Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1097 – The Extreme Fury

Chapter 1097 – The Extreme Fury

The Extreme Fury

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Yan Dongliu’s heart was pounding hard when he saw the scene ahead. Not just him, but also all the experts of the Prefecture. The bodies that laid on the ground were the higher ups of the Prefecture. They were once their life-and-death brothers. Now, all of them were lying dead in the icy cold night, letting the rain lash their bodies.

What disappointed them more was seeing Yuan Hong and Huang Ying standing side by side, completely indifferent about the bodies that laid on the ground. Any fool would be able to guess what had happened and the connection between Huang Ying and Yuan Hong.

Many of them darted Jiang Chen a glance, fully impressed by his deduction ability. Nevertheless, the current scene was something that they didn’t wish to see, because it signified the end of the Prefecture.

Yan Dongliu could not accept the truth. It was a huge psychological blow to him.

“Brother Yuan, you-you know what are you doing?”

Yan Dongliu spoke. Everyone could tell that his voice was quivering.

Yuan Hong’s expression seemed unnatural and slightly guilty as he faced Yan Dongliu. Although he had contributed a lot to the Prefecture, he knew that the City Lord had treated him very well, but there was no turning back after what he had done now.

“Brother Yan, everyone can make their own choices. I have already made mine and will never regret it. I have agreed with Huang Patriarch that as long as you cripple your cultivation, we will spare your life. Treat this as a favor for the brotherhood that we had in the past.”

Yuan Hong said expressionlessly.


Yan Dongliu’s body shuddered in anger, then he spurted out a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale. This was because the anger had overwhelmed his mind. What Yuan Hong said pierced his heart with a blade, making his heart bleed.

“Not good, City Lord’s is overwhelmed by his anger. This will severely affect him.”

Someone exclaimed. Yan Dongliu couldn’t accept what he was seeing. He couldn’t accept that his own life-and-death brother would betray him. It was an unimaginable psychological blow, combining anger and sadness together. It affected his heart, causing him not being able to rotate the Immortal Qi properly. With his current condition, he wouldn’t stand a chance against his opponent.


Seeing what happened to Yan Dongliu, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh and shook his head. Yan Dongliu must be a person who valued friends.h.i.+p and love, which explained why he couldn’t accept what was happening now. He had never taken any precautions against Yuan Hong, if he had done so, he wouldn’t be facing today’s such an incident now.

He was afraid that the current Yan Dongliu was facing the same situation as Ouyang He. Although he had never experienced such an incident before, he could understand them. If Han Yan and Tyrant betrayed him like those p.r.i.c.ks one day, he swore that he wouldn’t feel very pleasant.

Of course, Han Yan and Tyrant wouldn’t do such a thing to him. The bond between them was created out of ordeals and trials.

“Yuan Hong, I, Yan Dongliu have never treated you badly and had always regarded you as my true blood brother. I can’t understand why you did this to me.”

Yan Dongliu’s expression turned colder. Even if this scene was unacceptable, he was already here. He had to accept it whether he liked it or not.

“Brother Yan, I don’t have anything else to say on that. The outcome will still be the same. I hope that you can listen to me so that you can stay alive.” Said Yuan Hong coldly.

“Yan Dongliu, I have given brother Yuan face today. As long as you cripple your cultivation, I will spare your life. After that, you can go back to live like a normal man. What do you say?”

Huang Ying showed a face of arrogance. The current scene was just like what he expected. Everything was under his control. Now that Yan Dongliu had been affected by anger, his combat strength would be enormously reduced as well. So it would be impossible for him to fight them, let alone battling against three Heaven Immortal experts.

“Bullsh*it. I, Yan Dongliu will never lower my head to you lot even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice. It won’t be easy for you lot to kill me either.”

Yan Dongliu raged. Both of his eyes turned red. Since Yuan Hong had totally ignored their brotherly relations.h.i.+p, he shouldn’t dwell on it anymore.

“Yan Dongliu, it’s very simple for you to die. But I wonder if your underlings are also willing to die along with you. I’ll give you all a chance now. Whoever wants can join my side now. Otherwise, all of you will have to die.”

Huang Ying’s eyes swept across those experts standing beside Yan Dongliu. All of them were the higher ups of the Prefecture.

“Everyone has the right to choose. I won’t force any of you. You can choose to join Huang Family.” Said Yan Dongliu.

“City Lord, I, Lao w.a.n.g isn’t an ungrateful person. The Prefecture has treated me very well all these years. I won’t be able to do what those betrayers did. Today, I’m willing to vanish along with the Prefecture.”

“That’s right. If we all join Huang Family today, we are no different than the heartless father and son. I might as well die if I’m forced to betray the Prefecture.”

“City Lord, we won’t join the enemy’s side. Even if today’s going to be the last fight of our lives, we won’t feel that our deaths will be in vain.”


Each and every expert of the Prefecture expressed their resoluteness and righteousness. This meant that Yan Dongliu had been a very good man, because even in the face of such a desperate situation, so many of them still insisted on following him.

Nevertheless, these people weren’t fools. They were crystal clear about the situation ahead. Putting aside the bonds that they had with the Prefecture, even if they joined Huang Family now, given the personality of Huang Ying and Yuan Hong, they would certainly not be treated well. So, they would rather die proudly than live like a dog in Huang Family for the rest of their lives.

“Good, it seems like I, Yan Dongliu isn’t wrong in picking people.”

Yan Dongliu’s Qi fluctuated, but his expression changed drastically because he didn’t see any trace of Yan Qingcheng in the enemy’s camp.

“Yuan Hong, where’s Qingcheng? What have you done to her?” Yan Dongliu shouted loudly.

“Haha! Don’t worry Yan Dongliu. Chengjun will never do anything to harm miss Qingcheng. I’m afraid that two of them are having a good time now.” Laughed Huang Ying loudly.


After hearing this, Yan Dongliu spurted another mouthful of blood and scolded. “You animal! If something were to happen to Qingcheng, I’ll haunt you all when I become a ghost.”

Yan Dongliu’s emotion had gone out of control. Yan Qingcheng was his flesh. He knew that Yuan Chengjun had been admiring his daughter for a long time, but if his daughter was ruined by that p.r.i.c.k, he feared that his daughter wouldn’t have the courage to continue living her life.

“Haha! Yan Dongliu, you had never expected to have such a day right? I’m quite pleased to see how sad you are right now.”

Huang Ying burst into laughter again. He hadn’t attacked yet because he wanted to see Yan Dongliu’s melancholic look. To him, seeing that kind of look on his enemy’s face was an enjoyment.

However, no one noticed that the Jiang Chen, who had been standing behind Yan Dongliu was already gone. Not even the expert of the Prefecture noticed, it was as if Jiang Chen had never appeared here.

Inside the ore mine was another scene. Yan Qingcheng’s cultivation base had been sealed by Yuan Hong. She was under the full control of Yuan Chengjun now, like a bird in the cage.

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