Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1173 – The Flamboyant Master and Apprentice

Chapter 1173 – The Flamboyant Master and Apprentice

The Flamboyant Master and Apprentice

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After listening to Li Zhong, Jiang Chen was slightly surprised, and immediately had a strong interest in Tianji Zi. This interest he was having was even greater than his interest in Ouyang He, because almost every skill that Ouyang He practiced was relatively similar to what he had practiced. Regarding the ability to calculate one’s fate, he had never encountered anyone who had such G.o.dly ability.

The technique of divination was broad and profound. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation. Just like what Li Zhong said, he had encountered a great luck.

“Disciple is Jiang Chen, greet Elder Tianji.”

Jiang Chen quickly held his fists at Tianji Zi. His gesture was neither haughty nor humble. There wasn’t a single uneasiness in his eyes.

“What a good kid! Casual and composed while standing before this old man. Your disposition is excellent. Furthermore, I have seen the whole process of how you breaking the array. I discovered that you have an incomparably powerful spiritual strength, a necessary requirement for practicing the divination art.”

Tianji Zi praised generously as he was the only one who observed the entire match of Jiang Chen and had lost his calmness. His appearance today was to take Jiang Chen as his true disciple.

After hearing this, Jiang Chen was stupefied and apprehensive. It wasn’t hard to know from Tianji Zi’s words that the higher ups in Skycloud Pavilion had a way to see everything that happened inside the Iron Dummy Array. Luckily, he performed well inside and didn’t expose any unnecessary trump cards, like the Qi of Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.

As for his dragon form, it wasn’t any kind of secret anymore. He had used it when he destroyed the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. Plus, this was his unique means of attacking that needed no concealment.

“Jiang Chen, this old man wants to take you as my true disciple, and impart my lifelong knowledge about divination to you. What do you say? however, you have to think hard about this. The path of divination is dull, abstruse and hard to cultivate. I won’t force you if you are reluctant to do so.”

Tianji Zi was gazing at Jiang Chen unblinkingly and blurted out his intention.


The word immediately caused a commotion in the crowd. Everyone’s eyes were filled with both admiration, envy and hatred.

“What the h.e.l.l? What kind of s.h.i.+t luck does this brat have? how could he possibly make a Golden Immortal elder accept him as a true disciple? Additionally, this elder is the renowned elder, Elder Tianji Zi.”

“This is absolutely annoying! Elder Tianji Zi is well-known for his isolated behavior and has been staying alone in the sect. He has never once accepted a disciple of his own. Today, he has come here just to offer Jiang Chen the chance to become his disciple. This dude must be having too much of luck lately.”

“Dammit! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is still hesitating. For G.o.d’s Sake, quickly send a lightning strike to kill him.”


They admired, envied and hated the fact the luck didn’t fall on them. Someone noticed that Jiang Chen was still contemplating the offer of the great Elder Tianji Zi. If he was replaced by another person, he was afraid that the person would immediately kneel down and kowtow without hesitation, in case Tianji Zi changed his mind.

Jiang Chen lifted his head and stared at Tianji Zi. In truth, he had a very good impression of this old man as this old man wasn’t as domineering and haughty. One should know that any Golden Immortal elder who came here offering a true disciples.h.i.+p would act high and mighty, and expect the chosen disciple to show admiration, appreciation and respect to them.

Tianji Zi on the other hand was showing a different gaze. Instead of expressing any kind of haughtiness, he showed appreciation and admiration, as if he had longed for such an incident to take place.

Moreover, he had given Jiang Chen the right to choose, not fearing that he would lose his face if Jiang Chen refused.

“Jiang Chen, what are you thinking? Quickly grab this great chance!”

Li Zhong and Yuan Kui were both tense and couldn’t help, but remind Jiang Chen.

“Disciple has no intention of refusing.”

Jiang Chen bowed to Tianji Zi. He wasn’t able to refuse the temptation of Tianji Zi. It was an irony that he refused Ouyang He’s offer last time, but currently, it was a different situation. First of all, Jiang Chen was very intrigued to know more about the divination technique. Secondly, the ident.i.ty of a true disciple would be of great help to his future growth. With Tianji Zi as his backer, he would save himself lots of trouble.

Furthermore, Tianji Zi was a good friend of Ouyang He which naturally qualified him to be Jiang Chen’s ally. Taking in the fact of Tianji Zi’s proud and lonely behavior, he would never be bribed by Tian Muyun. If Jiang Chen wanted to take revenge on Ouyang He’s murderer, he needed to get close to someone like Tianji Zi. Therefore, it was certainly a good thing that Tian Jizi appeared on his own.

“Haha! Good, from now on, Jiang Chen will become the true disciple of Tianji Zi. From now on, no one in Skycloud Pavilion will dare to bully you anymore unless they want to go against me. As for you, you are permitted to bully whoever you want and I bet no one will dare to say ‘no’ to you.”

Tianji Zi laughed loudly and blurted out the words that made Jiang Chen feel ashamed.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but raise his thumbs up for Tianji Zi. The aura of tyranny and lawlessness exuded from Tianji Zi was somewhat similar to Jiang Chen.

But the others just rolled their eyes. They knew all too well how domineering Tianji Zi was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a supreme status in the sect. Jiang Chen on the other hand had also done some very domineering things. When this master and disciple came together, would there be peace anymore in Skycloud Pavilion?

“Congratulations, Elder Tianji on getting a highly talented disciple.” Said Li Zhong.

“En, the two of you have done a great job. These are the rewards for the two of you.”

Tianji Zi waved and two streams of light shot out and landed on their hands. Before they could see what the rewards were, they trembled with excitement, especially Yuan Kui who was merely a Heaven Immortal expert. Neither of them could imagine that they would be rewarded by a Golden Immortal elder.

“Thank you, Elder Tianji.”

Both of them replied. This was absolutely an unexpected harvest. They didn’t try to look at what treasure they had in their hands because they knew Tianji Zi would never give them something ordinary.

“Alright, Jiang Chen, come with me to Tianji Mountain.”

Tianji Zi said with a smile. He was quite delighted after accepting Jiang Chen as his disciple.

“Master can return first. I have promised to restore the Iron Dummy Array. I will head over to Tianji Mountain tomorrow once it’s done.” Said Jiang Chen.

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