Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1103 – Trample on the Front Gate

Chapter 1103 – Trample on the Front Gate

Trample on the Front Gate

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The main forces of Huang Family had been completely destroyed. All Heaven Immortal experts and most of the half-step Heaven Immortal experts were all killed tragically. Every one of them who were still alive had basically all surrendered. That was to say, from now on, Huang Family would only be a history and would never appear in Yan City anymore.

Yi Yuan a.s.sociation’s fate would end up just like Huang Family’s as well. Jiang Chen would never let them go even though they weren’t involved in this fight. In order for the Prefecture to truly call itself the only ruler of Yan City, it had to eliminate any major power that existed in Yan City. Looking at it from a different angle, the Prefecture must get rid of all the potential threat once and for all.

The rain stopped, but the night was still cloudy. The blood stench weren’t as revolting after being washed away by the rain water, but the bodies that laid disorderly on the ground still gave people the creeps, it was as if this place became a human h.e.l.l. It was hard for one to stay cheerful in such a place.

“The few of you stay back to lead them on the mining operations. The rest of you follow me back to Yan City. After tonight, Yan City will become the Prefecture’s.”

Yan Dongliu said to the people next to him. After being influenced by Jiang Chen’s words, his decision and demeanor became sharper.

“Yes, City Lord.”

Everyone was extremely exhilarated. There was no way they couldn’t, they had longed for this day to come for so long. As for the battle against Yi Yuan a.s.sociation, they wouldn’t worry about it at all. With Jiang Chen’s presence, it was already imaginable what their outcome would be.

The combat strength capable of killing three Heaven Immortal experts was something that they could only admire from afar. In that case, this wouldn’t give Yi Yuan a.s.sociation a chance of surviving the battle.

“Father, Big Brother Jiang, I will go along with you two.” Said Yan Qingcheng.


Yan Dongliu nodded. He glanced at Yan Qingcheng and Jiang Chen, and couldn’t help but sigh. How could he not see what his daughter’s intention was? He believed that even an idiot could discern it.

It was indeed worthy of his daughter to love a peerless genius like Jiang Chen, but this young man didn’t seem to have any romantic feelings for her. It was obvious when he said that he would leave Yan City in no time. This had certainly hurt Yan Qingcheng a little.

But what else he could do about his daughter’s relations.h.i.+p? All he could do was to let nature take its course. The future achievements of someone like Jiang Chen was bound to be limitless. It would be the Prefecture’s great fortune to have a son-in-law like Jiang Chen, but there was nothing that they could do if this young man didn’t have any feelings for his daughter. A matter like this couldn’t be solved by force.

Besides, the Prefecture didn’t have the right and power to ask Jiang Chen do such a thing for them.

Jiang Chen casted the Flaming Wings. Under his and Yan Dongliu’s lead, every remaining expert travelled back to Yan City.

There weren’t many of them that returned to the city this time. There were only around ten of them. Most of them were left behind. As Jiang Chen was the strongest force in the team, they didn’t need many experts to deal with Yi Yuan a.s.sociation.

Therefore, whoever stayed behind had to quicken the mining process because that was a real deal. As for the bodies of Huang Family and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation, the people who were left behind naturally know what to do with them.

Yan City!

The wind was calm as usual and the situation in the city didn’t seem any strange, it was like the intense confrontation in the ore mine didn’t affect here at all. The people of Huang Family must be expecting the news of their victory from the higher-ups, while the Yi Yuan a.s.sociation was doing its usual business activities.

Standing listlessly outside the front gate of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation were two lazy-looking guards. At this second, a group of experts suddenly landed from the sky, appearing before the gate.

“Who are you people?”

The two guards immediately turned alert and shouted.

“Get lost, if you don’t want to die.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated as he strode forward. This Qi alone oppressed the guards hard until their bodies trembled uncontrollably. They could not muster any courage to fight Jiang Chen. All they could do was to watch Jiang Chen pulverize the front gate with his leg.

Those who followed behind Jiang Chen were looking very excited. They had to admit that fighting alongside Jiang Chen was definitely blood-boiling. That dominance and aggressiveness of his ignited every one of their enthusiasm.

The sound of the gate being crushed was undeniably a very loud sound. Instantly, the experts of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation got out of their rooms to check what was going on. The first one was no doubt the chairman of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. Standing next to Nie Yiyuan was an elder that looked sixtyish, with white beard, exceptional eye expression that made him look good and had the same cultivation base as Nie Yi Yuan – early Heaven Immortal realm.

Behind the front gate was a vast open s.p.a.ce. Both sides stopped in their tracks. Nie Yiyuan was shocked when he saw clearly the faces of the intruders. He had seen all of these people before. They were the higher ups of the Prefecture. He had even seen Jiang Chen before, but what baffled him was that why would they break the front gate in the middle of the night. One should know that Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had never been involved in any fights with the Prefecture and there was basically not a single conflict between them during normal days.

“What are all these about, brother Yan? Breaking into Yi Yuan a.s.sociation in the middle of the night? And with so much killing intent?”

Nie Yiyuan’s remark contained dissatisfaction and anger. There was no way that he wouldn’t be angry. No one would feel good when someone destroyed your property in the middle of the night.

Additionally, Yan Dongliu must provide him an explanation for such action. Yi Yuan a.s.sociation was considered as the third major power in Yan City. They didn’t fear the Prefecture at all when it comes to fighting.

“Chairman Nie, our intention is obvious – we are here to eradicate Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. After tonight, there will no longer be Yi Yuan a.s.sociation in Yan City anymore. There will be only the Prefecture ruling this city.”

Yan Dongliu didn’t speak. It was spoken by the one who stood at the front most, Jiang Chen.

“What? Who do you think you are? How dare you come here and behave atrociously?”

“Do you all think that you have enough strength to wipe out our a.s.sociation? Jiang Chen, do you think being able to kill Huang Haoran makes you capable enough to deal with our a.s.sociation? This is a joke. A puny Earth Immortal like you dares to speak so wildly in front of me and destroyed my front gate. Who gave you the audacity to do so?”

“It seems like the Prefecture is tired of living. An ignorant kid who doesn’t even know who he is has come here to eradicate us. Chairman, we must teach them a good lesson today.”


All the higher ups of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation were instantly angered by Jiang Chen’s words. For so many years that the Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had been established in Yan City, it was already considered an old major power. No one would dare to break into their compound in the middle of the night. This kind of behavior was a great disrespect itself.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, what rights do you have to speak?”

Nie Yiyuan harrumphed coldly, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes.

Of course, he was still clueless about what had happened in the ore mine. If he was informed about that, his first response upon seeing Jiang Chen would be to run. This was also why Jiang Chen wanted to eradicate Yi Yuan a.s.sociation so quickly.

Once Nie Yiyuan found out about the status in the ore mine and given his intelligence, he would definitely flee for his life and hid himself somewhere where the others couldn’t find him. After that, he would rebuild his forces and take revenge on the Prefecture in the future. In that case, Nie Yiyuan would reappear after Jiang Chen left Yan City. At that time, the Prefecture would surely fall into a real crisis.

“Nie Yiyuan, Jiang Chen’s right and he has the right to speak about it. The three major powers of Yan City had been fighting for so long. It’s time to put an end to this. My Prefecture will become the only ruler in Yan City and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation must be erased from the map.”

Yan Dongliu said in an incomparably solemn tone. Currently, he had all the right in the world to speak in such a manner because Jiang Chen’s presence had given him so much confidence.

“Yan Dongliu, are you mad? Why are you dealing with us instead of dealing with the Huang Family? When did the Prefecture have the ability to deal with two major powers at the same time?”

Nie Yiyuan laughed sneeringly. To him, Yan Dongliu must be completely out of his mind to do so. One Huang Family was enough to put the Prefecture into misery. Weren’t they courting death by making Yi Yuan a.s.sociation their enemy too?

“Haha! I don’t mind telling you this. Huang Family has already been eradicated by us. Huang Ying and Huang Second were all killed by Jiang Chen. Therefore, your fate will not be an exception.”

Yan Dongliu laughed loudly. By now, there was nothing to hide anymore. In addition, he was very confident in Jiang Chen’s power. Nie Yiyuan and that old man would certainly not be able to escape from Jiang Chen now.


As soon as this remark came out, everyone in Yi Yuan a.s.sociation exclaimed. Nie Yiyuan’s facial expression changed dramatically. He would never believe it if such news wasn’t said by Yan Dongliu. And judging from Yan Dongliu’s tone, he didn’t seem to be lying. Yan Dongliu wouldn’t have such courage to confront them if they hadn’t really annihilated Huang Family’s forces.


As soon as Yan Dongliu’s voice faded, Jiang Chen unleashed his powerful Qi and turned into his half-dragon form. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand. His murderous intent was soaring up to the sky.

He didn’t want to waste any time, so the first strike was an all-out attack. As long as Nie Yiyuan and the elder were killed, Yi Yuan a.s.sociation would become a heap of loose and vulnerable sand, totally helpless.

“Nie Yiyuan, the two of you fight me together.”

Jiang Chen raised his sword, and pointed at the two heads.

“I don’t believe that a puny little Earth Immortal expert has the power to kill Heaven Immortal experts. It’s just an exaggeration to claim that he has killed Huang Ying. Let this old man destroy this ignorant little brat, then I will fight with Yan Dongliu to see who’s stronger.”

The old man’s anger pierced through the sky. Given his status, how could he be disdained by a brat? That was totally shameful and he could never accept that. If he didn’t kill this Jiang Chen himself, he wouldn’t be able to express the anger and grievance in his heart.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Strong wind whistled. The Immortal Qi caused the elder’s robe to rustle uncontrollably. He struck out both of his hands, condensing a light pillar that looked like a golden stick with golden illumination and divine appearance. With a light yell, the old man charged at Jiang Chen.

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