Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1119 – The Extreme Courage

Chapter 1119 – The Extreme Courage

The Extreme Courage

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Divine herbs that had a regenerative effect were rare. Yes, as the name implied, Regenerative Lotus could regenerate things; and, its most precious part was its heart which could be consumed directly.

This herb could bring the dead back to life and grow new bones. The lotus’ heart contained a tremendous amount of Heaven and Earth essences. Not only could it enhance the consumer’s strength and physique, but could also entirely change the person’s physical condition. Even the powerful Immortal King expert could benefit from it if he consumed the lotus’ heart.

The existence of the Regenerative Lotus made Jiang Chen think of Ouyang He. If the old man was still alive, this herb could probably give him a turn for the better. Adding Jiang Chen’s wood spirit, it was enough to let the old man live by regenerating his life essence that had been burnt.

But too bad, Jiang Chen was afraid that Ouyang He had already pa.s.sed away and had completely disappeared in this world. It was nothing less than a pipe dream.

In fact, all parts of the Regenerative Lotus was extremely beneficial. Apart from the heart, a piece of it could also improve a person’s physique, allowing one to make rapid progress in cultivation. If Jiang Chen could get this item, not only would he advance, but more levels of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would also be condensed.

Ever since he arrived in this world, he had never absorbed any kind of great energy, that’s why the paG.o.da was stuck in its 12th level. Therefore, there was still a long way to go before he could completely condense all the levels.

As far as the current situation was concerned, this was nothing compared to Han Yan’s broken arm. If he could obtain the heart of the lotus, Han Yan’s arm could be regrown and his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline would regain its vigor again, bringing him boundless benefits.

Presently, Han Yan was just a Human Immortal, the weakest realm in One-Line-Sky. Being at this level, he would be too powerless to defend himself and would always be oppressed by others. Even if he followed Jiang Chen into Skycloud Pavilion, he would just be a miscellaneous disciple.

Regenerating his arm and advancing his cultivation base was Han Yan’s urgent matter right now.

So the instant Jiang Chen heard about the Regenerative Lotus, he had already put his mind onto it, however, it was extremely difficult if not impossible to obtain.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t a man who gave way to difficulties. He would still try it despite its difficulty. Sometimes, Jiang Chen’s audacity was even greater than the sky; ‘audacious too the extreme’ were the right words to describe him.

“Brother Fu, I wonder how strong those experts who are guarding the Regenerative Lotus now?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“As the One-Line Eight Immortals are preparing for their intense battle, it was impossible for them to guard it. As such, each major power has sent two Golden Immortal Great Elders to guard the peak of the mountain. They are the existences who have already comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo and all we can do is to admire them respectfully.”

Reverence was painted in Fu Hui face. That was his respect towards the Great Luo Golden Immortal seniors. In One-Line-Sky, any Golden Immortal expert would be given supreme status and would be respected by thousands of people wherever they went. Additionally, a late Golden Immortal expert was considered a peak existence in One-Line-Sky’s pyramid of status.

After being given one million low grade Immortal Meta Stones and ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stones, Fu Hui had totally regarded Jiang Chen as his own comrade. So, he had nothing to hide in front of Jiang Chen and said unrestrainedly. If Jiang Chen was replaced by an ordinary expert, he absolutely wouldn’t talk to him about the matter of Regenerative Lotus. After all, this matter was a crucial one. If this news was spread earlier than planned, it would create an unintended uproar and drew the attention of powerful experts who were not in One-Line-Sky. At that time, things would be messier.

“Late Golden Immortal expert?”

Jiang Chen’s eyelids were drooping as if he was pondering about something. Late Golden Immortal realm…it seemed it wasn’t as bad as he thought.

That day, Fu Hui had held a big feast and was carousing with Jiang Chen. Big Yellow, on the other hand, was busy stuffing food into his mouth, not giving the slightest thought about his image and the last big dish ended up in his mouth. Indeed, he was having a very satisfying meal.

That night, Fu Hui had prepared a very exquisite courtyard for Jiang Chen. When Fu Hui left, Big Yellow asked impatiently, “Brat, don’t tell me that you’re planning to get that Regenerative Lotus.”

Big Yellow was shrewd and understood Jiang Chen all too well. He had noticed Jiang Chen’s change of expression ever since he heard about the Regenerative Lotus. Others might not see anything unusual, but it couldn’t escape Big Yellow’s eyes. He knew that the emergence of the Regenerative Lotus had stirred Jiang Chen’s heart.

As a matter of fact, anyone would be impressed by such a treasure. Even Big Yellow himself was feeling agitated because of the Regenerative Lotus.

“That’s right. Han Yan’s arm must be re-grown as soon as possible, or else it will affect Ah Yan’s cultivation. As such, the Regenerative Lotus is our only chance,” said Jiang Chen solemnly.

Both Big Yellow and Han Yan understood Jiang Chen’s current look pretty well, it meant that Jiang Chen was going to get this thing either by hook or crook.

“Little Chen, don’t joke around anymore. Although my broken arm could not grow for the time being, it’s impossible to get the Regenerative Lotus. It is guarded by eight late Golden Immortal experts. We don’t even have a chance to get close to it. I’m afraid that we would already be killed even before we get to the peak of the mountain.”

Han Yan shook his head. He knew his limits. Although he desired to get the Regenerative Lotus as well after tasting the bitterness of only having one arm, it was practically impossible for them to rob the Regenerative Lotus.

“Ah Yan’s right. Under the guard of those eight late Golden Immortal experts, it’s just wishful thinking to say that you want to get that divine lotus,” said Big Yellow.

He rarely dispel Jiang Chen’s optimism, but there was no way he would support this idea. No matter how heaven defying and powerful Jiang Chen’s abilities were, it was pointless as the gap was too huge. It was an impossible task to steal that Regenerative Lotus.

“Do you all know what my main objective of coming to One-Line-Sky is?” Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow and Han Yan.

“You mentioned that you wanted to join the Skycloud Pavilion, but you didn’t tell your real purpose,” replied Han Yan.

“Actually, my most important target this time is the current master of Skycloud Pavilion, Tian Muyun. You should already know that the old pavilion master, Ouyang He, had fallen two years ago while he was breaking through to the Immortal King realm. Subsequently, Tian Muyun was promoted to take his place. In truth, Ouyang He’s death was caused by Tian Muyun…”

Jiang Chen no longer wanted to hide the matter and told everything related to Ouyang He and Tian Muyun to Han Yan and Big Yellow.

“d.a.m.n! I didn’t expect that Tian Muyun to be such a trash that deceives his own master and hides the truth from the world. Now the whole One-Line-Sky has regarded him as a legend, a legend who turns out to be a crook.”

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, anger was stirring inside of Han Yan. A man like Tian Muyun truly had no shame for his own evil deeds.

“You have promised Ouyang He to get rid of this Tian Muyun. It seems like we still have a long way to go in One-Line-Sky. Haha! But this will be exciting and Master Dog loves excitement. Only powerful enemies will give you better motivation. That Tian Muyun must have had a bad fortune to become your target.”

Excitement was plastered all over Big Yellow’s face. He had absolute confidence in Jiang Chen. Although Tian Muyun’s cultivation was way too high for them, Jiang Chen had never failed in whatever he decided to do. And with his kind of monstrous advancement speed, it was only a matter of time before he killed that heartless brat.

“So, this Regenerative Lotus should never fall into Tian Muyun’s hands, otherwise, he’s going to get humongous benefits. If he succeeded in breaking through to the Immortal King realm, it’s going to create chaos across One-Line-Sky. Although I don’t care about the turmoil in One-Line-Sky, I can’t allow Tian Muyun to dominate all of them. Given his wild ambitions, if he really becomes an Immortal King, the other three major powers had no chance of surviving. I still need the other three major powers to suppress Tian Muyun so that I’ll have sufficient time to grow,”

said Jiang Chen.

He had to get the Regenerative Lotus not only for Han Yan’s sake, but also to prevent Tian Muyun from obtaining it in case he won the grand ceremony. If Tian Muyun really got the Regenerative Lotus, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“What you said is very reasonable, but the fact remains that we don’t stand a chance in robbing that Regenerative Lotus.”

Big Yellow shook his head. Although he’s truly audacious and there was almost nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do in this world, he would never send himself to h.e.l.l by doing something which he had no certainty of.

“Big Yellow, do you still remember the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Yes.” Big Yellow nodded.

“The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a supreme divine weapon and a treasure of the true dragons. Even if it’s in the Immortal World, it isn’t restricted by this world’s law. I can use it whenever I want. Currently, twelve levels of the paG.o.da had already been condensed. Plus, I’ve found a wonderful function of this paG.o.da. That is it can block all kinds of Qi. You should have heard about the time when Ah Yan and me were escaping from a late Heaven Immortal elder. In fact, we didn’t escape but hid in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. That Heaven Immortal’s divine sensecouldn’t detect any Qi from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.”

The reason he would dare to rob the Regenerative Lotus was because of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had become his greatest reliance. If this paG.o.da didn’t exist, he would’ve drop this idea long ago.

“So cool! It can work normally even in the Immortal World?”

Big Yellow was stunned. Apparently, he had never thought that this paG.o.da could reach such an extent of divinity.

“Little Chen, although the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a very divine weapon, there is a very big difference between a late Heaven Immortal and a late Golden Immortal. It’s true that late Heaven Immortal experts can’t detect the existence of the paG.o.da, but it can’t guarantee that Golden Immortal experts can’t detect it as well.” said Han Yan concernedly.

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