Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1047 – The Ultimate Counterattack

Chapter 1047 – The Ultimate Counterattack

The Ultimate Counterattack

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The nourishment of the Immortal Mark stimulated Jiang Chen to let out a long roar. In this instant, he was refining the thing that signified the highest law of the Immortal World—Immortal Mark.

If it was completely refined and integrated into his body, he would get boundless benefits.

In the five ancestors’ point of view, the outburst of Qi from Jiang Chen’s body was merely because Ancestor Greenlotus was forcing the brutal Qi out of his body. So they didn’t suspect that it was something else.

During the purification, they had to admit that Ancestor Greenlotus was a very capable monk. He was worthy of being called the most powerful eminent monk of Buddha Sect.

While the Immortal Mark was being refined, new dragon marks were forming in Jiang Chen’s body. His Qi was soaring rapidly. As there was a huge gap getting from Eighth Grade Great Saint to Ninth Grade Great Saint, it was very difficult for one to advance. However with his strong foundation and the help of the Immortal Mark, it would not be special for him to push his level to the ninth grade. Besides, he had once achieved the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint in his past life and had never been stuck in any bottlenecks in his previous cultivation path.

“Jiang Chen, don’t panic. Suppress the energy in your body and don’t break through the Ninth Grade Great Saint first.”

Ancestor Greenlotus spoke in his mind.

“I understand.” Jiang Chen replied.

He knew how dangerous their current circ.u.mstance was. With five extremely powerful Human Immortals, and especially the First Ancestor who had reached the peak of early-stage Human Immortal, he could imagine what would happen if he became careless in the slightest. Experts like them could immediately advance to the middle-stage of Human Immortal if they had entered the Immortal World and used the resources there.

In order to deal with these five ancestors, merely advancing to the Ninth Grade Great Saint certainly wasn’t enough. He must, with the help the of the Immortal Mark, reach the peak of the ninth grade. That way, killing early-stage Human Immortals would be a piece of cake.

If he advanced to the ninth grade now, it would arouse the notice of the five ancestors, and he would then be stopped by them. Thus, he needed to press down the energy in his body until the Immortal Mark was fully refined.

By that time, his counterattack would be unrivalled; he would turn the defeat into victory, and the history of Saint Origin World would have to be rewritten.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Buzzing sounds rang as tremendous changes were taking place in his body. The benefits that he had received from the Immortal Mark was endless. At the same time, he was using the Edifying Light along with Ancestor Greenlotus’ Great Compa.s.sion Mantra to eliminate the brutal Qi left in his body. It would take at most another minute to get his body entire cleansed.

A minute later, all the brutal Qi in his body was cleared, but to buy him more time to completely refine the Immortal Mark, he acted as if still he was insane to give the five ancestors the impression that he was still in the state of bloodl.u.s.t.

With the rate the refinement was going, it would take half an hour before its completion; but, to the five Human Immortal old ancestors, 30 minutes wasn’t anything at all. Adding the fact that they were very interested in the secrets of Jiang Chen, they would still wait patiently even if it took three days’ time. Once Ancestor Greenlotus cleared all the bloodl.u.s.t off his head, their task would be accomplished.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The tremor of his body intensified, not because of the brutal Qi but the Immortal Mark that had brought him too much of energy. The acc.u.mulated energy inside his body would burst unless he allowed himself to break through to the Ninth Grade Great Saint now.

The dragon transformation skill had become scarier. The time taken for it to refine the Immortal Mark was shorter than what he expected—it took only 20 minutes.

The moment the Immortal Mark was fully refined, a vast stream of energy surged out of his body and swept through the cage like a storm.


He let out a dragon roar once more. The infinite energy was turning into new dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng the number to 96,000!


This number marked the Ninth Grade Great Saint; but his advancement did not stop yet. In a few blinks, several hundred dragon marks were formed due to the abundant energy.

According to the description of the dragon transformation skill, hitting 100,000 dragon marks would allow the dragon to ascend. At his current grade, he needed 4,000 more dragon marks to break through into the Human Immortal realm.

He had a feeling that 100,000 dragon marks was not the limit of the dragon transformation skill. It might be just the starting point as he strongly believed that there would be numerous levels beyond the Mortal realm.

In another blink, a total of 1,000 dragon marks were formed.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The impenetrable cell began to shudder violently, cracking sound was heard and cracks appeared on the surface as though it couldn’t bear the energy of Jiang Chen and would explode at any moment.

“What’s going on?”

Fifth Ancestor looked anxious as he felt like he was losing control of cage.

“Not good. Stop them! Son of a b*tch! I don’t know what this Greenlotus did to that brat, causing him to advance to the ninth grade. We can’t let him continue to grow, otherwise we will lose all our chances!”

First Ancestor’s expression darkened. It all happened so quickly and sudden; they were completely caught off guard.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen had reached as many as 99,000 dragon marks, signifying that he reached the peak Ninth Grade Great Saint; leaving him with only a step away from the Human Immortal realm.

“How could it be so fast?”

The five ancestors’ expressions changed dramatically. Without delaying any further, all five of them struck out powerful seals towards the cell.

Too bad, it was too late for that!

They were destined to face such a tragic end the moment they decided to let Ancestor Greenlotus save Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen had gone frenzied. His body burst into the half-dragon form and ripped an opening on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

“Greenlotus, get in quick!”

He roared at Ancestor Greenlotus. Immediately, Greenlotus rushed into the paG.o.da.

*Hong Long…*

The instant Ancestor Greenlotus entered the paG.o.da, violent energy exploded, tearing the rods of the cage open. At this moment, the number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body had reached the scary number of 99,500, leaving him another 500 more to break through to the Human Immortal realm.

*Deng…* *Deng…* *Deng…*

The ancestors suffered a great backlash and were sent several steps back. Currently, shock were painted all over their faces and the way they looked at Jiang Chen was like they were seeing a ghost. They had forgotten the last day when they had truly been shocked by something or someone.

Even though Jiang Chen had merely advanced to the Ninth Grade Great Saint, his power was just too scary for sending the five Human Immortals away using only his Qi.

“Haha! I’m going to settle the score with these five old men.”

He clawed at the void, ripping off a portion of the spatial zone. A large hole was produced in the sky above Desolate Palace. Not only that, all the spatial zones of Desolate Palace crumbled simultaneously. Everybody, including those who had been captured, appeared on Desolate Palace. They looked confused not knowing what had happened. As they looked up at the sky, they saw an overbearing blood-red dragon besieged by the five Human Immortal ancestors.

“My G.o.d, what exactly has happened? Look! That’s Jiang Chen!”

“Haha! Jiang Chen isn’t dead. Did you all notice his Qi? He had reached the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint. He is now even stronger than the Human Immortal experts. This is a miracle… No, he has created another miracle!”

“He is undeniably monstrous! He is peerlessly monstrous! I didn’t even think there will be such a big turnaround. I now wonder if Jiang Chen could defeat the five Human Immortals and turn defeat into victory.”


Everyone was astounded. Whether it was the enemy or the ally, all of them were watching the scene with their mouths hanging open. None of them had thought that there would be such a counterattack in the last moment. It wasn’t important regarding what had exactly happened to Jiang Chen. What was important was the result and the sudden countermove had lit up their hopes again.

“I knew that Little Chen wouldn’t die so easily.”

Han Yan beamed after knowing that Jiang Chen was alright.

High above in the sky, the Human Immortal ancestors were still in a state of shock. They were completely clueless of what had happened to Jiang Chen. Ancestor Greenlotus was supposed to only suppress the brutal Qi in Jiang Chen’s body, so how could he turn so powerful all of a sudden?

“Jiang Chen, tell us what has happened.”

Fifth Ancestor clamoured.

“Haha! You five old idiots! This has been my plan all along. Ancestor Greenlotus and I have known each other for a long time. He imparted the Immortal Mark which you all have been yearning for 100 years to me and I have fully refined it. Right, don’t think that you all can ascend to the Immortal World now because I won’t allow that. All of you are destined to die in my hands.”

He laughed sneeringly.

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