’t be polite to him.

Despite the fact that Qu Yuan was already a half-step Divine Immortal expert and an inner sect genius that was difficult to deal with, he didn’t scare Jiang Chen. Now that Jiang Chen had already reached the half-step Heaven Immortal realm, killing a late Heaven Immortal expert was no longer a problem and he could even kill a half-step Divine Immortal in his dragon-form. He had obtained tremendous benefits from battling the dummies. So there was basically nothing he should worry about while facing this Qu Yuan.

“Hubris. You are the most arrogant person I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, you aren’t qualified to do that in front of me. Anyone who had offended my people in the inner sect had always ended up being miserable.” Qu Yuan said coldly.

Despite his pride, he couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was the most outrageous man that he had ever met. The arrogance that Jiang Chen showed was just too excessive.

“Then you should try and see. I would also like to know how powerful the genius of inner sect actually is.”

Jiang Chen’s combat intent was ignited suddenly, feeling that the conflict was getting more interesting. At least this conflict had stirred up his pa.s.sion in fighting.

“Very good, Jiang Chen. I was afraid that you won’t accept the fight. In that case, how about the two of us fight it out on the life-and-death stage?”

Qu Yuan’s eyes glittered as he spoke, looking at Jiang Chen with antic.i.p.ation.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned icy cold all of a sudden. He and Qu Yuan didn’t know each other, but this stranger had already challenged him into the life-and-death stage on their first meeting. One should know that only people who nursed great grievance and hatred would settle it on the life-and-death stage.

Jiang Chen had already figured out that Qu Yuan hadn’t lunged at him now was because he wanted him to enter the life-and-death stage. According to the law of the sect, disciples were forbidden to kill each other, but when both party mutually agreed to settle the conflict on the life-and-death stage, they will be given an excuse to kill each other.

The situation had stirred up Jiang Chen’s desire to kill Qu Yuan. He only had one response to those people who wanted to kill him– let the person reap what the person had sown.

Jiang Chen thought that he was ruthless enough when he severed the arms of those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, but this Qu Yuan was even more cold-blooded. He was willing to kill Jiang Chen just to save his own face.

“What’s the matter? You won’t dare to do it? Didn’t you say that you wanted to witness the power of an inner sect genius? I know that you have the strength to kill a late Heaven Immortal expert and I admit that you are the most heaven defying genius that I have ever seen, however, you have offended me, which means that you are now only left with one route, death. If you don’t dare to meet me on the life-and-death stage, kowtow before me and apologize now; ,and I will treat everything as if it never happened. I won’t even ask you for compensation for the losses that I’ve suffered. What do you say?”

Qu Yuan was staring at Jiang Chen enthusiastically. He was eager to know how Jiang Chen would answer. It would be the best if Jiang Chen agreed to the fight. He would make sure that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to get off from the stage alive. If Jiang Chen refused the challenge, he would need to kowtow before him.

It was already considered a very face-saving act to only ask the new disciple of Tianji Zi to kowtow before Qu Yuan, but the most important thing here was that Tianji Zi would never be able to raise his head among the higher ups anymore. He would become a laughing stock to every elder. Qu Yuan’s master would be able to laugh at Tianji Zi whenever his master wanted.

“As you wish, I accept your challenge.”

There was no reason for Jiang Chen to refuse the challenge. He knew very well what Qu Yuan’s intention was. The battle between him and Qu Yuan was no longer similar to those struggle that often happened in the inner sect. This was a fight between two true disciples. Generally, fights between true disciples would eventually involve high-ranking figures.

Jiang Chen would never bring shame to Tianji Zi because of this incident. Since Qu Yuan had the intention to humiliate him, he would make sure that Qu Yuan would be the one being humiliated instead.

“Very well, Jiang Chen, you really have the guts. Come with me to the life-and-death stage now,” said Qu Yuan.

He then leaped skywards and flew towards the direction of the inner sect. The next moment, war drums sounded from the inner sect. Qu Yuan was the one who produced it. Once the drum was sounded, it meant that a life-and-death battle was going to start soon.

“It seems like this guy seriously lacks patience. Little Chen, do you have certainty in this?” Big Yellow looked over at Jiang Chen.

“What do you think?”

Jiang Chen smiled and then summoned the Flaming Wings and rushed towards the inner sect. Big Yellow was laughing pleasantly at the back. Jiang Chen had already created a big event yesterday. Another huge event was going to happen in no time. Others might not know Jiang Chen well, but not Big Yellow. Jiang Chen would never do things that he wasn’t certain. Since he had agreed to take the challenge, Qu Yuan would surely not end up well.

“It’s the sound of the war drum. It’s coming from the life-and-death stage. Could it be that someone is having a life-and-death battle?”

“Quickly, let’s go over there and have a look. It has been a while since there are people engaging in a life-and-death battle, which made the sound of the war drum strange to me. I wonder who are the ones who have such grievance.”

“Let’s see who they are. There’s going to be a good show today.”


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