Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1072 – The Major Powers in Yan City

Chapter 1072 – The Major Powers in Yan City

The Major Powers in Yan City

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A million low grade Immortal Meta Stones was astronomical that it made everyone’s skin tingle. It would be a lie if someone claimed that he or she wasn’t envious of such fortune. In the world of cultivation, Immortal Meta Stone was a necessity to every cultivator.

However, every one of them knew very well that apart from showing grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen for curing the poison, this one-million Immortal Meta Stones was also for building a rapport with Jiang Chen. And they understood that if Jiang Chen was loyal to the Prefecture, the fortune that he would bring to Prefecture in the future wouldn’t be just a million.

Yan City was a place full of overlords and the Prefecture was the overlord among the overlords, totally incomparable to a small place like Han Village. In addition, a million fortune was a heavenly figure to them, but to the mighty Prefecture, this figure wasn’t anything at all.

“Many thanks to City Lord.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Yan Dongliu. From now on, he would become a rich person. At least, he wouldn’t have to worry about running out of Immortal Meta Stones for a while.

“Qingcheng, I have obtained great benefits this time and will need some time to digest it. Treat Jiang Chen well. Everyone, this meeting is adjourned.” Yan Dongliu said to Yan Qingcheng.

“Don’t worry Father.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled. In fact, almost every matter in the Prefecture was handled by her. She was the only daughter that the City Lord had and she was more competent than any other boy.


Yan Dongliu was laughing pleasantly when he left the meeting hall along with Yuan Hong. The days of unrest had finally been resolved. Plus, he had gotten great benefits, additionally a genius like Jiang Chen had joined his Prefecture. It would be impossible for him not to feel happy right now.

Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong were both Heaven Immortal experts and had the highest status in the Prefecture. They rarely show themselves even during normal days. If it wasn’t for today’s special circ.u.mstance, they would’ve never appeared.

After their departure, the hall began to bustle up. The foreign elders started their hot topics. Many had surrounded Jiang Chen in the middle. Given their pride and arrogance, they wouldn’t have thought even in their wildest dreams that they would attach so much importance to a young man.

“I had never thought that Alchemist Jiang would have such a consummate concoction technique. I plead for Alchemist Jiang to forgive all of my previous rude remarks.”

“That’s right, Master Jiang, if I encounter any problems, I will personally seek for your guidance.”

“Master Jiang has already become a great alchemist at such a young age, truly a rare genius. If we are to work together for the Prefecture in the future, I hope that Master Jiang can pardon any of my mistakes, I still have much to learn from you.”


All of them were gabbling so confusingly, which was typical and common. Neither of them would be willing to offend a powerful alchemist. If they needed a pill in the future, they would need to ask for his help. Therefore, it was very important for them to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen.

An occasion like this discomforted Jiang Chen the most, causing him to have a headache. After a few words of comments, he left the hall and went back to his courtyard. Today, he had established his prestige in the Prefecture and had gotten a million low grade Immortal Meta Stones. The next thing that he would focus right now was his cultivation.

As to whether or not he could advance his level in a short period of time, it didn’t really concern him. There was no need for him to rush as he had only one enemy in this world, however, the soul imprint in his body made him feel threatened at random times. He knew very well that this soul imprint was casted by some very powerful expert. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Mark concealing it, the caster of the imprint would have sensed his presence long ago.

He disliked being tracked by someone, especially when he feels threatened all the time. Thus, he must refine this soul imprint as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would have trouble sleeping every night.

Not long after Jiang Chen arrived in his courtyard, Yan Qingcheng came holding a storage pouch in her hand. Her face was plastered with a smile that could comfort anyone, like a spring breeze. Jiang Chen definitely wouldn’t know that it was already a miracle to see her smiling at him. Every n.o.ble woman possessed a cold and arrogant heart, especially those beauties who could overthrow all men in a city with their looks alone, and they rarely smiled to a male.

To her, seeing Jiang Chen gave her a sense of delight that came from the bottom of her heart.

“Big Miss.” Jiang Chen greeted her.

“There’s no need for formalities, Young Master. You can call me Qingcheng from now on. I can see that Young Master is only a few years older than Qingcheng, if you won’t mind, I will call you Big Brother Jiang from now on.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled. Her face blushed automatically when she called out the three words, Big Brother Jiang.

“It’s fine by me.”

Jiang Chen smiled back. He was an easygoing person that would never worry about the form of address.

“Big Brother Jiang, here’s a million low grade Immortal Meta Stones that my father promised. You have done a very good job in concocting the Ardent Yang Pill, and helped my father get rid of the cold poison. Qingcheng feels very grateful for all that,” said Yan Qingcheng.

“Don’t worry about it, Big Miss. Beside, these one million low grade Immortal Meta Stones is really great for me.”

Jiang Chen was waggling the storage pouch.

“With Big Brother Jiang in our Prefecture, I believe that it won’t take long before we can suppress the other two major powers. My father’s biggest wish is to unite Yan City. Big Brother Jiang’s emergence has given my father hope once more,” said Yan Qingcheng.

“Oh? There are still major powers in this city that is on par with the Prefecture’s might?”

Jiang Chen looked stunned as he hadn’t expected to hear this. Anyone should know that the Prefecture was the sole ruler of a city like this in general. Very few major powers would have the power to defy the Prefecture’s will. According to Yan Qingcheng, there were two major powers that had the same strength as the Prefecture.

It only made sense to him when he recalled that back in Fragrant Sky City, the Prefecture had also been against the Murong Family, fighting for power.

“That’s right. Apart from the Prefecture, there are two major powers named Huang Family and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. Both of them have strong influence and forces. Yi Yuan a.s.sociation seems more pleasant as their main activities are concentrated on business. Normally, we seldom have conflict. My father and the chairman’s relations.h.i.+p seemed relatively well. They have always been running their businesses peacefully and remained neutral. Huang Family on the other hand has always been competing with us for various resources. They also have two early Heaven Immortals in their territory and experts that are almost as powerful as us. If they saw an opportunity to annihilate us, they surely wouldn’t miss it. That was why the news of my father’s cold poison hasn’t gotten out yet. But everything’s fine now. My father’s injury has already been treated by Big Brother Jiang and we don’t have to worry that much anymore.”

Yan Qingcheng told the three major powers in Yan City to Jiang Chen. From here, he knew that only the Huang family was causing trouble to the Prefecture and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation was just a neutral party which focused only on business activities.

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