Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1106 – The Unyielding Slave

Chapter 1106 – The Unyielding Slave

The Unyielding Slave

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Jiang Chen’s departure was quiet and unnoticeable. As for Yan Qingcheng, she had to try her best not to think about this man anymore. Jiang Chen knew his own path very well. Besides, he already had Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu in his heart. There was no more s.p.a.ce in his heart to fit another woman.

Therefore, he needed to cut the Gordian knot. He had always been a decisive person. It was inevitable to hurt Yan Qingcheng as he was merely a pa.s.serby. As for the scar that would be left in her heart, only time could help her heal the wound.

When it came to relations.h.i.+p, decisiveness could stop the matter from getting out of control. The more hesitant he became, the deeper the scar would be left in Yan Qingcheng’s heart. So, Jiang Chen knew what he was doing.

Yan City was the first stop and a temporary station for Jiang Chen ever since he arrived in the Immortal World. This place would only be his past. But to Yan City, Jiang Chen’s existence was extremely meaningful. This young man had changed everything in Yan City. He had caused a huge storm in Yan City in just a short period of time.

Jiang Chen had left an eternal mark in the Prefecture. His name would become an example for all. Even if Jiang Chen had already left, the Prefecture had enjoyed the n.o.blest treatment from him, like the treatment provided by some old ancestor.

Jiang Chen’s next objective was very clear. The One-Line-Sky was where he would go next. The real exciting event would begin in this region which consisted of 100 000 huge mountains, totally incomparable to the tiny Yan City.

Yan City was merely one of the remote areas in One-Line-Sky. There were countless of insignificant places like Yan City in One-Line-Sky.

Two days later, Jiang Chen stood on a mountain summit, overlooking the endless mountain range that connected the horizon. It seemed like One-Line-Sky was a very suitable name for it after all. Although he had lost count of how many miles he had travelled in these past two days, he had at least reached the region which consisted true Immortal cultivators in One-Line-Sky. If he flew along the way, he could have reached here in half-a-day’s time, but he didn’t choose that means of travelling.

As an Earth Immortal, his flying ability was the greatest trump card. There were dangers everywhere in this world. It was crucial to keep this trump card hidden because it was equivalent to his life if ever he encountered some danger. This was something which Jiang Chen was well aware of.

Moreover, his speed on land was just like a cheetah, totally incomparable to ordinary Immortals. If he was to be compared to a person with the same cultivation as his, Jiang Chen’s speed was like lightning bolt sliding on the ground.

“Skycloud Pavilion, Tian Muyun, I’m coming for you.”

Jiang Chen gazed at the boundless range of mountains enshrouded by blurry mist. His eyes glittered with resoluteness. There was no doubt about it, Tian Muyun and the Skycloud Pavilion was his top priority in One-Line-Sky, his main goal for coming here. The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd that was kept in his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da represented the responsibility that he was bearing right now.

“I must have Senior Ouyang’s revenge. Someone like Tian Muyun isn’t supposed to be in this Heaven and Earth from the very beginning.”

Said Jiang Chen lightly. What Ouyang He experienced gave him a heartache. Although he and Ouyang He had only met once, the impression he had for that senior wasn’t bad, however, his impression of Tian Muyun wasn’t good after hearing all of his misconduct.

But then again, Jiang Chen understood that this revenge couldn’t be done in one day. At that time, Ouyang He was breaking through to the Immortal King realm, which meant that he was already a half-step Immortal King expert, a grade higher than a Great Luo Golden Immortal. So, Tian Muyun was naturally also a half-step Immortal King expert.

One had to go through Human Immortal, Earth Immoral, Heaven Immortal, Divine Immortal, and the Great Luo Golden Immortal first before becoming the King, the Immortal King realm. Presently, Jiang Chen was merely a puny early Earth Immortal expert. He was able to kill early Heaven Immortal expert with his full strength, but he stood no chance against midHeaven Immortal expert, let alone fighting a powerful half-step Immortal King. The difference between him and Tian Muyun right now was like Heaven and Earth. Both of them weren’t comparable at all.

Furthermore, Tian Muyun was the pavilion master of Skycloud Pavilion and a top figure in One-Line-Sky. Therefore, he still had a long way to go in One-Line-Sky.

“Kill when there are people. Compete when there are other major powers. Skycloud Pavilion won’t be the only major power in One-Line-Sky. I still know nothing about it. I have to gather some information to understand all the major powers in One-Line-Sky.”

Muttered Jiang Chen. This was his first time coming to One-Line-Sky. To put it another way, he was no different than an idiot. Saint Origin World was his old home, which gave him the advantage over plenty of people and there was basically nothing that he didn’t know back in that world, but in this world, he was just like a newbie, like a young fledgling.

However, that didn’t scare him. After being reincarnated into this life, his disposition was beyond ordinary. He would never become a weakling wherever he went.

He kept his Qi and walked forward leisurely.

“Quick, you fools! If we can’t reach the destination before the day turns dark, one of your eyes will be gouged out!”

A harsh voice entered Jiang Chen’s ears. It came from the mountains ahead. If it wasn’t for his keen sense of hearing, he wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“Some people are just ahead. Let’s see what’s going on there.”

Said Jiang Chen. Then, he strode towards the source of the voice.

Below the mountain was a rugged pathway lined with stones and trees on both sides. There were roughly 20 of them on the road. There were four of them who wore the same clothes – pale yellow robes, and had the same arrogant expression on their faces. Two were on the left and right side while the other two were at front and back, guarding the twenty plus people in the middle who looked either badly or slightly injured. Blood was flowing out of their wounds. There was a man whose arm had been cut off, but he didn’t stop to move forward.

These people looked like slaves that had been held captive. They were constantly being reprimanded by the four men who were holding saw-toothed whips in their hands. These guards would whip whenever they found any of these people annoying and not following orders. The damage caused by this whip was tremendous. It was already imaginable what kind of damage it would do to the victim.


A whip was lashed on a man’s back from behind. His flesh burst open and blood spatter outwards. The attacker was only a mid Earth Immortal expert, but the whip wasn’t bearable by ordinary people.

“It’s an honor for you lowly people to become the Profound Sun Sect’s slaves.”

One of the disciples of the sect kept on las.h.i.+ng and shouted loudly.

These guards were the disciples of Profound Sun Sect which was a major power like the Skycloud Pavilion in One-Line-Sky. The cultivation of these four disciples weren’t weak either. The strongest amongst them was a late Earth Immortal realm and the weakest was a mid Earth Immortal realm. However, the servants that were walking in the middle, their cultivation varied greatly. The highest cultivation was a mid Earth Immortal expert and the weakest was merely an early Human Immortal expert. In One-Line-Sky, Human Immortal experts were considered and regarded as the lowest ranked Immortals.

The one who was being whipped had already suffered severe injuries. Despite the fact that he was only a late Human Immortal expert, he still couldn’t bear such continuous torture. This whip that was lashed on him cause him to stagger, fortunately, someone caught him in time to prevent him from falling down.”

“Who asks you to help him up, brat?”

The disciple of the Profound Sun Sect was irritated. He s.h.i.+fted his attention to the youth who held the other person up. This youth seemed to be twentyish years old. He had a handsome face, a head full of white hair and clothes stained with so much blood that it had already lost its color. What was more striking was that this young man’s left arm had already vanished entirely.

*Hua La……*

Everyone turned their heads to the white-haired youth. Their eyes were filled with pity. This youth was merely a mid Human Immortal expert, but he had been incomparably persistent which naturally brought him more torture compared to the others. The disciples of Profound Sun Sect had been treating him as a pleasure along the way. As long as they had the time, they would torture this youth. One of his arm had already been cut off. If this youth was replaced by an ordinary man, he certainly couldn’t bear it and would die due to extreme pain, however, this youth’s extraordinary perseverance still kept him alive.


The white-haired youth ignored the disciple of Profound Sun Sect.

Seeing what happened, the disciple revealed a cold smirk. Clearly, he had grown accustomed to this youth’s att.i.tude. Immediately, he raced forth, grabbed the youth’s shoulder and slammed him against a big rock.


The white-haired youth was smashed against the big rock. The rock was crushed but the youth seemed fine. It showed how strong this youth’s physique was.

“Brat, you think that I won’t dare to kill you?”

The disciple stared at the youth like he enjoyed torturing this slave.

“Kill me if you have the guts. Or else, I will kill you sooner or later.”

The white-haired youth didn’t have the slightest hint of fear. His eyes were filled with pride that came from the core of his bones.

“This brat is extremely stubborn. Why don’t I cut off another arm of his? I would like to see how long he can last after that.”

Another disciple said with a smile, then he came to the youth’s side.

“I think this will do.”

Both of them exchanged a smile. It had become a pleasure for them to torture this white-haired youth along the way.

The disciple raised his whip and was going to lash at the youth’s other arm. It was imaginable that this arm absolutely wouldn’t remain intact after this lash.

Meanwhile, everything that happened was seen by Jiang Chen clearly. When he saw the appearance of the white-haired youth, his facial expression changed drastically.

“Ah Yan.”

Jiang Chen yelled. He hadn’t dreamt of meeting Han Yan here. One should know that since his ascension until now, it has been merely twenty days and Han Yan’s cultivation was still far away from ascending to this world. Despite Han Yan having an extraordinary talent, it was impossible for him to ascend to this world in such a short period of time, but who else could it be if this white-haired youth wasn’t Han Yan?

Jiang Chen might not be able to recognize the other people, but absolutely not Han Yan, his sworn brother.


As the long whip was about to lash down on the arm, Jiang Chen yelled loudly and rushed forward like a ray of light.

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