Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1049 – One Slash to Take Down Fifth Ancestor

Chapter 1049 – One Slash to Take Down Fifth Ancestor

One Slash to Take Down Fifth Ancestor

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Above the sky was a solid battlefield, newly-created by the five ancestors. By exploiting the ability of the Immortal Mark, the five of them did not ascend to the Immortal World.

These five Human Immortals had locked onto Jiang Chen’s Qi. The hatred they had for Jiang Chen was indescribable. What they desired most right now was to eliminate Jiang Chen even if they couldn’t uncover the secrets of his body anymore.

“Come on! Enlighten me about how powerful Human Immortals really are.” Jiang Chen’s voice echoed loudly.

His body was filled with majestic combat intent. Fighting against Human Immortals really stirred him up.

“Let me face him. I would like to see how powerful a ninth grade mortal can be.”

Fifth Ancestor moved, reaching Jiang Chen in a flash. He clawed in the air, then boundless waves of golden air pounced on Jiang Chen. That was a golden storm, a powerful Immortal Wind that was like a sharp blade, slas.h.i.+ng everything in its way, including humans.

“Is this what a Human Immortal only got? Such an attack is useless against me.”

Without saying another word, he struck out the True Dragon Palm and clawed ahead, ripping apart the oncoming storm instantly.


Such leisurely move from Jiang Chen shook everyone’s heart. The Flaming Wings sprouted on his back and he approached Fifth Ancestor like a specter, and striked with the Golden Dragon Seal. Three wild dragons came roaring out from different directions, encircling Fifth Ancestor.

“He’s powerful…”

Fifth Ancestor’s expression changed drastically. He had not thought that a Ninth Grade Great Saint could be this powerful. His opponent made him feel pressured.

“Heaven Tyrannical Palm!” Fifth Ancestor bellowed, striking out with a terrifying combat technique.

For an instant, the sky was blotted out by golden palm seals, each the size of a house. They were flying everywhere, trying to destroy the golden dragons casted by Jiang Chen.

Too bad, Fifth Ancestor had underestimated the power of the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. The Golden Dragon Seal had the most powerful attack amongst the five dragon seals. Plus, given Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, no ordinary early-stage Human Immortal would be a match for him.

*Hong Long…*

The golden palm strikes collided with the golden dragons and vanished, leaving the golden dragons as intact as before.


Jiang Chen’s attack caused the mighty Fifth Ancestor to let out a wail. When the three golden dragons faded, Fifth Ancestor’s face was seen again in the scene; but, his body was covered in blood and his Qi had dropped sharply.

“Not good.”

“Fifth Brother!”

The other four ancestors yelled. First Ancestor, who had the highest cultivation base, lunged at Jiang Chen’s direction to rescue Fifth Ancestor. They had severely underestimated Jiang Chen. He was afraid that Fifth Ancestor would be killed at any second if he didn’t make a move to save him now.

“Humph! You think you can save him from my hands? None of you is capable of doing that!”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph, and at the same time, the powerful Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. Then, he made a slash that travelled at maximum speed. Even if First Ancestor blocked Fifth Ancestor’s front right now, he wouldn’t able to save him or deflect the sword strike.

*Pu Chi!*

Fifth Ancestor let out a final wail the moment he was severed into two parts. Jiang Chen stuck his sword again and plucked the golden Immortal Soul out. It might not be useful to him, but he could keep it for Big Yellow who was still in a coma right now. If he could obtain the Immortal Souls of these ancestors, he might be able to awaken Big Yellow from his present state.

“Son of a b*tch!”

First Ancestor cursed loudly and immediately sent out a beam of Immortal light but it was easily deflected by Jiang Chen. Currently, even a peak early-stage Human Immortal was no longer an opponent of Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen’s too scary. My G.o.d, he is even stronger than those Human Immortals, he just killed a Human Immortal with a single slas.h.!.+ I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“Truly awesome… this is a battle that could shake the whole world. Jiang Chen has created a miracle once again. Now, not even an early-stage Human Immortal is a match for him. Desolate Palace is doomed this time.”

“This is great! Our three palaces can finally see hope. The history of Saint Origin World will soon be changed!”


Seeing Fifth Ancestor being killed and First Ancestor’s attack being deflected, the experts from the three palaces cheered delightfully. This was a scene that they had been dreaming of. They never thought that it would actually come true.

The Desolate camp on the other hand looked completely dispirited and numb, unlucky encounters kept on happening ever since they struck Gu Palace.

“The four of you, come and fight together. Don’t waste any more time.”

Jiang Chen pointed his sword at the four ancestors. Due to the Immortal World having been deceived by Jiang Chen’s Immortal Mark, the four of them couldn’t ascend. The only thing that they could do now was to fight Jiang Chen. Should they fail, they would meet a tragic end, just like Fifth Ancestor.

“This brat has become very powerful. We need to be extra careful. Perhaps there’s still hope if we unite.” First Ancestor said grimly.

After his exchange with Jiang Chen, he truly felt the power of Jiang Chen. None of them, not even he—a peak early-stage Human Immortal—could stand a chance against Jiang Chen unless the four of them combined their strengths.

*Hong…* *Hong…*

The four ancestors were infuriated. They unleashed all of their Qi and powerful combat weapons materialized in their hands. These weapons were infused with Immortal Qi. Their combat power and damage was surely incomparable to any Great Saint Weapon.

However, this fact applied to anyone excepte Jiang Chen. His current completed Heavenly Saint Sword was no doubt the greatest Combat Weapon throughout the entire Saint Origin World, which was surely enough to deal with Immortal Weapons.


Jiang Chen made the first move, leaving the four Human Immortals unable to react. By combining the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and Flaming Wings, his movement became so fast and unpredictable. This time, his target was Fourth Ancestor.

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