Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1168 – Continue with the Fight

Chapter 1168 – Continue with the Fight

Continue with the Fight

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Five minutes had pa.s.sed and Jiang Chen was still stuck in the intense battle. Currently, Jiang Chen had already fallen into some kind of ecstasy. To him, battling these dummies weren’t a torture anymore, but a kind of enjoyment and a rare chance of cultivation, pus.h.i.+ng his current condition to a higher state.

Since his potential was ignited, he had yet to notice the relentless movement in his Qi Sea. New dragon marks began to condense under the circulation of the dragon transformation skill.

Outside the palace, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the jade card. It was s.h.i.+ning brightly without any sign of faltering.

“He’s amazing. It has been five minutes, but his condition is still so well. This dude sure is unusual.”

“That’s true. There is basically no change in the brightness of the jade card. That is to say, his current status is as good as in the beginning. It’s truly unbelievable, however, I still wonder if he can last until 10 minutes.”

“We’ll see. I don’t think it will be that easy. The terror of the Iron Dummy Array is beyond our imagination.”


Quite many of them revealed faces of shock. Although five minutes wasn’t considered an impressive record, but the fact that he could maintain his vigorous state just like before was astonis.h.i.+ng. One should know that battling those dummies would consume tremendous amount of energy. Such huge consumption wasn’t bearable to any ordinary person.

“It looks astounding. Do you all think he will succeed?”

Li Zhong looked over at the other elders with a smile. Those elders were at a loss of words because they hadn’t imagined such a result from Jiang Chen. Although no one was able to guarantee that Jiang Chen would succeed in the array, their hearts were now full of antic.i.p.ation, especially those outer sect elders because it had been a long time since an exceptional genius emerged from the outer sect. If Jiang Chen was able to break through the array, their faces would be filled with joy.

Inside the palace, Jiang Chen’s clothes were drenched with sweat. His eyes looked obsessed, and had totally fallen into a state of enjoyment. Presently, he didn’t have to deliberately observe the trails of the dummies anymore as he had virtually grasped their movements. The fight was getting easier and easier to him, like he was having fun with them. If anyone from the outside saw this, he was afraid that they would be shocked.

Tian Jizi’s eyes didn’t blink once while he staring at the crystal ball attentively. Jiang Chen’s performance made him speechless. He wouldn’t dare say if there was genius even greater than Jiang Chen in the Ethereal Immortal Domain, but he was certain that Jiang Chen was the most talented existence he had ever seen, a genius even greater than Tian Muyun.

Soon, four minutes pa.s.sed, which meant Jiang Chen had stayed inside the array for nine minutes, leaving him only a minute away from success. At this time, the atmosphere outside was getting tense and restless.

“My G.o.d, only one minute left. How can his condition be still the same as he was before he entered? Does it mean that he is still intact after receiving so many attacks from the dummies?”

“That’s too abnormal. It seems like he’s going to break through the Iron Dummy Array in no time. He has maintained this vigorous state for nine minutes and I don’t think there will be any changes in the last minute. It seems like another genius has appeared in Skycloud Pavilion.”

“Don’t get too excited. The last minute is always the moment when mistake happens. Maybe he’s actually not as good as it appears on the jade card.”


A commotion started to fill the air. Majority of them were full of excitement. Although they weren’t the ones who was in the array, they felt joy watching the birth of a genius with their own eyes. After all, none had manage to break the array for a long time.

To Jiang Chen, the last minute pa.s.sed very quickly. The fierce battle in the array finally came to an end. The twenty eight dummies stopped their attacks and returned to their original position.

Jiang Chen was petrified, then realized that the battle was already over, but he still hadn’t gotten the sense of fulfilment from the battle.

“Ten minutes has pa.s.sed?”

Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling reluctant. As he was about to leave the palace, he suddenly found out that two thousand new dragon marks had been formed inside his Qi Sea.

“Two thousand dragon marks have been formed. I never thought these dummies could bring me such tremendous benefits. Originally, I needed ten thousand dragon marks to reach the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. Now, I only need 8000 more. My potential hasn’t been fully ignited yet and I haven’t used my dragon-form. This is a rare opportunity. If I walk out like this, the loss will be great. If I transformed into my dragon-form and fight these dummies, they will readjust their strength to match mine, which means it’s going to increase the intensity of the battle and enhance my physique even further.”

Jiang Chen was pleased and decided not to leave the array for now. This fearsome Iron Dummy Array had become the best place for him to cultivate. If this intense battle continued, he would certainly reach the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. Therefore, he would never forgive himself if he missed this chance of advancement.

“Again. Dragon transformation.”

Jiang Chen spun and turned into his dragon-form. His combat strength instantly rose by ten times. Li Zhong had told him that he would have only ten seconds to leave the array before the dummies started attacking again. He had decided to stay in the array and fight the dummies once more.

“What kind of technique is this? How can it instantly increase his combat strength by tenfold?”

In the palace, Tian Jizi stood up abruptly when he saw Jiang Chen’s transformation technique. His face was full of astonishment. He could see that this was a transformation technique that was beyond any Forbidden Technique, this technique had really shocked him. What really shocked him was the sudden increase of Jiang Chen’s combat strength by tenfold. It was a heaven defying boost of strength that he would never believe if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“He has already succeeded, but why hasn’t he stepped out yet? Could he be thinking of continuing the battle with these dummies? It seems like he has obtained great benefits from the previous battle and he is now treating these dummies as his means of advancement. What an audacious kid! But did he not know that the Iron Dummy Array won’t stop anymore after this?”

Tian Jizi knew what Jiang Chen was trying to do and couldn’t help worrying for him.

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